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Hi, I'm Apo, a 19 year old Computer Science student and Dota 2 addict since 2008. Dotawise, I've always been curious by mechanics and certain ways to improve, having read a ton of materials written by other dedicated players, so I could understand how they think and create their gameplan according to the situation. That helped me improve a lot. I went from the initial calibrated value, 4200, to my maximum, 5300 (proof: in a short period of time, having a lot of winning streaks.
I've played in a handful of ~5k-ish teams and also have some LAN and online experience, if that matters for you. My main role was support, but nowadays I'm also playing the mid role.
From my coaching experience, the results with relatively new players are always outstanding. That doesn't mean that the other students weren't satisfied - feel free to see the reviews.

Lesson plan

I like keeping things very organised. The lesson plan consists in a short period of time where I get to meet you. This is important because no business is made without a little chit-chat at the start. If you have trouble with your English, I can grant you more than an hour time so we can understand eachother, as I'm very patient.
Then we talk about the issue you're experiencing and the type of coaching you want to do.

Things we can do

  • play together and watch the replay for explanations
  • give me a replay of yours and I tell you my advices
  • create a private lobby and play around to practice certain skills
  • theorize together - includes discussions about any topic (e.g. how to play in a trilane)
  • I can hand you some materials that will help you improve

Heroes I won't be able to teach you: Meepo, Earth Spirit, Lone Druid.

I used to have students 3 days ago... until Apo stole all of them
-kumbomaman, 2015

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Had a lot of very useful tips, and knew exactly what I was doing wrong and what to do to fix it. Was also very friendly in addition to being informative. -The Illest Villain 3/3/2015
Starting off, I wasnt too sure about paying someone to help me with dota, but it has been 100% worth my money. He has been extremely friendly and professional, and after one or two coaching sessions, I feel like my game has improved immensely. Highly, highly recommend. Nothing but good things to say about my experience -HWO URDE 3/13/2015
Awesome coach, very helpful and knowledgeable. Noticed an instant improvement in the way I played when I started actively trying to do what we discussed. -wizard 3/5/2015
Apo was helpful and friendly. He was especially helpful by walking through some decisions in the situations that went badly for me in the game. -Nothing 3/5/2015
Apo coached a game that i played and was able to answer all the questions i had concerning the actual match and other general topics as well. I played as a support but after the match Apo talked a bit about playing mid role and had some general advices about raising mmr in public games. Also he provided some great materials to study after the session, which turned out to be quite helpful. Apo is good at communicating, has no problems with English and is a very friendly guy, i had fun. Will use his services again. -frul'ka 3/5/2015
Just finished a lesson with him. Great insights, talked about item building, positioning, overall thoughts. Great knowledge about the game, picks, builds etc. He also talked about motivation in-game which I found great. Awesome coach. Highly recommended. -divid_os 3/7/2015
I contacted Apo, looking to get help in the 1.5k MMR bracket as a support. Apo had said his MMR was 5k+ and his main was a support at one point. After reading the reviews I knew he would be a good match. I had contacted him through Steam, and right away he was very nice and polite. It was a little tough to schedule a time to play (US/EU times) but he was VERY flexible. He accommodated to me very well and that was awesome. Although, he is in EU, he is fluent in English, so no barrier there. I am sure it is a lot different to be playing in roughly 5k MMR, and coaching all the way down at my 1.5k level. He did very well for helping at my skill level. Before the game, we had a chat and he was able to answer any questions I had about the game very clearly, gave the reasoning behind it, and was VERY patient. It was a blessing for me to be able to just ask someone as knowledgeable as Apo just general questions. I learned quite a bit form that, and got some advice & assurance. Our coaching session was a live coaching. We used Skype's screen share feature so there would be no delay when playing a Ranked match. We chose to do a ranked match so that he could see me trying hard, as well as with other people who generally give it their best to win. We talked about the draft(All Pick) on my team and theirs, while reasoning and explaining which hero would be good or bad in the situation. I ended up playing as Skywrath Mage. Although, I got countered pretty heavily by Pudge, and Huskar. We overcame it. Immediately he was helping and advising on my skill/item builds and gave reasoning and insight on to why I should pick those certain things. In the game, I was seeking for help with actions in lane, when to roam/gank, when and where to place wards, and what to do when there is no real action going on. Those were the biggest things I wanted help with, and he was the right person to go to for that. I am sure it might have been a little annoying of me to constantly ask me what I should be doing(mid game-ish) or where to place wards all the time, or where I should be rotating to/when, he did not seem to mind at all; Very patient. Although I was heavily countered, I still managed to make an impact on ganks/teamfights with Apo guiding me through items and skills. Our team emerged victorious! Overall, it was a really great coaching session. The wait was not long at all, and even got in earlier than expected. Although in EU he accommodated extremely well. He was very patient and thorough especially considering how low of a skill player I am. Overall, my favorite thing about my session with Apo, is how he explains things and gives reason why. Why I should be doing ____ or buying ____ or going ______. That was really great, because that is something that I feel can just evolve with. I can practice mechanics on my own, but having a thought process on why things happen is what separates good from great players. I am most thankful for that. Overall an amazing session, and am definitely looking to schedule again! -Caseeyyy 3/13/2015
Was fun and awesome! I had been improving my skill on my own, and having him tell me what I'm doing right and what I need to do and be aware of was really useful! One can only self analyze for so long, its much better to have someone else take a look at what your doing and lead you in the right direction. Highly Recommend! -ii.Sneakytiki 3/19/2015
Went over some replays as well as live coaching. Apo offered insight I would have not figured out myself that helped me understand the scrub mistakes I was making. Would definitely recommend. This man knows his stuff and is a pleasant to talk to. Don't hesitate. Totally worth. -SkiNNyBane 3/13/2015
great coach incredibly helpful i did terrible but he did everything he can to help me. very friendly and committed. -Opeyevil 3/22/2015
Very friendly coach that helped me point out my major shortcomings. I'm digesting all the information now, and will be back for another lesson! -FearTheNoob 3/31/2015
Ola was very nice and did his best to help when my pub game fell apart and I ended up solo top lane as support Mirana. He did his best to help out while the game fell apart and I learned some very useful tips. I would definitely use his services again. -Shitty Riddler 4/7/2015
I found Apo through a Reddit post online and added him on Steam. He quickly replied and we were able to make a few appointments. I especially liked his friendliness, expertise and that I was always able to reach him almost always through Steam as he is often online on his Phone. He does have a slight accent when talking with him over Skype, but his grammar is very good and it's nothing that would hinder the communication with him. Aside from the actual appointments he answered every text based question I had through Steam quickly and reliably, even though I didn't have any lessons booked anymore. TL;DR If you need a friendly and competent coach Apo is not a wrong way to go. -.Aetohatir 4/10/2015
Perfect, learned a lot of simple basic things I had no idea about. very nice and helpful and willing to teach which is what is important. his English was very good and I understood everything he was telling me. i'm a 3k player and he told me so much information I should have known since day one. Highly recommended!! -Smog 7/19/2015
Very communicative; item /skill - build I'll rek u 1 v 1 next time with FATA strats on SF :-D -I'm da Ice Cream Man 8/1/2015
Did a great job of explaining what I was doing wrong and how I can correct it. Showed an awesome understanding of the game. -fuck jerry 8/11/2015
Had my second lesson with him today and can say I will be back also I just wanted to point out for those reading that the first review I left I accidently put zero stars because I am retarded, if I could I would give him six highly recommend him to any player at any level. -fuck jerry 8/3/2015
Very nice coach! Helped me a lot to find small flaws in my game to improve upon that would've otherwise went unnoticed. Site wait time was a lot longer than expected but once a coach was found I was pleased with the experience. -mid or carry ty 8/17/2015
Very knowledgeable. Learned a new hero and it was explained very well. -boush 8/18/2015
A+ coaching on replay Positives: 1. Didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear to improve 2. Helping with positioning in-game 3. Teaching about item management + favourable vs. unfavourable scenarios in game -=SOMMI 8/19/2015
I am a very low mmr player and Apo was very patient and helpful, at the very beginning we talked about where i was and what i wanted out of this. We then moved on to me playing a game (which due to quitters on the other team deteriorated quickly), I won the lane with the help and guidance of Apo. After this we talked about what he thought could be improved and he set me on a track of how to be a better player, including hero's, builds, positions etc. After this we had a look through his own replays and i got a sense of what he was thinking throughout the the game. I am very happy with the coaching i got and have already arranged when we will be doing the next session so i can keep on improving. -... 8/21/2015
Unfortunately, the game ended very early with all team mates disconnecting, but we still had some good discussion afterwards about item and skill builds and playing the heroes in general. Looking forward to some more in-depth coaching with hopefully less leavers in the game. :-) -phoerious 8/28/2015
really good -Ghost Busters 8/30/2015

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