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My name is ImAKitteh (Dor) and I am a 23 year-old currently residing in Arizona. I have just fought my way from 4.2k to 5.3k over the last several months.

I am currently ranked as the 26th best coach on!!!

DOTA Experience

I have over 10 years of experience with DOTA, going back to the Warcraft III engine.
Over the last several years I have spent a large amount of time and effort on DOTA, even throughout engineering school and my current (5 yr) relationship, it is a part of my daily routine, to say the least.

About Me (non-DOTA related)

I have fallen very ill (severe ulcerative colitis) four years ago and have since had to drop school and both my jobs, and have been unable to return to school or re-acquire a job, as I have become disabled by my illness. I've gone through a myriad of surgeries and at the moment I am on the road to recovery, though some of the damage is irreversible (I no longer have a large intestine, for example).

Over a year ago I have stumbled upon this website (thanks to this post) .

I've done my absolute best to make sure that my sessions are at the highest quality possible, and thus, I've had quite a bit of success in the coaching department :). I coach because I enjoy doing it, and also to earn some income and help my fiancee take care of some of the costs of medication, rent, food, etc.

Some other games I thoroughly enjoy playing are FTL, Darkest Dungeon, X-Com 2, and Fallout 4, Divinity Original Sin I & II, BF1.

What Makes Me a Qualified Coach

I have a significant amount of experience with coaching. Over 1000 hours from dotacoach gamersensei, and freelance coaching!!!

  • I have a substantial knowledge in the game-mechanics, heros, items, strategies and tactics.
  • I am adapt at knowing where to start teaching with each individual student, we just need to have a brief discussion over your strong and weak points. (I personally think this in particular is the most important aspect that divides ok coaches from good coaches)
  • A step we will probably take is enter an empty lobby and play together a little, just so that I can get to know how comfortable you are with the game. [This time is NOT taken from your lesson, it is free]
  • You and I will discuss what the goal(s) you want to work on are, and we will do our best to cover them. If we need to go a little over the scheduled time, that's fine, you won't be charged extra! I'm here to HELP YOU LEARN as my top priority.
  • I have complete familiarity with all aspects of the current meta (and any future patch), since I play consistently and constantly.
  • I know every hero in the game, and every role/position in the game. I'm strong in all positions except for middle, I can play it, but it's not my "best". My favorite positions are offlane (usually aggro) and carry.
  • I can play most heroes at an "above average" mastery, there are very few heroes that I don't play or am not good with. (If you wish to learn those heroes in particular, I will still be able to help, but some others coaches on this site may be able to help you more than I would be able to. [To find out which heroes I don't play, check my dotabuff])
  • I can teach you some advanced tactics if that's something you're looking for.
  • I am extremely patient and a very solid speaker/'explainer'. (I am proud to say that I have over 1150 commends) This steam profile comment from a friend summarizes me pretty well
  • I can teach on any/all servers, my connection is a solid one. My ping on non-US servers isn't so bad that it hinders gameplay.
  • I speak fluent English.

Do select me for coaching if
* You want to learn, improve at, or master a particular hero.
* You want to learn, improve at, or master a particular role .
* You want to get pointers and tips about overall do's and dont's that can increase your kill-rate and lower your death-rate (as well as help your allies, such as saving them or setting up a gank for them)
* You want to learn, improve at, or master last hitting and lane equilibrium.
* You are interested in a lot of useful, constructive criticism, AS WELL AS how to improve upon or avoid your mistakes.

Do not selected for coaching me if
* You cannot handle someone pointing out your mistakes
* You cannot commit to a small amount of "homework" (in-game)

Thank you for considering me as your coach, I assure you won't be disappointed!

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ImAKitteh was a pretty cool dude and was a very good teacher. I didn't really know anything about proper lane equilibrium, but he made it very simple to pick up. The game we played lasted almost an hour, so we went over our planned session time, but ImAKitteh said that it's fine, and didn't charge extra. -SpaghettiYeti 4/3/2016
I think I had a very productive session with him. We started out with going over what I wanted to improve on - I chose "hard farm" carry. Had a quick 1v1 mid to show my last hitting competence. I played a pub, with him coaching me, and for the most part staying on my perspective. I was suggested to pick a carry who I was comfortable with but had not yet mastered; I chose Naga. It was a pretty clowny typical pub 5 core game, but I still managed to get some farm and with items it became pretty apparant that I wasnt microing my illusions as effectively as I could be. So finishing up the game we hopped into a private lobby just to rework some hotkeys and general microing. By the end of that I had been introduced to quickcasting and got more comfortable moving illusions around the map to farm more efficiently (I felt like rtz by the end of it :3 ) I will practice on the skills we worked on and get in touch with him again to see what he says about my improvements. Like I said, all in all I think it was a productive session. Makes me happy that he was mentioning the things that I was doing well like item choices and decision making in general. And for those who are interested in knowing I am 2.5k mmr. -PerpetuaLPride 3/28/2016
This coach lesson helped me alot. I am 2.6k mmr and i leared many things that helped me in the next games and made it alot easier . He toughed me how to micro , select from different minions , quickcast which i didnt know that even existed and that was a big difference between the games i playd before and the games i playd after the lesson . Also he tought me how to be lazy about clicking to move ,while using the console to do that . He is one of the funnier coachers , because he can be serious , but usually he talks about funny things that could happen if you do something wrong . I really liked this coach and wouldn´t mind doing another lesson with him . -Gunter 4/11/2016
ImAKitteh was patient, funny and supportive. He answered all questions with in depth explanations and took time to ensure I had a great understanding of not only Crystal Maiden who I'd asked to get advice on, but on game mechanics and better supporting methods. Really friendly and easy to talk to, definitely would go to for coaching again. -Jetty Jay 4/1/2016
Wow one of the best coaches I had, and I had a few! Full of knowledge and tips that improved my skills! I played one of the hardest heroes, Oracle, and it was easy as playing WK. I would recommend everyone to take lessons from him! Will take more lessons as soon as I have the time! 10/10 -galaxy. 4/1/2016
Perfect coaching session. I learned more in this one hour than I have in a while. I immediately felt an improvement in my game. Really recommended. -SUCKED YA BITCH 4/2/2016
My second session with ImAKitteh was spent in a private lobby getting through the nitty gritty of Venomancer's skill set and some general support tactics. ImAKitteh's teaching style is patient and his wealth of knowledge means that you feel well covered for everything you could need to know. -Jetty Jay 4/13/2016
This lesson was great, he went far past the 1 hour session and I will likely do another lesson with him. We first went over the quickcast option (I'm only 2.5k mmr) and some general strategy, then went into a game where I watched him play one of my favorite heroes (crystal maiden) and he did commentary over the whole thing. Highly recommended! -Toe-Knee 4/12/2016
he is in my eyes the perfect coach not only did he tell me all the basics as I only have 8 hours of dota 2 played he explained them well and fully and was able to answer all my questions and did so with great detail. he also gave me a nearly 4 hour session for the price of 1 hour and I have to say I will be coming back for more. Thank you I feel I have improved and have a lot to take away. -AHappyMoooCow 4/14/2016
Great coaching session good guy and learned a lot of cool tips and tricks, I am 3.8k mmr player. -Fenix 4/16/2016
Was very explanatory, 1v1'd to practice mid which was my request while explaining mechanics and what I specifically needed to do to improve mid. Watched him play while he was walking me through his thought process and how the mechanics talked about translate into full 5 man game play. Takes time to decipher where you currently stand in your personal DOTA skill to ensure what needs to/should be coached. Will definitely have further sessions as I implement and practice what was learned from session 1. Whether you are a beginner or have a vast experience playing DOTA there is always something to learn and prior to the lesson I honestly thought I had much less to learn that what I did. This coming from someone who has played thousands of DOTA games from the original WC3 days through now and watched hundreds if not thousands of pro matches trying to improve on my own. -Prodejy 4/22/2016
ImAKitteh is a really good coach, especially if you are open to criticism and are willing to put forth the effort to improve on your weaknesses. I bought two hours of coaching but by the end of the session 5 to 6 hours had passed! I got a lot of constructive criticism and way more than I paid for. If you want a coach that can identify your weaknesses and put effort into your improvement, look no further. -2000 commend boi 4/23/2016
This guys coached me through a really tough time in my life, but he was nothing short of amazing. He required you to fix your mistakes, work on deficiencies, and always provided constructive criticism, I would recommend him to anyone who wants to seriously improve their gameplay, not just a pat on the back -2000 commend boi 1/18/2017
Excellent! This was probably the most informative coaching session I've ever had. The coach gave very clear instruction regarding all of my mistakes the entire game (he coached while I played a Normal Mode game). He was very patient with me and I feel I've learned so much in just the 2 hour session. -Toe-Knee 8/3/2016
Absolutely Amazing Session. Such a great person and a brilliant coach! So happy to have been paired with him and definitely coming back for more! -Daisy x :) 5/8/2016
Had one session by this moment. This guy told me lots of stuff I hadn't realised yet. -Finlal 5/9/2016
Had two sessions with this guy at the moment. He explained me few Lich (hero I play most) tricks, many support tricks in general and helped rewind hotkeys bindings along with few really cool options I didn't have any idea about, which made my games a lot easier and funnier. -Finlal 5/10/2016
Great coach. Taught me many things about Tinker as a hero , mid in general and also some minor dota tips during one game. All the explaining was really detailed and clear, so I don't have anything to complain about. Also he's just a cool guy to talk to, so coach sessions went pretty smoothly in terms of the overall mood. -Finlal 5/14/2016
I think this was my third session with Kitteh and it was brilliant, in the time that we have i have learnt so much and the sessions are brillaint, his analysis of gameplays is unbeatable and he can pretty much help you find whatever youre looking for within dota. To anyone who is thinking about this coach dont you dare hesitate, he is amazing and you will go bankrupt by hiring him :) -Munky Kong 5/14/2016
Dor is a helpful, friendly, and insightful coach. He pointed out a lot of small hotkey fixes to improve my efficiency and also helped commented on decision making and pointed out details of heroes, spells, and items that I was unaware of. He is great at figuring out what you need to know to improve as a player. Highly recommend him! -Winter Clothes 5/15/2016
Very holistic breakdown of the mistakes I was making and offered interesting suggestions with ample explanation -Soup 5/31/2016
I can confidently say a lesson with ImAKitteh will definitely improve you as a DotA player. There's a very simple reason he's rated so highly--he's just that good! While this was only my first lesson, I can guarantee it won't be my last. I cannot recommend this coach highly enough! Without a doubt, this was the best $12.50 I've ever spent! This bloke is an absolute legend. ImAKitteh is friendly, generous, and, above all, highly knowledgeable. The lesson began with a thorough interview, in which he asked a series of questions designed to better understand me as a player and how he can best tailor the coaching session to my individual style and needs (this time was not included in the 60 minutes I paid for). The 'meat' of the lesson involved me playing a pub game as he coached (though there were a number of different lessons plans available), during which time he answered my questions, offered suggestions on how to improve my item build and gameplay in general, and identified key areas for improvement. Following the game, he made further suggestions on how to optimise game settings and continued to patiently answer my queries, despite clearly being in some discomfort due to his condition. In summary, I was extremely impressed. Even from my short time with him, it's clear ImAKitteh is an outstanding bloke, who clearly knows his Doto, and it was an absolutely pleasure and privilege to learn from him. -Bobo Catcher 6/6/2016
For this lesson we went over an overhaul of my hotkeys and I have changed to quickcast. I will practice this for a little while and take another lesson of him watching me play like we did before. If I want to improve long term, I know I have to go through the changes in keys/quickcast and he was once again patient with me fumbling with all the new keys when practicing in a lobby. Great coach. -Toe-Knee 8/4/2016
Not actually a kitteh. More like a fierce lion. His game knowledge was top notch and his coaching for my session centered around how to gain information to play a more impactful game by way of awareness. I'm really satisfied with my session and will definitely book another with kitteh in the future. -Freebird 8/6/2016
Cool guy and quite helpful actually. We discussed item choices, mid game decisions a bit of key bindings (i'm not sold on quickcast yet ^^) and chatted a bit. Helpful, friendly guy. It's highly probable that I'm gonna ask another session. -mevto 8/15/2016
With one session, he was able to communicate, errors I might not have ever noticed while playing alone. Was patient and calm when explaining situations and calm whilst pointing out mistakes. This coach is well worth the time/money. -Kittensmallz 8/23/2016
This was my first time ever looking into coaching and I initially asked for an hour, the session ended up going for 3.5hrs and i was only charged for 2 total... this guy knows his stuff. He makes sure you understand the dynamics of each and every recommendation to boost your game play. He's very personable and down to earth, all-in-all i would definitely get more coaching from him and recommend him to others. -ggthx 8/18/2016
Great Coach, gives A LOT of information (which is great) and is overall a really friendly and supportive guy! He doesn't only point out your mistakes but things you did well too, which helps you to get an idea of what to focus on and what not. Props to him, had a blast! -kr1sch_ 8/20/2016
He gave commentary while he played a pub, then we did a private lobby while he helped me with armlet toggles. He also answered various questions. -Toe-Knee 8/21/2016
Awesome session. Really helped me get caught up on the meta game as I had been away from the Dota scene for a while. A great listener who seemed to really care about providing a good coaching experience. 10/10 would recommend -Zezima 8/27/2016
All in all, very helpful coaching. Focused on giving actually actionable items to be worked on instead of focusing on more lofty ideas... For example, some other coaches would say stuff like 'need more map awareness, watch the map', etc, which may be true but would be hard to actually act on. His approach would be look out for X specifically, and why, etc. For more details, just try him out and you'll see what I mean. Would totally recommend if you want to find specific things that you can do to improve your gameplay. -annie 9/2/2016
Excellent. -Toe-Knee 9/7/2016
Excellent -Toe-Knee 9/10/2016
Everything was good, he pointed out some mistakes I never realized I did wrong, which will help me get better. The Microphone sometimes had problems, I don't know if it was auto activation messing up, also the delay in the comms was feelable a bit (US-EU lag), that is not a big problem and not really avoidable. -Imp3 9/17/2016
Tips to change my current key bindings to be more efficient and better in long run. Will implement the changes and have some more follow up coaching. Was hard to say how beneficial at early stages but I can see that it will be in the future. -G-Smasher 12/18/2016
was really a good lesson with this coach. he pays good attention to you and helps you a lot. knows really good things and gives you good tips. Thanks alot coach and see you next time :) -Thoempke112 8/14/2017
Kitteh is very lenient when it comes to session time, and he will not end your session right on time like some coaches might. This mattered a lot to me, so I was able to lay back a little bit and take my time. Kitteh is very open to answering questions, and I found some of his answers a little bit surprising in a good way. I was nervous during my first session, but I now have a better understanding of what I need to do in order to further improve myself as a carry as well as a player in general. -Ikonik 9/3/2017
My Coach was good all around. He was able to answer my questions and plop me into a practice game to teach me how to effectively tower dive and creep agro as I had asked. From there he took a couple of my favorite chars and taught me in-depth about them. His tips aren't what you find on youtube and the truth is they work. Hell change your gameplay instantly. needs to add a proper sharescreen that is capable of giving my coach and I some justice in an active pub game. -Ol . ¡ レ♡√乇 ㄚ〇ひ 10/6/2017
Great coach, we went through a game I played and he noticed how terrible my key binding are. So we spent time fixing that so that I could focus more in-game on using items rather than trying to click on things. I have a lot to practice just from that one session :). Once I get good at the basics, I will be back. -Mr.Ballon 10/16/2017
Top notch theory and awareness. We went into a lot of the WHY of decisions for items and positioning and especially ways of thinking about how to stay active throughout the match. Was my 2nd session with him and will definitely do another. Recommended. :) -Freebird 11/28/2017
Good insight, helped me think about making better decisions -Kosher Potato 2/28/2018
This is the first time for mw with Kitteh and I must say that was really a productive session. We started the session with me watching Kitteh play a game and discussing various situations while me asking questions on his decision makings. Kitteh is really slow and clear in his teachings and he makes sure we understand what he says. He really has a good game knowledge and you could see that from his itemizations and target prioritization. The one hour session ended up extending to another thirty minutes where we were discussing about negative armor and the effective health - the technical concepts behind dota and I have to say, Kitteh really knows what he is talking about. Overall, I would say he is really a good and worthy coach and I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in understanding the game mechanics and improve the game. -Athena Nike 3/26/2018
Great coach, went over a lot of aspects ranging from keyboard settings to visual options, then moved into theory and live coaching. Very good at finding things to work on for the future, and actionable steps to improve on. -criogenics 5/16/2018

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