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THE COACH: Hello, I'm Michael Stanus-Ghib, also known as FlyingZebra. I really enjoy teaching people things and sharing my knowledge with anyone who's curious. It's something I do in my normal life, so I figured I might as well apply it to dota 2.

I was a scrub in wc3 dota, I played for about 3 years and played APEM for most of that time. When dota 2 came around I started to take the game more seriously. I've been playing since the end of ti2 on random teams in NA, competing in SECS and other small things. Eventually I played on ROOT, Team Leviathan, and Enemy GG.

I am currently 100% dedicated to dota 2. So I will take helping you learn dota 2 as seriously as possible, but of course we'll still have fun doing it :)

ROLES: (ALL) 1, 4, and 5 roles are the ones I've played competitively for the longest time, but I still have plenty of experience in all roles and am very confident in coaching in ALL roles.

EXTRA - If I coach you for 4+ hours I will create a google doc of detailed personal notes for things we covered in our sessions that you will be able to look back at and remember what you learned and what you need to work on.

For my coaching sessions I will offer 5 main options, that can be mixed if preferable.

  • option 1 - Live coaching: I watch from the coaching slot, seeing your point of view. I will give general feedback and discuss decision making, match-ups, item builds, farming patterns, ganking rotations, etc. I will also try to point out bad habits and/or mentality and discuss the problems that come with having those habits/mentality, as well as things you can try to correct it.

  • option 2 - Replay Analysis: We watch a replay of your choice, preferably one of your games and likely in player perspective. Please do not pick a game where you stomped super hard unless you want to watch someone else's perspective. lost games usually provide the most potential for learning. We will discuss anything that made you feel this replay was valuable, as well as anything else I notice that could be beneficial to your learning.

  • option 3 - 1v1 Mid practice: We will play whatever 1v1 match-ups you want to learn or that I think would be beneficial to learn for specific heroes.

  • option 4 - 1v1 Drafting practice/Drafting analysis: I am the captain of my current team and I'm willing to share any experience I've gained as the drafter. To do this we can have a draft-off where we simply go into a lobby together and draft against each other and at the end of the draft we will tell each other our lanes and plans for adapting the lanes if we predicted things incorrectly. We will discuss the drafts, during and right after, to find out what logic and train of thought led to the weaknesses in our drafts. Or we can just watch a match replay and discuss what we liked and didn't like about the draft, as well as what the drafter's thoughts might have been during the draft.

  • option 5 - Coaches perspective: You will watch me play a dota game, with whatever hero you want in any position, from the coaches slot and I will give heavy commentary while answering any questions you have. No dota player is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, even professionals, so you can learn from mine too.

Keep in mind, these coaching sessions are entirely about YOU and I will do my best to make sure you're enjoying yourself and learning as much as possible at the same time. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, but it is not required.

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I had a two hour coaching session with Michael "FlyingZebra" Stanus-Ghib from Team Leviathan (TL) and can safely say that it has immensely improved my understanding of the game. I had requested some unorthodox coaching since I am an amateur play-by-play caster and knew that Michael was the captain/drafter for TL. Instead of watching me play pubs, we watched replays of professional games, he shared his insight with me in regards to the draft, laning phase, mid game and late game. We then watched a series of drafts where he quized me as to why I believed a hero would be picked up or banned and then provided his insight as to how he would like me to further extrapolate my explanations. Overall the session taught me a lot and has led me to think about the game differently. I'll absolutely be ordering my coaching sessions from him! -JaMannDota 4/30/2015
Really great session, calmly talked me through all the aspects of the chosen hero/role and how to effectively farm and gank too. Would definitely use again! -ThunderSt0rM 4/24/2015
Took like 20 mins to find a game but we wont over a replay and I found it really helpful, he was really kind and stuff as well. -Muggle 4/25/2015
Zebra told me what I needed to do in certain cases and also gave me tips from the beginning of a game. I played a weird pub game, but he coached me through it and also gave me tips every step of the way such as what I could of done to not die or just mechanical knowledge of what to do in certain situations. -C_P_N 7/9/2015
Great guy, managed to come away with some useful lessons. I would definitely recommend. -Taacton 6/11/2015
I spent the first part of the session asking Michael all kinds of questions about the current state of the game, as far as what heroes were strong/weak right now and why. We then went over a replay in which I threw away a huge lead due to poor itemization, and over aggression (using windrun totally wrong). All in all, Michael's analysis was great and almost as importantly, it did not feel like an awkward or forced conversation. I will be scheduling more coaching with Michael in the future. -RG 6/17/2015
Very insightful and knowledgeable, taught me a lot. Would definitely recommend him. -nutmeg 6/16/2015
I needed guidance on how to improve my game and Michael was extremely patient and professional as we watched a replay and moved on to spectating him play (at my request). His knowledge of the game is remarkable and he answered all of my questions in a clear and easy to understand manner, which makes him a coach that I can't recommend enough. -SlurmsMckenzie 6/18/2015
Zebra coached me in a pub and managed to give me pointers to help my laning, farming and overall decision making. He was able to communicate his ideas clearly and effectively without ever distracting me from my gameplay. He's a fun and friendly guy, the session was a very enjoyable experience, and I can only recommend him as a coach. We even went slightly over time for a small Q&A session after the game. -Liquored & lovely 7/8/2015
I received coaching from FlyingZebra this past weekend and I was completely satisfied. He was able to point out things during the game in a calm but direct manner. After having a solid coaching session, I decided to gift my friend a session. FlyingZebra was able to point out things I normally point out to my friend but was, "able to explain the reasoning behind each decision in a more clear manner." The next time I hire this guy I'm going to take his recommendation and try and save a replay where the game was pretty close but I still lost, so that I can concentrate fully on what I did wrong. Being coached while the game is in progress is pretty tough to juggle, let alone the fact that you're kind of rolling the dice on whether the game will be one you can learn a great deal from [ex. the game was a stomp so there's not much to take away from it]. I definitely recommend this dude if you're looking to step up your game. -kill -9 7/13/2015
solid -okay 7/15/2015
I learnt quite a lot. Going from knowing next to nothing about supporting, I was able to learn a lot without it being too overwhelming at the same time. -hwbat 7/19/2015
He is no doubt one of the best coaches on the site. He is very insightful about 'global state' of the game, has very good map awareness, and explains to you why he is making the decisions he is making in a way that you can understand. I would definitely recommend him for anyone looking to become a better dota player in general. -annie 7/26/2015
Overall great coaching, really helped me not only in my chosen hero but in mid and core play in general. Would 100% hire again. -Calamity 7/26/2015
How he went about saying what to do different and how he expressed it was perfect, he is defiantly exactly what a good coach should be like. -Oceania~ 8/18/2015
Great Coach. I am very new to the Dota 2 game (4 months) and FlyingZebra was able to guide me and show me the common mistakes that I was making. We did a replay analysis and then we moved on to play a bunch of 1vs1 mid-lane match ups with him playing different heroes and he would test my reaction, see if i can spot those weaknesses and exploit it. The simple things make a big difference in this game. -Trolling for Warlords 8/31/2015
FlyingZebra was an amazing coach, Simple, honest, and told me immediately the reasoning behind every comment, suggestion, or move. WILL use again! -RANKED solo = LOSS 9/16/2015
The session went great, he pointed out a lot of things that I can spend time working on. I have a list of things that I can do better and we talked about what to do in a lot of different scenarios. -kroppork 4/21/2016

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