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Add me on Discord (Caldini#3512) or Steam if there is anything you would like to ask before booking a session.

Current Rank: Immortal, EU

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If you are looking for a coach who will help you increase your MMR faster than it would be possible by yourself, you have come to the right place.

I am a 24 year old, 6k, Dota 2 Coach from the UK who finished Season 1 at Rank 2400 (EU Leaderboard) available to coach players looking to gain MMR and improve with ANY ROLE. No doubt you are looking for a coach that will suit you, so I have listed a few of my specialties below, If you want to improve in one or more of these areas, then I am the coach for you;

  • Laning
  • Farming Efficiency and Patterns (GPM/XPM/CS)
  • Drafting (Hero Picks/Counter Picking)
  • Map/Time Awareness
  • Item Builds
  • Skill Builds
  • Late-game Decisions
  • Teamfighting Decisions
  • Spell Usage
  • Efficient Roaming
  • Warding
  • Positioning
  • Power Spikes

Ultimately it is up to you how you would like to learn and improve, generally sessions will involve one or more of the following;

  • A brief session plan
  • Analyzing your replays
  • Live coaching (Talking to you while you play)
  • Discussions (Items/Heroes/Warding)
  • Private Lobby (Practice/Testing/Warding)
  • Matchmaking together

If during a session we go over the time, don't worry about it, I won't cut you off just because we reached the limit if we are in the middle of something. The same goes for any question you may have outside of sessions, feel free to message any time, I'm here to help.

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I am 4k and was looking to improve my game as a mid player. I bough 1 hour and he actually spend 30 minutes more just to finish another replay without extra charge. I wanted to improve my laning phase and he pointed out exactly what my problems were, what was the optimal play and what mistakes lead to my deaths. He has really good knowledge of the macro game aswell and helped me with efficiency, timings and item choices. I will probably play some ranked to apply his advice and buy more time to check my improvment. I really recommend him if you looking to improve -Last Hope 1/28/2017
Awesome coach. Overall I learned ALOT from only one session. His laning skill is superb and It will really help even if you are high MMR as his laning skills were better most 6k mmr people I played against mid. He really had broad knowledge on every role, item builds, skill builds, overall strategy... He even helped me practice combos until I got it right. I definitely recommend getting coached by him regardless of roles you are maining as he is superb and extremely knowledgeable from all of them from what I've experienced. If you are choosing between coaches definitely try him out and you will definitely get better. In the end he even took the extra time overtime just to answer all my questions and practice a little more after the session duration. GO FOR IT! Try it out whether you are high or low MMR as his coaching probably saved me 100s of hours of trial and error by myself. -Luck 2/14/2017
Great coach! Very friendly, explains things in a way that's easy to understand. He doesn't only gives you great tips for your current situation but for every other similar situations as well. I've learned a lot and definitely become more confident in my support game. -1234 6/15/2018
We went over a lot of important things that I felt I was missing. Right off the bat he asked me some basic questions, got to know my skill and knowledge level, then started analysing the replay with me. He highlighted my issues which were itemisation around team advantages/disadvantages, power spike timings, and the decision making aspect of taking teamfights vs farming. Great coach, would consult again. -Aech- 6/15/2018
Super helpful coach. Was very accomodating to what I wanted to focus on. Explantions about game mechanics and decision making were clear and thorough, very receptive to any questions I had about the topics. Expands on possible situations/itemzations and hero picks to give a broader insight into better decision making. Great coaching session :) -Schmosby 6/28/2018
Great coach, great insights. Actually worked on other stuff rather than just the replay and I think we went over an hour also discussing itemizing and drafting against certain heroes. Would definitely come back for another session -MangoGraham 7/12/2018
I have had 2 sessions with Caldini and I played a live game which he watched. Caldini took detailed notes and we then spent two hours going over every aspect of the match. I found Caldini to be extremely competent and he gave me some excellent advice that I can take into other matches. I feel with his guidance I can make substantial improvements in my overall play and understanding of the game. -Just trying to be less of a cunt 7/27/2018
Great coach, very personable and respectful. Would recommend to anyone who is trying to improve at Dota. -Unknown Name 8/3/2018
Well spoken and understanding of the issues i faced andgreat at helping me overcome them in a constructive way. Very fair with time management of the session. -Unknown Name 8/9/2018
best coach ever,so profesional,and price is best. -Unknown Name 8/14/2018
Great guy really helpful stayed an extra 40 minutes and didnt even charge me lovely to chat with good mindset -Josh 8/29/2018
Cal helped me objectively understand the benefits/consequences of my actions in one of my recent games. He has really good communication skills which empower his coaching techniques and wealth of knowledge about the game! I felt like my game had become stagnant and this coaching session was really refreshing. After only a 2 hour coaching session I managed to climb from Ancient 3 to Ancient 5 (400 mmr) in 2 weeks... Thanks -Unknown Name 9/15/2018
A great coach. Listens to what you require and gives clear and easy to understand guidance. Very friendly and professional. Pointing out where I can improve without making me feel useless. Can definitely recommend. His understanding of the game and finer mechanics is -Unmanned Unicorn FartRocket 8/30/2018
Great coach here guys! I'm a pretty new player to Dota (ridiculously low MMR) and after a few failed attempts at getting a coach that seemed to take a real interest in helping me get better, I came across Cal. He was friendly, knowledgeable and extremely good at spotting my early mistakes in game - things that I hadn't considered at all. Looking forward to taking things further over the next few sessions! If you want a great coach to help you develop your gameplay then look no further - 5* -Unknown Name 9/19/2018
Awesome experience with Caldini. Taught me a lot in the 90 minute session I had. He was patient and explained anything I didn't understand. I took notes and at the end of the session I could have written a book! So much of what he said was really useful. Big fan! -Twixxie 9/16/2018

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