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HI, im Francis aka Mineski FAN GAY and now FLEE i was a former leviathan player and currently playing for team Freedom (sunbhie,ixmike).

heres one sample of my game

ROLES: (1, 2,3) My experience is best suited for teaching the 1 and 2 being the roles I've played in competitively for the longest time.

For my coaching sessions I will offer 4 main options, that can be mixed if preferable.

option 1 - Live coaching: I watch from the coaching slot, seeing your point of view. I will give general feedback and discuss decision making, match-ups, item builds, farming patterns, ganking rotations, etc. I will also try to point out bad habits and/or mentality and discuss the problems that come with having those habits/mentality, as well as things you can try to correct it.

option 2 - Replay Analysis: We watch a replay of your choice, preferably one of your games and likely in player perspective. Please do not pick a game where you stomped super hard unless you want to watch someone else's perspective. lost games usually provide the most potential for learning. We will discuss anything that made you feel this replay was valuable, as well as anything else I notice that could be beneficial to your learning.

option 3 - 1v1 Mid practice: We will play whatever 1v1 match-ups you want to learn or that I think would be beneficial to learn for specific heroes.

option 4 - Coaches perspective: You will watch me play a dota game, with whatever hero you want in any position, from the coaches slot and I will give heavy commentary while answering any questions you have. No dota player is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, even professionals, so you can learn from mine too.

and lastly i'll teach you how to win ez MMR .. I got 3 accounts with 8K main and 2 8K smurfs
for proof that all the accs above are mine > watch my stream

Keep in mind, these coaching sessions are entirely about YOU and I will do my best to make sure you're enjoying yourself and learning as much as possible at the same time. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, but it is not required.

Feel free to contact me

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He did a really good job and I for sure think I will improve after this session and after having been coached by multiple peopel I would say Francis' helped me the most! -I Am Busy And Important 9/22/2015
Was very helpful in boosting my game play. Also a very friendly funny guy 10/10. -HOORAY!! 11/22/2015
Thoroughly answered all if my questions and provided insight to the game and heroes that never occurred to me. I feel a lot more confident with playing in the mid lane after being coached by fangay, especially against certain matchups. Also very friendly and funny! -War is friggen heck 12/3/2015
GOOOD Coach i recommend -all muted 12/17/2015
Amazing coach. Coach didn't make the session we scheduled first time but made up for it at a later time and gave me extra time. I chose the option to watch him play 2 games and the extra time he went over one of my replays. He pointed out the mistakes I am making as an Ember player. Watching him play shows why he's a 7200 mmr player. His decision making is way up there. He knows when to go in, if he can take on a hero and his farming is amazing especially when he's getting out laned. Every decision he makes he went over in detail why he's making that decision. I would definitely get coached again by him! I'm going to correct all my issues that he pointed out and I noticed as well. -Datsit 12/18/2015
He know's what he is doing and explains his reasoning. I left with a better understanding of what I needed to do to improve. I will be using his services again. Also I got rampage as slark first game after coaching! 10/10 -Gitinit 1/2/2016
Very good player, and gave me a lot of tips on some heroes like SF and Invoker ( cause I mainly play those heroes ). And how to be a better player in general ( like using mic to communicate, etc ). Would get a session again by next week, 10/10. -Aimer 1/9/2016
Great stuff. Patient teacher -It's lit 1/11/2016
Really nice coach and a great guy, highly recommended. Was awesome at finding out what was wrong with my game. Yayyy -Agent Mulder 1/30/2016
Very nice and relaxed, cares about student. Nice cheap prices too. 10/10 -elektro 2/6/2016
Everyone wants to improve at Dota. The secret is to getting a great coach. While I acknowledge every coach is great here at, Francis is someone who will really connect with you and help your Dota game improve on a personal and tailored level. You want to get better at mid? He's your man. Want tips and tricks? He's your man. You want secrets to climb up the MMR ladder? He's your man. I highly recommend you try him out! He even gives you extra work for no charge just for you to instantly improve! -eAx 2/16/2016
This was my first time hiring a coach. Didn't know what to expect. Francis was patient and informative. He coached me while I played pubs. He gave me insight on what item choices to go for and what decision to make during a team fight. It was overall a positive experience and hope I improve at this game. 2/19/2016
Really friendly guy, he did a really job to improve my skills and gave me many tips to do during the game. Watched replay togheter and found all my error. -Oriken 2/23/2016
Francis was an excellent coach. I'm a low 5k player looking to break into the 6 and 7k brackets. I selected Francis because he mains the same roles I do (1/2), and I was impressed by his ability to crush pubs and get to 7k on multiple accounts. I was also interested in learning Invoker, a hero that he is excellent at. I purchased 2 hours but he took his time to answer all of my questions thoughtfully, which made us go over time. He watched me play 2 games and then we did some 1v1s before a Q&A. He helped me with laning, item builds, strategy, and hero selection. I was very satisfied with his coaching and would definitely hire him again. -imdafiend 2/26/2016
Very satisfied overall with the coaching. Mineski was open with scheduling and even spent over the paid time to make sure I understood the hero I was practicing(ember). He helped me understand that what makes the 7k and 8k players so good is that they understand every matchup they're up against. I'm so happy with the service, I signed up again. -RisqueBarber 3/16/2016

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