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Hello everyone, my name is Nikolay "CTOMAHEH1" Kalchev and I've been a semi-pro Dota 2 player in Europe in the past 3-4 years.
I've played all possible positions, mainly 4th and 5th and I’m currently playing mostly 3rd.

At the moment I am a free agent, but in my past I've played with Mind Control (Team Liquid's offlaner), Nikobaby (top 5 in EU ladder) and Arise (best Magnus :D) in Basically Unknown. After that I played in some EU stacks but nothing major. My last team was Buhal Gaming where I was the captain.

Dreamhack Summer - 6th place at DH summer
msi dragon battle 4/5! - 1st Place MSI dragon battle twice (season 4/5)
Gigabyte Challenge - 1st Place Gigabyte Challenge
More recently:
MLD Challenge - 2nd Place at MLD Challenge, Played with team Doggie (Arise, Noia, Fey, Heste), beating Empire at the semi-finals 2-1.
Kiev Major Qualifier -Semi-Final at Kiev Major Qualifiers (playing with Buhal Gaming, a Bulgarian team where I was the captain). / WESG bracket - Final at WESG EE Qualifier (lost to Cancel & w33ha Stack)

I`ve played as a midlaner, a support player (both 4th and 5th), offlaner and now I’m primarily raising my rank in the carry position, so I have a very solid understanding of all aspects of the game. I was also the captain and drafter in my last team – in the case of team coaching I can help out with any drafting issues.

1v1 sessions - run some match-ups and go over the replays.
Live Coaching - using the coaching option in Dota2, watching your game live and discussing it.
Live game spectating - you essentially switch places with me from the last method and ask questions while I am explaining my thought process and everything I am doing.
Team Coaching - strategies, drafting, communication, analyses.
Team Coaching price- 20$

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