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I am a 4.2k mmr player who is studying dota a lot. I have been playing Dota 2 for several years now, learning every single position and hero, which makes me very versatile and knowledgeable player. I have had several heroes like Legion, Earthshaker, Death Prophet and Razor go in and out of top 100 on Dotabuff.

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The site was actually really easy to use. Akilmovich coached a game and helped me learn lessons in efficiency and gave me better idea on how to always have something to do that will progress me or my team further into the game. Whether it be stacking or farming jungle while nothing was going on. I learned 2 new heroes and some item actives and passives, as well as which jungle camps are which (Easy, Med, Hard.). Communication was not a problem and during game when advice was given I was put into the right situations at the right time. He would call what was going to happen next and tell me why it was going to happen and told me the signs of whether I should stay and get ready for a fight or go and farm to complete items. Everything had a reason that he could explain. Great coach, great website, great service. -pilo514 12/11/2014
I learned a lot from the session-Aklimovich was very knowledgeable about both game mechanics and the implementation of them. Gotta go practice now! -Galad 1/26/2015
Excellent knowledge and communication. Had a great understanding of the level that I was at and picked up on some things that I can work on. -Brandy 2/6/2015
it was great ! ty ! 2/11/2015
I got some good feedback and things to work on. Definitely learned some new skills and weak areas. I am a pretty bad player and there were things I did that confused my coach. So I guess if you suck like me, there is only so much a coach can do. -Oceanernie 2/17/2015
He was a really great coach for me as someone who really lacked mechanical knowledge in the game. Definitely learnt alot in my first session, Id recommend to others. -Archaeon 3/21/2015
he was very clear with when to gank and how to mid over all and helped me out alot. -Fetus Deletus 3/23/2015
Thorough explanations, now I know what I should work on. -Sav1or 4/2/2015
This is my first time using dotacoach, and I'm by no means a good player, but I find that Akilmovich is a great coach! He clearly knows a lot about the (meta)game, heroes, mechanics, etc., and is great at communicating them in an understandable way. He took plenty of time to help me, even more than I expected. By my request we covered: - ability build and timing (tailored to the opponent and my laning partner) - ward placement (I was playing support) - strategy (when to push/defend, which advantages are necessary to do either, etc) - team communication - mindgames (juking, using treelines and high/lowground) His advice and guidance was very suited for a player my level, as it was ambitious without being unrealistic. Definitely not the last time I use dotacoach or Akilmovich! -kevsterino 4/3/2015
Excellent speaker and easy to understand. Was able to point out some of the mistakes I made during a replay, and suggest solutions. Applied those Solutions during a pub game, and it worked out very well. All of the advice was spot-on, and really made a difference. I was able to develop a deeper understanding of what is really going on in a game. Would highly recommend to anyone! -wtf internet 4/26/2015
Very good coach. -Duckstar 4/29/2015
that was fun and educational :-) -BombrMan 5/21/2015
I purchased the 90 minute coaching lesson which costed me $20 AUD and was well worth it! Great insight, clear communication from a very high skilled player. He taught me about positioning, map control and how to overall outplay my opponents even when being heavily countered 12/10 GGWP! Definitely a return customer! -Papi` 5/28/2015
Great coach. Very patient with low level player. Generous. Lots of knowledge, focused on many areas of play: in game, meta game, mental game. Highly recommended. -Slack 6/2/2015
Aklimovich was a great coach. He was very polite, patient, and informative. He showed me a lot of things I had never thought about when it came to mid, and gave me some solid advice to use during my future games. I would definitely hire him again. 10/10. -Mega Beef 6/4/2015
2/2 times i was matched with the same coach. He was good and definitely someone who knew what he was saying and did a good job at it. I was hoping i would get matched with someone different different insights and opinion would be nice. -fee1dead 6/28/2015
Vladimir gave me a lot of good tips and challenged me to think about the game at a higher level. He brought up a lot of really good points that I hadn't thought about before. He was also very patient with me and was easy to talk to. He even went over on the lesson time (thanks!!). This was my first time taking a DOTA lesson and would be open to more in the future with Vladimir. The website didn't seem to add Vladimir as a friend in steam correctly. Other than that the website was great. -Lime Green 7/6/2015
Learned some really cool new strategies to use for Sand King. Will use again. -GamerDad 7/14/2015
Very friendly; I needed a good touch-up and I definitely got it! Thank you so much :) -Cherry Blues 7/18/2015
As a Meepo player, it can be rare to find a coach who really knows what they are doing with him as a hero. Most coaches have a pretty good idea even if they don't play him though and Vladimir is no exception to that rule. I had never heard of shift queuing and it will help a lot for my micro. As a coach, Vladimir is very informative, calm and speaks english well. Highly recommend. -AuraofLight 7/25/2015
We watched one of my recent games as a replay through the coach's "screen share" program so we were always at the same point and he could pause it and talk about certain aspects. He gave really great insight into what should have happened at different stages of the game and gave some great advice on positioning when playing the hero that I was playing. Thanks :D -ThunderSt0rM 12/24/2015
Aklimovich did a great job explaining some mechanics of the game that I personally never noticed and certainly helped by pointing out specific mistakes that I made. Overall I am very satisfied with the coach, glad to have been coached by him! -not friends 1/9/2016
Extremely helpful! Excellent communication, very friendly and patient. I have improved a lot in an hour. Would 100% recommend, especially for beginners. Thank you for coaching me! :D -Jazz 1/12/2016
Great job! Very helpful and gave me a lot to think about -Mad Magician 3/8/2016
Really genuine and friendly guy with TA knowledge better than anyone ive listened to! -bearcat 3/27/2016
Good coach, with lots of knowledge and knows what he's doing. Really helpful coaching sessions from him. Thanks. -Facta,Non Verba 3/27/2016
Very friendly. Has a very good knowledge of game mechanics. -[MNI] Taresin 6/3/2016
Showed me a whole new side to playing techies and absolutely improved my performance. -Bork 7/22/2016
helped alot to get game insights and what went wrong -FireKiller 8/30/2016
He helped me a lot, gave me a lot of tips on how to better play Naga Siren carry. Specifically he gave me great tips on mechanics such as illusion control, when to join team fights, and how to use my illusions on the map most efficiently -technicals 9/7/2016

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