Top Ranked Dota 2 Enigma Coaches

The coaches listed on this page are ranked in Dotabuff's Top 100 Hero Rankings for the hero Enigma. Such a high ranking can only be achieved with deep knowledge and mastery of that hero. Skill and mastery of heroes isn't the only thing that is required to make a good Dota Coach; but it is a good indicator of particularly skilled coaches.

Coach Reputation [?] Rank Price/hr Server User Satisfaction
Chains 6,067
$11.50 SE Asia
  • 26
View Profile
Kingrd 5,282
$8.00 Europe
  • 7
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Newsham Online! 5,260
$20.00 Americas
  • 7
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FlyingZebra 4,900
$20.00 Americas
  • 22
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rmN- 4,876
$17.50 Europe
  • 11
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fronz Online! 4,767
$17.00 Americas
  • 4
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Godot 4,197
$20.00 SE Asia TBD View Profile
Liposa 4,145
$10.00 Europe TBD View Profile
woodshrew 3,602
$12.00 Americas
  • 5
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Jenkins Online! 3,379
$75.00 Americas TBD View Profile

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DurpDurp 2,793
$20.00 Americas TBD View Profile
weddingcrash 2,791
$8.50 SE Asia TBD View Profile
OmegaPwner 2,770
$20.00 Americas TBD View Profile
Zypher 1,989
$5.00 Americas TBD View Profile
Chad 1,603
$8.00 Americas TBD View Profile
Guerrilla 1,330
$10.00 Americas TBD View Profile
Essez 1,276
$5.00 Europe TBD View Profile
ZeyOne 349
$5.00 Americas TBD View Profile
KWLK 150
$6.00 SE Asia TBD View Profile

What is DotaBuff's Hero Rankings?

DotaBuff's Hero Rankings is a heuristic which attempts to measure and compare how millions of Dota 2 players perform on each hero. DotaBuff's list of top 100 Enigma players is available here.

How do I hire these coaches?

If you would like to hire a specific coach, you can click on their name which will take you to their profile page. From their profile page, you can hire them directly. Once you have hired your coach, chat with them over Steam or Skype to figure out when to have the lesson.

If instead you would like coaching right now with a quality coach without having to schedule anything, you can go to our On Demand Coaching. We will usually be able to match you with a top coach who is online in less than five minutes.

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