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I am only coaching 10 students monthly to be able to dedicate myself to them

I do not coach everyone the same way because for me that's not coaching!

Wanna get some useless tips? Or do you want to ACTUALLY become a good player?

This is what's gonna happen after you get coached by me.

  • You will raise MMR no matter what.

  • Your team won't be stopping you anymore from winning games.

Oh, wait for a second...that's bullshit, I can't control my team...That's true, but YOU WON'T NEED THEM ANYMORE!!

  • You will become a strong player that has control over his game, no matter the role!

    I don't care what's the best way to play, I only care about what can really WORK for you, given your current bracket, strengths, weaknesses, goal, play-time and hero pool!

    *I have been coaching for more than 2 years now, the reason why I am no longer offering some "basic" coaching, is because I gathered enough experience by coaching more than 300 unique students

At the end of a session I will go over the time if I have to, just so I can create a plan for you to follow, you won't leave the session knowing a thing or two, you WILL be a better player that knows what he has to do to succeed in his bracket

So if you want to win faster than it would be getting a found your guy!

If you need more info about the lessons add me on skype, I can't share any info publicly because I need to stay ahead of the competition

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Friendly and down to earth guy. Managed to learn a lot during our session. Will come back for more lessons. -Recorded inside a pyramid 7/8/2015
He taught me a lot about the carry role and different techniques. He understood the game well and was always nice. -kms 7/9/2015
Huntae was a very friendly person and was very helpful with the ideas why to do the things he suggests. He was very knowledgeable of the synergy of items and hero composition. Overall I had a good time and WILL be using him again. -Jogo (^) 7/9/2015
Really good coach, he tries a lot to explain your thoughts to you do greater. --HyZ 7/12/2015
Huntaela is a good guy. I wasn't really too sure what to expect, but he explained everything to me and was very patient and understanding. From all my interactions with the guy, it seems like his intentions are good. I would recommend him to others and trust him again. -Vo 7/14/2015
He is a very funny & friendly guy who has great knowledge about the game, especially when it comes to laning. Would definitely recommend. -annie 7/14/2015
Beware! He was nice at first, but as we played together, I saw that his attitude and playstyle became very aggressive. At the end of our first session he linked me videos that were for beginners, which did not help at all.' Upon asking me why I didn't want to do another session with him, he became angry with me and accused me of using for hook-ups just because I wanted a coach from the Americas! He then told me I needed to change my lifestyle, and that's the last I'm ever planning to talk to him. I was trying to be nice, being one of his very students, but I cannot overlook the fact that he is just too bad-manned and aggressive for me, and probably the same for most kind people who are trying to navigate this site. -Cherry Blues 7/20/2015
Very Helpful, and intuitive coaching! -TabbNasty 7/19/2015
For an affordable and convenient price my coach was able to give me the best feedback I could have asked for. Not only did he have a clear understanding of the session's topic but effective in communicating instructions. He is polite and ready to teach per any level or skill of play. Overall 5/5 would recommend. -WizVoker 7/20/2015
This guy is a fantastic coach! He really goes in depth for what needs to be done! I learnt some advanced mechanics for mid lane as well as some cool SHADOW FIEND tricks that aren't easy to learn. ps, whoever wrote that negative review has no idea what they're talking about 10/10 for Huntaela -@qvniel 7/31/2015
Coached me on learning a new hero, storm. First watched him play a pub match using storm and went through decision making and how to play storm at a higher level. We then went into a lobby where he went through patiently on techniques and tricks of using the hero. Really helpful and would definitely get more sessions in the future. -JABE 8/3/2015
Great coach, I plan on returning for many sessions in the future. Obviously knowledgeable with much experience in Dota. -"TopThat" 8/9/2015
Great coach really concise information -Sane 8/15/2015
Awesome coach. Did a great job of assessing my current knowledge of the game and teaching me accordingly. He has a great grasp on the game, was easy to reach, solid teacher, and would definitely repeat. Thanks! -n3farious 8/19/2015
The first lesson I had with HuntaeLa was so effective I purchased another lesson for my friend so HuntaeLa could catch him up on the current meta. Thanks again! -n3farious 8/21/2015
Great coach, even though i signed up for one hour, he gave me more than enough to really learn! He isn't afraid to criticize and really helped me learn how to properly gain MMR -It's-a me Bipolar Sunshine 8/25/2015
Excellent coaching by this guy, he has extensive knowledge of the game and really understands how to convey it. We did 2 replay analysis and he was able to point out my mistakes in decision making, item choices and positioning. I actually felt a better player the very next game after getting coached. Highly recommended. -Neola 9/6/2015
He is a really cool guy, he helps u a lot and explains everting ... I recommend this coach -[TT]Ταύρος 9/6/2015
I am a fairly new player so we started at the basics. The session went well, HuntaeLa played a game with a character I am familiar with to walk me through the stages of the game as he went and show me what I should be working on. Afterwards we did some 1v1 drills and I got smoked but the best way to get better is to play against the best. He was very versatile and understanding with my crazy schedule and we picked a time that worked for us both. High Recommend giving HuntaeLa a try if your looking for some Dota Coaching. -Judg3090 9/26/2015
Great Coach, and pretty quick on giving you in game directions with enough time to execute, super imperative for me. +1 -bazzio -[C.D.C.]bazzio 9/9/2015
Great Coaching, quick tips! -[C.D.C.]bazzio 9/9/2015
Guy knows his stuff and explains clear and direct, took a lot of extra time for replay, 1 v 1 and showcasing what he explained in a game he played live while I was watching -WaningRift 9/9/2015
HELPING ME SO MUCH LOVE THIS DOTA COACH!!!! -bounce 'em 9/9/2015
GREAT COACH EXCELLENT REVIEW!!!!!! XD -bounce 'em 9/9/2015
HuntaeLa was super nice and great to work with! He offered to watch me play a game, or to have me watch him play so I could observe and ask questions. I chose to watch, and he did a great job narrating what he was thinking, what he was doing, and why. At times in the game he would ask for my opinion on what he should do, and gave feedback on my strategies. I look forward to working with him again! -XMorbius 9/10/2015
This guy really knows a lot about this game and helps you to see some heroes in a completely different way. My counter picking improved and I also got some new tricks with my favourite hero ;-) -Yasso 9/17/2015
takes a lot of time to explain and also test in 1v1 -WaningRift 9/12/2015
Really patient with me when I learnt to carry. Pointed out that I have to work on my last hits, helped me through the game telling me what I needed to buy etc. Very supportive. -[MNI] Taresin 9/15/2015
Overall nice guy and very good lesson. Learned a lot! -Ian Tavares 9/15/2015
Coached me up on some shadowfiend and really taught me some great things about the hero. -fuck jerry 9/25/2015
Excellent coach. Taught me a lot and had fun doing it. Highly recommended. "Only thing you'll be feeding on is this Lion dick." -Briggs 9/18/2015
Best shadow fiend this world's ever fucking seen. -HI, I'M GEORGE ZIMMER 9/20/2015
Guy was awesome. He really knew what he talking about and gave me some great advice. He doesn't beat around the bush tells you how it is. "There's a difference between playing aggressive and playing bad" really stuck with me. Learned a lot! -Noctrim 9/22/2015
The lesson was started by him playing 1v1 vs me in mid to see where I'm at (I'm just under 2k mmr), then he coached me while I played a pub, then he played a pub while giving commentary to me...all very informative! -Toe-Knee 9/22/2015
Good job -Mr W 9/26/2015
HuntaeLa is a great coach! Super dedicated to providing all details that decide a game. Certainly I want more advice. -Marlon Gomes 9/23/2015
Explained everything very well, not complicated, straight to the point. Just like I wanted. Will buy another lesson! -Pray for me 9/25/2015
Pretty good coach. He made the lesson enjoyable and was very clear and insightful as what I needed to work on in the game. Highly recommend him. His english is pretty on point, because of where I live in the U.S. I'm a little hard to understand (midwest) but learning someone's accent just comes with time. Very skilled player and great at coaching. -AuraofLight 9/26/2015
Great first lesson, taught me a bunch of basics, which is what I'm looking for! -UN Secretary General 10/1/2015
HuntaeLa was great. I have a super low MMR, but he was very patient and taught me a LOT of things. I watched him play a match with Night Stalker, then he coached me playing that. I did poorly on the match itself (because I don't have the mechanical skills that he has, so when he told me to GO I would go and die :), but that totally doesn't matter, but I know I'm going to kick ass in my next matches. Also, playing with him coaching meant that my match was with much higher MMR players. That was valuable in itself too. He communicates well and is clearly *very* skilled. Recommended!! -Nicotosco 10/3/2015
Thanks Eddy -okistar 12/5/2015
Fantastic coach and was very patient with me. -Blue 10/4/2015
The coaching session was well directed. He was able to pinpoint some of my weaknesses and help me attack them head on, as well, as showing me in a game how to abuse strengths and weaknesses of certain heroes in certain matchups. -Harn3ss 10/7/2015
Very worthwhile experience. Not afraid to tell you what you're doing wrong, and also friendly guy. -tilting #ROAD TO SAME MMR 10/9/2015
3k player reporting in, trying to climb the ladder. Really good coach teached me alot of different things i wasnt aware of. Took a 2 hour lesson with focus on Shadowfiend. I will rate the lesson 10/10, now i will play some games and take one lesson after 30 games and see if i improve and get a lesson more. -bAlle כּוֹפֶת 10/12/2015
We watched several replays together as practice for some upcoming low-level tournament games. I learned a lot about efficient spell and item usage and some of the things that I could do to get more out of both laning and my spells. HuntaeLa did a good job of balancing what we needed to work on as a team, while also helping me individually and answering my questions. Very knowledgeable about the game, and made clear and easy to understand points. He also did a really good job of making sure I understood the concepts he was trying to explain. Overall a great experience, 5 stars. -rcp 10/9/2015
This guy is super cool. There is a tad bit of a communication barrier with his accent, but I got used to it super quick. He really knows about the game and offered me a lot of insight. TBH his honest really makes me want to improve. I thought I was pretty decent, but I am learning how to improve and focus on fixing what I am bad at. -Merlunie 10/13/2015
help me a lot .. , for me just want to say : best coach for sf XD in the world hope take more lessons .. -Moayed 10/13/2015
Worked on more mid lane mechanics and different hero. Would definitely recommend once again! -Harn3ss 10/13/2015
Gave lots of valuable inputs throughout a game and explained in a really good and simple way why he did what he did, and why he bought the items he bought. Really patient and relaxed guy. You should totally try him out! -MALiCE 10/27/2015
Really nice guy, good communicator, very patient, excellent player. -JayKay 10/29/2015
A good coach and a great player. Looking forward to getting more lessons! -kaksoiwpizde 11/1/2015
Fantastic coach, clearly has a high level of understanding and mechanical skill. Communication was concise and firm and support was always given appropriately! considering weekly lessons from now on! -PJD 10/29/2015
Took a second lesson, with a new character, and still awesome. Got a new point of view on certain things. He's the man! -MALiCE 10/30/2015
He was absolutely great. Pointed out a lot of the things you need to be aware of with mid and when to know you can have kill potential or when to play passively. He was very patient and very helpful. Absolutely loved working with him. Will be going with him again. -biGGigantic 10/30/2015
Terrific session, very positive and friendly coach, had great ideas on how to improve, notable large improvement over only two hours! -JayKay 10/30/2015
Eddy does a great job explaining what he's doing in the game. I'm currently 4.5k looking to make 5k solo. We covered TA mid and he had a lot of useful tips. I will be practicing and taking another lesson shortly. Thanks Eddy. Also, his English is easy to understand as well : ) -No me importa 10/31/2015
Amazing guy who knows his stuff for sure! Goes out of his way to make sure he passes on his tips to you. Thank you, will definitely continue to study with you. -Ra's al Ghul 11/22/2015
This guy's helpful, skillful to be honest, knows exactly what to do. l definitely picked one or two skills from him, would surely be back to get more coaching from him! Cheers! :-) -浙江新昌俞耀锋射冷冷 11/22/2015
Exceptional coach, has a really good way of explaining things, both theoretically and practically. I definitely recommend choosing him, you'll have an instant return on your overall gameplay. Keep up the good work! -Johnny Matale 11/25/2015
Pretty cool guy. Learned a couple of things I didnt know about mid matchups as well as safe lane and showed me their disadvantages and advantages. All in all I had a good time. Thumbs up! -Darkstar 11/27/2015
Awesome coach, very constructive and helpful. -le intern 11/28/2015
It was a really nice experience , he's very kind and generous and tough me some advanced stuff on mid i am so glad about it , and i am very sure i'll be using more coaching services from him thanks man. -infinite power 11/30/2015
I would recommend him to anyone but be aware that he is not a sugar coated coach, which means that if you make a mistake he will explain you what you did wrong and how to fix it, but he will not have mercy if you persist in repeating it. -Mindhacker 12/5/2015
Eddy is a nice young man, he's a very good wr and ofc he plays others heroes as well. I surely recommend him. -VICHAMA 12/5/2015
ty so much awesome person really good coach !!!!!!!!!! -DEMON 12/9/2015
2nd coaching session. Taught me quite a bit about how to dominate the lane as QOP, what my role in the game was and how to do that most effectively, item builds, the works. Highly recommended as a coach. -Recognize 12/12/2015
Guy is a great teacher, awesome and hilarious. Highly recommenced anyone looking to improve their skills -doogle 12/15/2015
Very useful, lots of takeaways. -exo-weeb 12/16/2015
im a really new player coach took plenty of time to go over basics of a couple of heroes really happy with the coaching, will come again! recommended for new players also -NileZ Wolfe 12/17/2015
The guy was really awesome and helped me learn lots about the mental game of dota 2, will defiantly be having more sessions. -Oceania~ 12/20/2015
Great dude and seems to be a good future for helping me improve my game. It's still early days to judge if my first session has improved my game, but I feel confident that this man knows what he's doing, plus he's patient, understanding and skilled. -Chakra 12/20/2015
He taught me how to play a better tinker and improve my skill. Learnt a lot on how I could become better. Would recommend! 5/5 -gg 12/24/2015
Good coach, taught me lots about lane control. Nice guy, easy to understand, explained a lot of things I didn't know before! -Ptk 1/8/2016
He is the best coach that I ever met 10/10 noKappa -Dinu 1/8/2016
HuntaeLa is straight forward, explains things in great detail, and will call you out on exactly what you are doing right and wrong. If you are looking for a well mannered, dude that knows his shit, I highly recommend checking him out. I had one other lesson from a different guy and he was great, but honestly I can say HuntaeLa was more detailes in explaining about items, strategies, and play styles. 8/8 gr8 m8! -Rye_Bread89 1/9/2016
Great coach and outstanding midlaner. Very patient and knowledgeable. Very experienced coach -King.Leonidas 1/11/2016
Great coach. Nice guy. Very knowledgable. -TeamPlayer 1/13/2016
Coach was offline and could not start lesson. May I please have a refund or another coach? I've had this coach before and enjoyed him, but I would prefer to not be coached by him again. -Rye_Bread89 1/13/2016
Great coach suited to my needs. Previously bought one hour to learn 1 hero. I felt that i needed a long term coach to improve myself and my mmr. Bought 10 hours and quite happy with the initial lessons. I got to understand how to play Sven better in my mmr and I believe with enough practice I can raise my mmr. After this 10 hours is over I will be back to get more and hopefully improve to the mmr I want. -Joshua 9/10/2016
Great coach ! Highly skilled and qualified for the job ! We watched some replays and played some 1v1's . Will definetely come back for more coaching. Highly reccomended -Hardy 1/22/2016
Friendly and helpful with my weakness. Will schedule another coach session for sure :) -sh4ryn 1/27/2016
was awesome i learned a ton and felt like i was instantly better afterwards -Oceania~ 1/24/2016
Best devoted coach i could ever ask for. Always goes the extra mile. Wont rest until i understand everything fully! -WizVoker 1/24/2016
Great coach, didn't rush to finish the lesson but patiently answered all my questions. Skilled player with a lot of knowledge about every hero I was interested in. -Reikon 1/24/2016
Very good Coach, so helpful. Learned a lot and will use for team coaching as well!! -Fire 1/25/2016
HuntaeLa was very calm and comfortable to talk to. He is very experienced at coaching and can explain himself in great detail. In just one lesson I have improved on drafting and decision making. Hope to see him again soon. -Micky 1/26/2016
Had a quick chat on what I wanted from the session. I said I wanted a support lesson as its the role I play the most. We picked lion as he is a good all round support hero. I watched 10mins of him playing lion in a previous game then we jumped into a pub and he gave instructions. After the game we had a 1 on 1 fight and he taught me a combo to try out. Really productive lesson, will use him again. -Clem Fandango 1/26/2016
Very nice guy, explained many key game factors, obviously knows the game well. Good coach answers any questions you have :) -ARMAGEDDON 2/4/2016
Opened up with some conversation and watched 10min of a replay. Got some short tips and such. I was clear what I wanted to improve and what I enjoy, but in some way I watched a game when coach played Bloodseeker running around and Dagon ppl (My initial toughts was regarding support/offlane and so on) Coach knows what hes doing and is really friendly and has a lot of knowledge. Even tho, I didnt get excatly what I was after and the goal was "missed", well, I am satisfied in general. -NixxiSikk 2/5/2016
Having Coached by HuntaeLa was a very good experience , i've learned alot of play style which i dont even know that could be done , He showed me what how to lane and engage the right way. HuntaeLa Dont just coach you he gave you alot of tips and he always wants to make sure you understand what is he doing with the hero and how he plays. Will come back for more Coaching with him ! -Edalelith 2/7/2016
Solid coaching, helped me understand what I wanted to know and we had fun doing it! Really good player 9/10 -Venici 2/6/2016
I'm satisfied with this coach because he has a very good attitude. He doesn't put too much pressure on you and he takes it step by step. He adjusts himself to every student so he doesn't have a set process for each single individual. I only booked 1 hour but for my 1st time he said it was necessary to do 2 hours or atleast 3. I offered to pay him, but he refused. I am going to follow up his tips and apply them and definitely will hire/contact him again when I feel that I have implemented his tips enough. I hope to see a improvement and i'll share a review again in a few months to see where I stand now. Either way Eddy is awsome, he is a nice person, he was meant to coach. -Xrayin 2/7/2016
Got coached on midlane with couple mid heroes on theory and execution. Eddy did not leave any question unanswered and explained everything perfectly. He pointed out my mistake and helped me correcting them without wasting time. I'll buy more session from him and if anybody is reading this review, don't have any doubt on getting started with him. And seriously, the person that gave Eddy a 1 star and bad review has an issue. -Tribhuwana 2/11/2016
Excellent coach, helped me with improving my mid laning and other game mechanics. He is friendly and very knowledgeable about the game. I have over 4000 hours of Dota 2, still I got to learn a lot from him. Would strongly recommend him as a coach and would definitely take additional lessons in the future. -Ryuzaki 3/15/2016
Good coach. Decent skills and able to give basic mechanics how to play Dota 2 for dummies. He's Shadowfiend rocks! -?Défenseur 2/25/2016
4.4k MMR player reporting; good understanding of the meta, good advice on mid game decision making and farming patterns, smart build decisions on a lot of carries/mid laners, gave me like 1 more hour than a paid for, although he sometimes takes over too much or too little control, 8.75/10 -TinTin 2/27/2016
Brilliant Coach nice guy 2 hours of my time and more he puts sooo much detail into everything he says will definitely ask him to coach me again :) -MarkyB 2/29/2016
Just F***ing Excellent. -Dream Fortress 3/1/2016
Well, he helped me a bunch. I really liked it. I learned a lot of new tricks in just one session. Think about it just one session. Definitely worth the coaching. Will be getting more coaching.! RATE 10 out of 10! -Questions 3/4/2016
Don't recommend playing offlane in 4k pubs during a coaching session. Not coaches' fault really, just games are very low quality and it didn't feel like I could have a lot of impact on the game so I don't think I learned too much. Would definitely recommend having a good replay ready for a coaching session (one where you didn't do so well). Huntaela's advice on MMR climbing and "dota psychology" were the most helpful to me. -Genos 3/6/2016
Really nice guy, got on really well. The sessions was totally worth the money and i will defiantly be using him again! Has a very good understanding of the game and gave me some useful tips and to help boost my gameplay. -Subliminal 3/13/2016
Great guy, friendly and really experienced, had a lot of good incite into dota and taught me some great stuff about how to win mid. His guides are fantastic, highly recommend him. -cozarlord 3/31/2016
Good Shit 10/10 -thx valvino 3/18/2016
He is really great! Tonnes of knowledge about all aspects of the role and the game at large. Over all my expectations were blown away! Definitely recommend -Hang out with my wang out 3/19/2016
Showed me things I hadn't considered before. Will rebook. -Kuksu 3/19/2016
Great coach, gave me lots of relevant information based on what I told him about how I like to play / what heroes I like. Communicated well and was very insightful. Reverse coaching is great and I highly recommend it. -IceNine 3/21/2016
Amazing coach, very very helpful. He was also very friendly and patient with me since I am new. -ttv.Koolwhp 3/25/2016
It was a really good coaching session, playing 1 on 1 against a really good player was a very teaching experience. Next time when I'll have implemented some mechanics I look forward to do some real matches with a coach looking over it! -Machiavellissimo 3/25/2016
Eddy was very patient and helpful, even though my skill bracket is quite low. He provided me with lots of material to study as well. I am looking forward to getting more lessons from him in the future. -Pudge 3/25/2016
This was my first session with Eddy. we are off to a great start. Based on the my first lesson I'm 100% satisfied so far. -Conall 3/26/2016
Super satisfied, im 4,5k rmm support player and he helped me a lot with decision making, impact and perspective of how to think in the game. Very knowledgeable player, will def. take more lessons !! -Tao of Flip-Flop-ability 3/30/2016
I was really excited when I saw that I got such a highly ranked coach as my first coach, and I wasn't disappointed! HuntaeLa had some really great insight into playing TA. Even though I have watched many guides on TA, he was able to give me advice that I had never heard before, that really focused on strengthening my weak points. Also, he was very friendly and professional! Super nice guy, and I plan to hire him again. -the pode 3/31/2016
Eddy is definitely the best coach i have seen so far!! He gave me a lot of tips in how to increase mmr without picking toxic heroes. He also gave me some content to watch to get better at mid laneing. I offered to pay extra but he said all this stuff its for free. He even gave me 40 minutes of time bonus!! I was sceptical at first but i have to say...well done sir! Can't wait to play some games now, i will come for more coaching for sure. -HighRiskHighReward 3/29/2016
I got a LOT of information to digest. Looking forward to practicing what i learned. Excellent way of learning more about the game, and a really great tutor. Would absolutely recommend -Breaker 3/30/2016
Very good first coaching session. Watched one of my replays, then played a custom game to discuss some laning mechanics. Topped the session off by watching the coach play two games and discuss everything he was doing. Very nice guy and looking forward to more sessions with him. -Puzz1e 4/1/2016
Very helpful and approachable. Helped me focus on some important areas, and I definitely learned a lot from him. Will definitely be booking more sessions in the future. I'd highly recommend him. -BlueNexus 4/2/2016
Eddy is a reasonable person when it comes to reviewing my mistakes/ways on replays, as Batrider, I should've done sticky napalm to harass so it can help me rightclicking a support who could zone me potentionally, or probably help me with escapes, with firefly I picked first I really regret a lot taking it first.. I was really embarrased at first showing my mistakes, but its one of the steps I have to take in order to improve myself and I perfectly understand that. Eduard explained me more details about offlaning position just to not get killed, get faster core items that could help me and my team etc. I really enjoyed the session, and it gave me a better realisation of whats going on in his head, even though he hasn't showed me his play yet, looking forward to it though. I realize I do wrong things, but Eduard helps me a lot with it, and he is great at motivating you getting better. The game he coached me while I was playing as phoenix was really awkward because of the pub's pick and I was uncomfortable whether I should do this or that because I'd rather be more coordinated with the team, and with my coach's opinion. He helped me a lot in situations like whether I should help one guy who just stays on one place rightclicking his own illusion while 3 enemy heroes are killing him, or just leave him. In majority of ranked games I'd do a rambo move and fail miserably, but I am really thankful for him being aware of my actions. It was really discomfortable of him coaching me while it was late for him and he was tired, but I can't thank him enough for that. Thank you, looking forward to coaching with you again, Eddy. -nikout13 4/3/2016
He has knowledge, skill, control over the game. I had fun a lot. He is patient and nice! I gonna hire him soon again! If you wanna masterize your gameplay he is the right one! -Alpaura 4/7/2016
Great coach, good understanding of dota and the small things you miss as player trying to improve. Bought 3 hours and will definetely take more lessons from him. -Moe 4/11/2016
Absolutely crushed me in 1v1 mids and explained how and why he was winning, what I was doing wrong, what I can do better. It definitely helped me improve my mid game. -RawMeat3000 4/22/2016
He is an amazing coach, really excited to work with him! -Mark Brendanaquits 4/27/2016
Very friendly and great insight on the hero I requested. In depth discussion on subtle things, like map awareness, anticipating enemies movement and so on. You can never learn them by watching written guides. -Game of Throws 4/28/2016
:D -@MrDolan 5/10/2016
This guy is awesome. Amazing mid player with a lot of tips ranging from basic to advanced. We reviewed my mid replays and he had some general as well as advanced tips for the various heroes I played. He was able to point out the mistakes I was making and will be ordering 1v1 practice matches soon. -Virgin (olive oil) 5/13/2016
Really happy with the help given. I felt like everything he was addressing and talking about helped me understand the game from a better perspective. He helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses and made sure to point them out without being condescending, it really helped me to be able to discuss my flaws and the mistakes I was making knowing the coach was light-hearted and down to earth. Highly Recommended, only suggestion is that he might need a new mic because the sound quality was a bit low :P. Other than that I have no complaints, very happy so far. -Dice 5/18/2016
Everything was efficient and great. I actually had specific ideas about what I wanted, and he understood what I was trying to say immediately and set up a learning plan instantly which followed exactly what I was after. We worked on something specific, but he was able to give me clear ideas about decision making and mindset at a higher level which I can translate easily. No hassles, no egos- just answers. -Last Pick 5/22/2016
This guy knows how to play Dota. Coaching was very helpful, he explain all his actions on the map and answer all my questions. Im 4.8k actually, but a lot, what he shows me, was new for me. Fully satisfied. -Dorvex 5/25/2016
Great lesson, helped me see errors I made in my laning, and in my thinking and gave me simple solutions to my problems. Will be coming back for more. -arteezy is my idol :) 5/26/2016
Exactly what I was expecting. He listens and speaks clearly and concisely while obviously very well knowledgable about the game. -Just adapt! 5/27/2016
very satisfied about hes lessons , he have a lot off patience and he is very friendly , i learn many things from him -candy 5/30/2016
Only just started playing DOTA 2, so have very little experience with the game. But Huntaela done a great job teaching me the basics of map awareness lanes and general gameplay and bindings of DOTA. Also shown me 2 heroes to get me started based on characters i have played in league and WOW. Overall a great lesson and i will be coming back for more once i get a few games under my belt! Definitely recommend for new comers to DOTA and people who are experienced also! A++++ coach here! -T0ast 6/9/2016
This coach was very good, goes over everything you want. -D'janny 6/13/2016
Excellent coach, starting his students off on key fundamentasl of correct play & providing very detailed explanations of what should be done & why. -~!@# 6/17/2016
Friendly, patient and very informative coach! Clearly the best coaching session I've ever had. He dropped knowledge bombs throughout the whole session and I could feel the effort he put into it. 100% will get coached again by this guy -Ovidiu 6/14/2016
he´s a great guy, thanks a lot. 16.06.2016. we had a lot of fun, even when i have to go to work.:) cu next time bro -Die Hand Gottes 6/16/2016
Paid for an hour session got a little more than an hour. Told me Dos and donts. Good heros bad heros. Items builds. He teaches all the things you need to gain MMR and gain more knowledge in dota. He is also very helpful and polite and willing to answer any questions asked. His guides are top notch. I will be sure to hire him again. Thanks for all the help man! -x 6/19/2016
Intelligent and clearly knows what he's talking about. Message this guy if you're looking for efficiency. -croatia france 3:2 7/2/2016
Best coach ever, my first time on this site and I must site it was worth it, good analysis and experience so far and wishing to actually go ahead and try a few more lessons after those :D -Hey mamma 7/3/2016
Extremely friendly, straight to the point, would definitely recommend :) -GetBent 7/7/2016
Outstanding experience! Thank you very much -BOSS ~ Gracie ~ TRADEIT.GG 7/10/2016
Godsend on-demand coach! We watched a replay of mine and laughed very much on my mistakes. hahaha Learned(t) me some basic but utterly important stuff on the mechanics and mentality of playing my favorite hero, TA. I have certainly increased my win rate with her, perhaps even more than 60%, time will tell. He was very organized and outstandingly precise, a real learning experience. Actually, he is not just a coach, he is a real DOTA library! It's a pity there are no 6+ stars. Thank you, HuntaeLa! -Theros 7/10/2016
This guy is awesome. 9 years of experience. Understands the various brackets and how to exploit the mmr system. He also wants to make sure that the lesson ends on a good note. To where he and the student feel like they understood each other and the lesson was effective (even if that means going over the hour). Out of three coaches I've used, he's the only one I've come back to for a second hour. I'll be back for a third soon enough. -Virgin (olive oil) 7/14/2016
Learned some game mechanics, that alone made it worth it. -SinisterMJ 7/12/2016
He was extremely patient and supportive. 10/10 would get a lesson again. -FurY- 7/13/2016
Excellent,, nice guy clear concise overall a great time, worth it, will definitely be coming back! -Cpt. Quackers 7/16/2016
Im surprised at how smoothly my first coaching session went, so far so good 10/10. Will comeback soon :) -Call me 7/18/2016
Nice coaching about different mid "stances". Learned alot and looking forward to learning more -Lunar 7/21/2016
I've watched countless hours of video guides, read guides, taken other lessons with other people, and nothing was compared to just a few hours with HuntaeLa. I feel like I've been introduced to a different game, I now have a clearer understanding on how to take advantage over the enemy's mistakes, better farming patterns, better movement around the map, just by adding a lot of tiny details to my gameplay that make a huge difference throughout the entire game. Completely satisfied with the lessons I've taken, and I expect to be taking more. -Bosh 8/27/2016
Tremendous game understanding and strategy understands all roles and game flow highly recommend ! -tokyo 8/8/2016
Getting coached by HuntaeLa was for me a life changing experience. There is much more than his skill in coaching more than just the knowledge he can give you. He is some sort of spiritual guide that is here to protect me and lead me through the vast world of Dota. A mentor. A friend. Thank you HuntaeLa!! You are simply amazing. Cheers from Japan! -takisse 9/27/2016
He has a big knowledge of the game and he totally knows what he is doing, the best thing is that he loves coaching and he is really giving his best for his students. 5/5 9/1/2016
Very good coach, definitely worth it! -Suuri 10/4/2016
Eddy (HuntaeLa) was a fantastic coach - a great macro picture of Dota and how to improve, but also willing to work with my specific questions and design a custom item and skill build based on my feedback. Will be returning! -Pure Sasha 10/15/2016
Very verbal on how to optimize farm, was a very helpful coach and has improved my game tenfold just by 2 games. -T.TV/hushwood 10/18/2016
Great coach, one of the best in all areas. -T.TV/hushwood 10/21/2016
very satisfactory experience. coach cared about outcome and was very diligent and thorough. -too sexy for ur party 11/9/2016
Fantastic session, excellent replay review with very specific and useful hero, build, and positional/gameplay advice. Afterward had several 1 on 1s where he demonstrated and gave advice on proper play. Very excited to continue working with HuntaeLa! -MICHAEL TEN 12/2/2016
Will be back for more ! to get into DEPTH -SAMBAL 2/21/2017
Great coach, was very friendly and knows how to improve your game. This was my first coaching session in Dota 2, actually improved my mmr by 200 in 2 days after coaching session. I'm really satisfied with everything. Thanks again. -Verdeoc 3/9/2017
Great coach. Incredible insight into the game and good communicator. -Ned Kelly 3/4/2017
Excellent work. Would definitely recommend him 10/10. -lulu 3/13/2017
He was very patient and understanding and did a fantastic job on explaining what I was doing wrong and how I can improve. I saw improvement right away. Would hire again! -WarlockoTaco 3/27/2017
Amazing coach, really helped my performance and gave great advice. I will definitely improve off of this. I will hire again -:( 4/11/2017
I'm a 5.3k support player and HuntaeLa was able to give me great feedback after reviewing a couple replays with me. He provides great explanation/reasoning behind decision making and has got me into better habbits and a better thought process when it comes to decision making/viewing the game. I would highly reccomend this coach -Andre "scapeGOAT” Astora 5/11/2017

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