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My name is Eduard "EDE" Birkle and I am the Support Player of GOOMBA.

Notable Achievements: Starladder 11, Dreamhack, Winner of WESG German Qualififer with 0HG and qualififed for the Kiev Lan Event

What will your coaching look like?

Team Coaching:

  • Replay analysis of you and your pro matches
  • Strategic analysis + drafting coaching
  • 2v2/3v3/3v1/2v1 (easy lane and agressive lane)
  • Safe and efficient Warding
  • Coaching during and feedback after your team´s practice
  • Positioning/Ganging
  • Q&A

Personal Coaching:

  • MMR-Boost coaching
  • Safe and efficient Warding
  • Replay analysis
  • Positioning/Ganging
  • Efficient Laning
  • Q&A
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