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ALL SESSIONS WILL BE ON MY STREAM* Sessions will last between 60 to 80 minutes for each hour purchased. My coaching method varies based on the request of the player and the options include but are not limited to: Queue an unranked game as your coach and critique you as you play and review the game afterwards, you choose a replay that we go over together in depth with you watching my screen through steam broadcasting, playing a game with you and coaching you through execution throughout the game (generally recommended if you want support advice and I play carry), and team coaching. I would prefer your first session being only one hour and no sessions longer than 2 hours. Hours are during my streaming times and sessions generally happen within a few days, a week at the latest. Price will go up only by demand.

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Very satisfied! was able to help a massive amount with both play understanding and game play. Looking forward to more. Thanks -Val_Impulse 7/14/2015
Massive thank you Brian. You have enabled me to get out of not only the 1k bracket but the 2k @ into the mid 3k tier within 6 months. The session was really good, specially with the helpful mechanics and understanding certain timings etc. More to come - Big_Impulse -Val_Impulse 3/23/2016
Great technical advise! Not going to share the secrets but thanks gg man -Val_Impulse 5/10/2016
Really informative and humble guy. Doesn't shy away from telling you what mistakes you made but puts it nicely and in a way everyone can understand. Good feedback on areas to focus on for improvement. Plus he said I made a sick windrunner play -Wigglytuff 7/17/2015
was good. -jack 7/21/2015
What a cool dude, tells you what you did wrong and how to fix. Even better is i understand what i did wrong. He explained conceptually why i should do 'a' and not 'b'. And he is pretty funny :) -Smile, the worst is yet to come 7/26/2015
The guy knows how to coach supports. I felt like information provided was well suited to my level of play and targeted to what I needed to do improve. Specific examples from the game were well generalized so advice could be applied in future games. I definitely recommend booking a lesson. -Cap Squad all day 7/30/2015
So, I bought a coaching session on a Monday and tried to contact BSJ on Steam and Skype with no success. Finally on Wednesday he said something to me in Steam, "I see you bought a coaching session." I wasn't sure it was BSJ (he changes his name in game a lot) and when I asked him some questions, like "are you BSJ?" and "are you coaching Thursday?" he didn't respond at i was still left wondering. Thursday he briefly asked me via Steam if I was available Sunday. I asked him if he was coaching today, and a few other things and he wouldn't respond. I was getting pretty frustrated by this point, because he wouldn't communicate with me by simply planning a time and answering my questions. I was wondering if he really did coaching or if I was being trolled. I sent a message to him Saturday, again no response. Sunday I waited and sent messages, but he wouldn't respond until finally near the end of the day he tells me he can't coach me that day because he was too busy. Since he was finally talking to me I bombarded him with questions and expressed my frustration. And he asked what I wanted him to do. I told him I wanted to do my coaching session. He said that we could do it the next day (Labor Day) and offered 3 times. I picked a time and was ready to go the next day. I waited, and I waited, and I waited. After 3 hours I finally figured he was again ignoring me. Near the end of the day I got a message from him saying I should probably request my money back. I was furious. I wasted hours and hours waiting and trying to communicate with this guy only to be blown off again. -Vance Avalon 10/5/2015
Taught me a lot. It was really worth it. -bigpapabearxx 9/13/2015
Thanks BSJ, hope my steam coaching sesh shows how good a coach you are. Great help as always man. Thanks -Val_Impulse 7/19/2016
never got coached might be my fault i missed something. -BBW ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°) 12/21/2015
Great coach, really helped me a lot. Even went over the allotted time -Redpanda166 12/27/2015
He's a really good teacher. He focuses on concepts that helps shape your understanding of Dota as well as solidifying the information. I recommend having a good replay on you and watching it with him rather than queueing up in unranked. It's a lot more relaxed and you can take better notes. Only issue I had was scheduling, it was a little bit on the fly, but the overall experience was well worth the money. -Davai, Stay Hydrated, Cyka 1/11/2016
Absolutley frustrated. I bought a session on Friday, but he wouldn't even add me on Steam or on Skype. On Sunday he went and ignored me. -Doublehex 2/14/2016
Dota 2 Coaching : $20 Playing a game of Dota with BSJ: Priceless -Dota2Destroyer 7/8/2016
Just a great session with loads of help from him :) great advice and overall amazing game knowledge! Definitely will have another session in the near future and would recommend to all -Daisy x :) 7/10/2016
other than some minor communication issues as we got started the session was great. We spent time going over the laning stage as a position 5 support. Conceptually great advice on how to better manage options in the lane, what I'm doing, how that affects what my carry can do and how that dramatically changes my options if executed correctly. #worth -Jefe 7/21/2016
Really explained the mistakes i was making and made sure i understood what i was doing wrong and what i should be doing instead. Will definitely be back as a student. Thanks BSJ -I JUST WANNA WIN 7/28/2016
As frequent of a carry player as he is, BSJ shows a broad wealth of knowledge for support players (Crystal Maiden in my case). I recommend all players to get in at least one coaching session with him. His teaching methods are well-structured (i.e. 10-minute introduction, a choice to play a game, analyze a replay, or discuss a topic, an in-depth review of players' actions, and finally constructive feedback). Looking forward to learn more from this man. Keep doing your thing, bruh. -Risvold 9/23/2016
Very Very informative session. He was very blunt and told you what you needed to work on there was absolutely no bull shit. Highly recommended. -J0K3R 9/27/2016
learned a lot. around 2.2k mmr (me) managed to learn enough to play in 3k pubs. tell you a lot in great detail and makes sure u know what he is talking about before continuing. will make sure you leave with greater knowledge of the game / hero -★風見一姫★ 10/12/2016
Shut up and take my money, Love you dude -!_Marshal_! 10/12/2016
Hi, BSJ. I tried to add you on steam but it was not accepted, so I canceled the invitation and added you again but it shows "BSJ is ignoring you". My steam account laijiaba / -Larry David 3/20/2018

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