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What I should expect from Coaching/What will I get out of a session

It is very important to ask this question, and know exactly what you are paying your hard earned money for. Many students come into this thinking they will learn some next level genius insight and will be able to skyrocket their skill/mmr to some hundreds of points. That is not going to happen.

A coach will be able to look at your game(s) and tell you exactly what mistakes you are making that are keeping you stagnant. Usually it is one or two major mistakes. A coach will help you find these mistakes, and suggest methods to fix them.
Therefore, you should get a coaching session IF
* You have been playing for a while
* You are stuck at a particular skill/mmr level for a while
* You have done all your research online on youtube and such, and nothing is helping

Some people come to a coach with very little knowledge of the game and expect to learn. This is obviously possible, but what exactly do you think is going to happen in 1 hour? Diddly squat thats what. You need to spend some 80-100 sessions to get some worthwhile knowledge out of it. You can do this, of course i'll be happy to do this. OR, you can be smart and go over to DOTA2WIKI and read everything about mechanics, about the heroes you play, tips and tricks of those heroes, and really everything there is on that site FOR FREE. I guarantee this alone will boost your mmr by 500 if not 1000.
Next step, before getting a coach, I recommend a site like Game-Leap. These are guides made by some of the best pub players in the world. Once again, if you are looking for general knowledge and improvement, this is a cheaper option. I think they charge something like $16 for 6 months, im not sure, go look it up.
Then of course there are youtube guides etc, there is Purge, Merlini, even I have got a decent YouTube Channel with loads of content, and all my previous coaching sessions.
To reiterate, after all the above, you still feel you are not improving and are stuck in a skill bracket, come and get a session with me, I will find your major mistakes, and we will fix them. Guaranteed.


Hello all Dota 2 enthusiasts!

You can call me M. I am a 27 year old, Dota veteran. I started playing Dota around 2005, at that time we didnt have our own PCs, just a family PC, so we would play all these computer games at internet cafes. So I learnt Dota in a LAN environment to begin with. I was part of a local team and we played very competitively.
During university time I played more Dota than I studied about 14 hours a day (dota 1 btw), but managed to secure a degree in Electrical and Computers Engineering from Rutgers University New Jersey with a decent 3.4 GPA.
Now I work full time so of course managing time for Dota is a feat, especially with family life and a little baby girl, but I still manage about 2 games on weekdays and around 8-10 on the weekend.

As far as Dota experience goes, I have been playing for about 10 years, competitively in the early days although I think that does not count anymore. But my teaching experience, I have actually tutored for 6 months while I was between jobs, A level students (High School). Even during school days I would regularly help out my fellow classmates in Math and Sciences.

So yea, I know a thing or two about teaching and regardless of my MMR, I have results to prove I am actually a good teacher.

I calibrated to 4.2k but never really put much thought or effort into increasing it. I randomed almost every match and just had fun. Around end November 2015, my MMR was 3.6 and I decided to actively increase it to a respectable bracket, imo 5.5k. I mean for a person playing for 10 years, its sad to be at 3.6k. Anyhow, I researched and coached myself, and am at the moment, after about 4-5 weeks later, at 4.7k. I am still climbing, although not managing to find enough time to play. Especially as I have joined a team and I mostly play with them. As of now I am at 5k and am thinking of reaching 5.5k.

Now I am hoping to pass on my knowledge to others and help you escape that MMR hell and climb the ladder to the sweet sweet MMR that you deserve.

I can guarantee you will improve your MMR and your dota 2 skill (which is more important than MMR).

My format
I have had a lot of coaching sessions and I have a clear cut format. If you are interested, you can have a look at my YouTube Channel to get a good idea of what my sessions are like.

1) After you have committed at least one session, we will have a bit of a chat about your history, what you feel your weaknesses are, and some general knowledge about your experience and your bracket.

2) Next up, we will jump into a replay where I will talk about your play step by step, but mostly will be trying to find at least 1 major mistake, and a few minor mistakes that you are making, and how to remedy these mistakes.

3) I will give you some homework to do, which we will hopefully review if and when you come back for a followup session.

4) I do not like live gameplay coaching. I do not think it helps at all, let alone a little bit. Regardless, if you are insistent, it is your money after all, I will agree to a live coaching session AFTER we have done at least 5-6 replay analysis sessions together. However, we will agree beforehand that you will not give me low reviews for that session if it goes bad, because I will have warned you about it.

Good luck with your endeavor and have fun.

Contact me on Skype or add me on steam.

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So, this guy isn't 6k or 7k! That makes one skeptical, doesn't it? There's coaches that charge between $5-10/hr that are 6-7k... I was skeptical, but after our first real 1 hour session (ONLY $5)... I was impressed, hooked, and begging for more. I'm almost a 3k player. We spent an hour going over a 30 minute Sven game and I not only learned a bunch of stuff about Sven (even though I've played 100 games on him in the last 3 months), I also learned a TON about carrying and Dota itself... mind you I've played probably 600-800 games in the last 3 months of mostly carrying. If I had to point out something that will most contribute to my success in Dota from this session it would be a ton of stuff about farming patterns and overall efficiency. I can barely contain my excitement to practice this and implement it in my games. I felt in hindsight that I personally would have paid $20 for this session and still felt I got more than my money/time worth. This guy is incredibly nice, and truly wants to help you raise your MMR and improve in Dota, has a fun teaching style, and is good at it. I simply cannot wait to get the next session, hopefully later today! We're thinking about going over my Spectre or Juggernaut game. THX Dota-Dude! xD -Immortal (1,111,791) 7/9/2016
Went over some more Sven replay analysis... Focused more on farming patterns and winning my lane. We watched some Sven game games that I played since our last session, learned new things related to Sven and general Dota and carrying. So cool. Great lesson! -Immortal (1,111,791) 7/11/2016
I think this guy is getting better at coaching every game lesson honestly. I know I'm improving =) Keep it up dude. -Immortal (1,111,791) 7/11/2016
Well, I'm leaving a bunch of reviews all at once because I literally had like 5-6 sesions in the last 4 days with this coach. The most recent session though... one of the most fun. A lady friend of mine plays support only and she was in a game with me while I played Sven. She was CM. We did a 3-way Skype while watching it, and she also enjoyed it a lot! Spent a couple hours with us over helping the both of us. Thx again man. Good stuff! -Immortal (1,111,791) 7/11/2016
What's most important in a coach is someone who can clearly communicate and teach. This guy has that. -erronius 7/31/2016
So awesome, I love getting lessons from this guy. Will keep coming back for much much more! -Immortal (1,111,791) 8/7/2016
I've received lessons from 3 coaches now from the top 50 on Dotacoach, and I prefer going to this guy! Awesome stuff, so helpful and also very enjoyable! -Immortal (1,111,791) 8/28/2016
really informative on what I needed to work on, gave me lots of ideas on what to work on mid lane. I can see the improvement already but still a lot to work on :) really great coaching session overall i'm really impressed -Sam 9/8/2016
This was my first coach, and i`m really happy with him. Really good tipps and helps! Everytime again! -Pflanzmann 8/21/2016
5k mmr but 9k Coach imo. Great teaching style, definitely worth the money. Got a lot of good tips and pointers and hopefully will be improving my dota skill soon. Thanks coach. -Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards 8/21/2016
Thanks man for the lesson! Really good coach.. learned alot!!!! Good Communicator and analysis skills! thanks! -WanTon 8/27/2016
Better then I expected. Learnt a lot in a short period of time. -Toof 8/28/2016
This time we did a live session with my AM game, which needed a LOT of work. Once again, amazing time. -Immortal (1,111,791) 8/28/2016
Had a live session while playing Juggernaut, intentionally doing a non-Battlefury build. So much fun! Learning so much, addictive. -Immortal (1,111,791) 8/29/2016
omg omg. I love getting sessions with M. I got over my tilt while being 'watched' (let's say we didn't put that one on youtube, lol).... and had M coach me in a live session playing Phantom Asassin Safe-lane carry. He corrected a lot of my choices, directed me, and even asked me tons of questions of why/what/how I would do next. I know everyone is probably different, and there's just as much to gain from either a replay analysis or live session, but this was insanely beneficial and fun for me. A++, We have decided that for me personally, doing more of these on different heroes will be really good for me... and as I play these heroes on my own we'll come back and analyze the replays of the ones I think gave me the most challenges. Thx again man. (currently trying to perfect my Antimage, Jugg, Sven, & PA games, so in about 10 minutes we're going to go again and pick other than PA). -Immortal (1,111,791) 8/28/2016
M did a replay analysis of my PA game with me over Skype, it was freaking awesome. M is super passionate about helping others, I have no doubt anyone would have a different opinion. Btw, as long as you don't mind he is putting up all the replays on his Youtube channel. check it out, I learn a lot from those too, but there's nothing like getting your own =DD -Immortal (1,111,791) 8/28/2016
Wow what a nice guy. Really put an effort into coaching. I learnt a TON. I have previously got a lot of coaching from other high mmr coaches, we talking 7k+, and I can honestly say this guy is better than they are. His insight into the lower mmr hell is brilliant. All other coaches teach from their own stand point but M really knows what is happening down in every bracket and therefore is able to give great tips. Will definitely be getting more sessions. Thanks man. -Russians go to hell 8/28/2016
Really helpful and insightful ! -∞ Elation Sama 8/28/2016
Yet another awesome coaching session. Thanks M. super awesome work. -Immortal (1,111,791) 8/29/2016
Played a Live session with M while using URSA. I've played this hero a TON, so I only learned a tiny bit, but my item choices were better in this video, and I played way safer than ever (if you can do that with URSA lol), but most my stats were better than my average 150 something Ursa games... and my networth (I went offlane), ended up being just about the highest in the game. If I had to say what I learned the most this session.... it would be further drilling into me to not make careless decisions, which have definitely lead to me throwing a lot of games even though I played exceptionally well. -Immortal (1,111,791) 8/31/2016
Second session with M. Went well over the 1 hour, as usual. Genuinely wants to help you. Thanks man. -Russians go to hell 9/2/2016
He's a really good communicator, and great at giving solid and reliable ideas on how to improve. Good sense of humour and the coaching session feels fun. -Dury 天思 9/18/2016
Destructoboy was fantastic. We went over general next steps for improvement and I have a ton of work to do. Fantastic coach! -Erzengel 9/5/2016
Really nice guy :) good player! -Pipster ♥ 9/6/2016
He really made me understand my mistakes in a game in which i thought i did really well ( thank god i didn't show him a replay where i know i sucked haha ). But even one session was helpful in really making me understand how much time i was wasting and that definitely improved my game. -Infernic Frost 9/11/2016
Okay. So, if M says let's first do a replay analysis on a hero I am not comfortable with before doing a live session with that hero, you should listen =) I did slark, whom over 3k dota games I've only played like 20 times, and haven't touched him in a month or two... I felt like 50% more umcomfortable with that hero while having someone watch me... but even so, I learned so much about Slark it was well worth my money. Had a good time, some good laughs, and learned even a few more things I did not get in a 7k video series about Slark. Highly recommended to get a session with M . Thanks man! Will play those few Slark games and then get a replay analysis with you on him.... ! -Immortal (1,111,791) 9/9/2016
Did a TA coaching session. However, we primarily focused on how to grind MMR overall. He did pinpoint one of my main problems of having expectations in my bracket that would otherwise be reserved for the higher level pubs that I watch and I saw immediate results once I discarded that. Despite the lesson not being what I expected it to be, he does show he knows a lot of knowledge and knows that the problem may be different from what you might think it is. He provides a wealth of resources to learn from so there will be plenty for me to chew on until our next lesson. -002.Darling.Waifu.HenTie 9/13/2016
We went over a replay of TA and I definitely learned a lot about my mistakes and the hero itself. Also got a lot of pointers on how to improve better so it was definitely worth it. The time went around 20 minutes over an hour too, so I think that just shows how much M wants you to improve. -CRY 9/12/2016
Another fantastic session. My second one with him in a month. Great value for money. I would pay about $15 an hour for M's coaching. -Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards 9/12/2016
Great session. Helped a lot. I am sure i'll improve by at least 500 mmr just from this session. -Mighty Mjollnir 9/12/2016
So I improved by about 200 mmr over the past week since getting a session with M. Mind you I was stuck at my 3.7k for a good year. Thanks M. Will be seeing you again in a few weeks I think. -Mighty Mjollnir 9/15/2016
My first session book was planned to be for an hour and he over ran by close 40 mins and didn't care at all. A very dedicated coach, will answer any questions and explain any mechanics that may not be understood. He'll pin point the main areas that need improvement and assign homework on how to improve. -Harbinger 9/16/2016
Great coach. Highly recommend him to anyone. Great price too. -Mystery Man 9/16/2016
I recommend this coach, he is very friendly and great to work with. At first I was nervous talking to him but I was surprised how friendly he was and how much he analyzed my replay we watched together. It is also inexpensive as someone like HuntaeLa is 40.00$ an hour while DestructoBoy is only 4.00$! I would recommend this coach to anybody who needs one. I will definitely be hiring DestructoBoy again to further improve myself. -sololight 9/18/2016
Helped me git gud, 10/10 -SOOK 9/17/2016
Coach was very thorough. I am a low MMR player and was looking for ways to help focus the time I have to be better. He helped me out by explaining what my MMR lacks and what I can use to my advantage. He also showed me tons of resources to make the most out of my time as a DotA player. We then reviewed the laning stage of a match I had and he explained what I did wrong and how I could improve. Thanks, Coach. -N2Deep 9/18/2016
Helped me a ton, pointed out large common mistakes and what I should have done. Excellent Coach! -MidOrWeed 9/19/2016
I'm probably a week late on this, but whatever. We went over a second TA replay a week after my first one and I guess the results from the first coaching session showed as I kind of became a trench god with the hero (excuse the memes). From a week I pretty much went from 0 knowledge to pretty decent on TA and I think the coaching sessions helped a lot; granted I did do a lot of practice and stuff, but I mainly focused on improving on the mistakes pointed out on the first TA session. Overall I learned a shit ton of things over just 2 sessions. Definitely recommended. -CRY 9/24/2016
Gave me some great advice on builds and play-style and how to maximize my efficiency. Really helped me understand how to teamfight better, and become a better core player. -iGGyyy 9/21/2016
Great Coach, helps to zone in on areas that needs improvement and prescribes what needs to be done to overcome it. -Harbinger 9/21/2016
M. was very information and easy to talk to. I haven't had the chance to put his tips into use yet but it was very nice to have someone go through the finer details of the game. -Young Sandwich 9/22/2016
Overall satisfaction: i learnd too many and i belive im gonna get some sweet mmr thx to him. Coach's skill: hes playing for realy long time sure he is. Coach's comminucation: yes he can pretty well. (did i mention i like to get mmr. well i like site's gives me mmr to.) ty for the experiance. i had fun and learn a lot. AND time to earn mmr now. -Straight Shooter 9/25/2016
Great guy, pretty much showed all the mistakes that I didn't catch at my level, or how things would've turned out differently if my opponents actually did their things better. 5/7 with rice. -catmaaan 9/25/2016
M was very respectful and quick with communication specific insights. Would recommend especially in the 3-4k bracket. -Try your best 9/26/2016
First lesson here, the very experienced coach recommended several pointers and resources regarding my knowledge of basic game mechanics and advised me to fully understand the skills of heroes I play. Excellent communicator, detailed explanations, and a patient coaching style open to any questions. -advantgarde 9/27/2016
Great coaching, once again! -∞ Elation Sama 9/27/2016
this coach is really great i may not got a lot of lessons because i only did for 1 hours but i am planning to do the coach again. by the way he is really great coach!! -Ryun 9/28/2016
I'd give him 7 stars if I could. He did a great job explaining points and how they'd affect my games. What my hero's limits are and when I should and should not get out of the hero's comfort zone. Using additional tools to draw on the screen and explain certain points makes it a lot easier to understand some points. -The R Win 10/5/2016
Great coaching session! He pointed out little things that I always look over and have me seen the impact in the game. Gotta go practice! :D -Lakoi 9/29/2016
Went over some more carry replays of mine, always learning so much! Great coach! -Immortal (1,111,791) 10/1/2016
Did something a little different! We went over my hero selection custom screen, and briefly reviewed the heroes I should/shouldn't be trying to spam currently, and reviewed things about each hero (about 20 of them), and when they are good to pick. Extremely helpful session! Took 2 hours to do. (1 of 2) -Immortal (1,111,791) 10/1/2016
Did something a little different! We went over my hero selection custom screen, and briefly reviewed the heroes I should/shouldn't be trying to spam currently, and reviewed things about each hero (about 20 of them), and when they are good to pick. Extremely helpful session! Took 2 hours to do. (2 of 2) -Immortal (1,111,791) 10/1/2016
Very worth while! Thanks for the great session. -beef 10/19/2016
he was very helpful and overall a very good coach -Im Special (the ED kinda way) 10/7/2016
Very knowledgeable coach. Learned a lot from him especially the item builds by watching a replay. -kokyew 10/15/2016
Fantastic lesson on how to play Bounty Hunter. Great discussion on items and play style as well as a lot of really useful tips to be able to implement straight away. A+ would recommend :) cheers! -ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ lax 11/6/2016
Very friendly for my first lesson, even went the extra mile to show me quite a few resources. He is very well-spoken and easily communicates his point without over explaining things. Will definitely be a return customer. If you're looking to start some coaching, I strongly recommend this coach because he was very easy to contact and it's very easy to get a hold of him. If he is online, he will chat or coach ASAP. -Ginyu -Hyyddraa 10/14/2016
Great coaching session, not really anything i could say that would improve it, great work! <3 -Millennial 10/17/2016
Perfect Coach and Perfect person u won't regret a single minute -KS KS KM KM MPU MPU AA 10/25/2016
I had my coaching session with M. around two or so weeks ago, and he was extremely helpful. Pointed out many mistakes that I was making, which is exactly what I was looking for, since knowing what I'm doing wrong is pretty much half the issue. Overall, I would definitely recommend M. -beep 11/16/2016
Continued working with this coach and definitely has a lot to offer. He goes into detail about what is wrong and what his solution is to it. You get a lot of concrete specific feedback from him regarding your gameplay so if you've mastered the basics and are looking to get higher, he is definitely a good coach for that. -002.Darling.Waifu.HenTie 11/9/2016
Knowledgeable friendly guy. Explained expectations of coaching rather than just me telling him what I want. Pointed out my mistakes and offered good advice on how to improve. Will use again for sure. -asdf 11/3/2016
awesome lesson! got me back on my feet again by brushing up on some previously taught stuff and learned a buncha new stuff too! Thx. -Immortal (1,111,791) 11/3/2016
Can't say enough. DOTA is a complex game, with many types of problems you encounter. As a beginner player (600hrs), M. helped point me in the right direction of what my training should be to improve. Really good communication and gave me great pointers and tips about my game. I definitively recommend him for a game improvement coaching session .... -rod581 11/3/2016
Great session. Considering the level I'm at, there is quite a lot of things to improve but he narrowed the focus to a few fundamental things. Explained things very clearly and was overall incredibly helpful. -Galileo. 11/4/2016
Learnt a lot in an hr and improved my mmr by 200 . Gonna take another coaching for sure. -Cosmos 11/18/2016
i can't pick the country for on demand coaching -Nightmarey 11/16/2016
Brushed up on my carry game - specifically Anti-mage (a good game for AM that I should've won, highlighting my throws due to one of my biggest issues of risk-taking and overextension). Awesome replay analysis, helped me out a ton. Can't wait to play =D Thank you M. -Immortal (1,111,791) 11/17/2016
Good guy, specifically told me what I should be doing - sometimes that's bad because every game is different but he was telling me about how my playstyle should be rather then what I should've done that game -MGeezy 11/19/2016
was flexible, knew what he was talking about, did his best to apply the situation to my level of pubs instead of his, good guy will book again -MGeezy 11/26/2016
Great coach, helped me comeback from a long break in dota. Helped me with decision making and importance of the meta -Aoyama-Kun 1/11/2017
This session was a pleasure and M was a super nice guy. Lots of very useful tips and practice methods. Would recommend. -Wolfie 12/2/2016
After he walked me through one of my Replays, I could see where I've been making mistakes all along! played a game immediately after the coaching and followed his suggestions on how and when to do what, and I can see myself improve! I will definitely keep consulting him whenever I hit a roadblock on my MMR -Rather be dead than cool 12/2/2016
M. was SO insightful and provided numerous amount of tips and help to my playing. I am so happy working with him! -Slavoj Zizek 5/14/2017
Very nice coach. Had lots of interesting theories and was very understanding and flexible when problems arose and I had to go afk for a few minutes. One of the more tolerant coaches I've seen, and his knowledge of dota 2 is quite noticeable. Would recommend to anyone. -General Iroh 1/18/2017
he explained things well and helped me to understand the most important things to work on and improve given my current skill level. -SALT 1/30/2017
Very calm demeanor and helpful. I strongly recommend for any beginner player. -Erace 12/26/2016
Thanks for the session. I did learn some things that I think should help me improve -focus 2/1/2017
He helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and showed me some ways to improve my game. 10 /10 would learn again. -Lao Te Zoo 2/23/2017
Nice guy, ripped through me but it's an important process! -Carry Pls! 2/26/2017
M. looked at a support (my primary role) and carry game. He took the time to get a general idea of my skill level and background. He helped me to identify mistakes, inefficiencies, and areas of improvement, and his advice was geared appropriately toward my skill bracket. In general, M. has a lot of teaching culture, always providing helpful support outside of sessions via Twitch and YouTube. He's knows a lot of DotA and is a great coach to work with. I'm glad to be among his students. I'll definitely be seeing him again. -Coolkid70 2/22/2017
very friendly and great information! would totally recommend to anyone looking to improve! -Zuko 2/28/2017
Very good coach, knew what he was talking about. -GermanCrusader 5/2/2017
He has really high skill of mechanical understanding of the game as well as gameknowledge he helped me see the little thing I could not see by myself.Really great coach! -Blade^ 5/4/2017
Great coaching session! Was able to give me advice on how I could improve my overall gameplay and not just for the replay. Looking forward to the follow-up after I've practiced on my take-aways. -Liverloverlloyd 5/3/2017
You made me start questioning myself wth I've been doing all this while during the 2mins in game. I wasn't getting farmed and wasting time there. This guy is definitely one of the best coaches out there. He speaks clearly and give very good analysis on my gameplay. He even knows what I was thinking at the point of the game! What I like most is that he encourages me to think more critically when it comes to decision making in game. I've learnt so much from him seriously. Thank you so much for coaching me. Love it and enjoyed it. It was fun! -Right Flipper Left Flipper 5/16/2017
He really helped me. -GL.Realitea 7/25/2017
Was amazing help, covered all things and helped me improve my gameplay -GL.Realitea 12/23/2017
No problems, lets see if it helps :) -Unknown Name 8/5/2018

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