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Hello everyone

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Hey! I'm Adam "Adastam" Moore. I'm a 24 year old competitive Dota 2 player from South Africa.

I have been playing Dota since 2006 and Dota 2 from 2012. I started coaching earlier this year and I really enjoy helping players and teams overcome their challenges to reach their potential level of competitive or casual play!
. I currently play Mid Solo (position 2) for my team Sinister5.

Things I will coach you with include:

• Go through replays together and analyse them.
• Practice 1v1's
• Increase your MMR
• Run different lane scenarios
• Grind drills to improve game mechanics
Live coaching (you play a live game under my review)
• Practice drafting

Description Description

Significant achievements include (within South Africa):

2nd Place at VS Gaming Dota 2 Tournament 2017
2nd Place at Mega8 Dota 2 2017
1st Place ACGL 1v1 Dota 2 Tournament 2016
1st Place EGE 1v1 Dota 2 Tournament 2016
3rd Place at DGC Masters Lan Finals Dota 2 2016

Links for my social media:

• xTc Gaming:
• Facebook:
• Twitter:

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Adastam is a great coach. He is well mannered, patient and punctual. I want to improve as a position 5 player and he got me understanding what the team needs from me, where I need to be and better positioning during team fights. -^Tenshimon^ 6/24/2017
Awesome coach. Helped me with my off lane position - when to be passive or aggressive, skill build and item progression. Learnt so much, recommend. -orestesZA 6/25/2017
Really helps with identifying the key points in playing the supporting role. Thanks Adam. Should definitely organise another session soon. -riZinGAEviL 6/25/2017
Was very informative and helped a lot with communication skills and helping my team get to the next level. -FluffyWalkerr 6/27/2017
Coached @mythicgamingza to great new heights. One of the premier Dota teams in South Africa now. Highly recommend Adastam! -PHAZED 7/6/2017
Coaching session was great. At first we talked about general stuff related to dota and things I would like to focus on and then we watched replayes me playing carry position. Coach was very patient and explained things I should be doing on the lane and what items to build. He also explained things which work in current meta. I would definitely recommend him to anyone! -Slaveoth 8/15/2017
Awesome Coach, Had a great time learned a lot from him would Highly recommend a session :) -Fox's Sin Of Greed 8/16/2017
+repo -w/e 8/24/2017
Had a 2 hour session on mid/carry role on a few heroes I am currently playing. Adam explained clearly how I should be playing my lane, what things I need to keep watch for and take care of, when i can exert pressure or should play it safe, how to speed up my farming, how I should be itemizing my hero, how to take advantage and creep waves and much more. We covered so much in my 2 hour session - now I just need some time to go away, process all the information, and put it into practice. Adam was patient, friendly, helpful, easy to understand and answered all my questions clearly and precisely. Would use again, and recommend him!! Thanks again for the coaching session, Adam! -Igloo Man 1/25/2018

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