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I would suggest to add me before hiring me, since i can provide certain discounts.

FIRST HOUR - 7.5$ - ADD ME ON STEAM / SKYPE for details.

Farm fast, play fast.

In Dota2, everyone is trying to improve daily.
But are you, also, going in the right direction?
Do you have what it takes to be part of the best?

Look no further.

My name is Danny, aka ImmortalFaith and I love DOTA2.
Even tho I'm based in Europe I'm going to focus to coach all regions.
If you want to become a better player and you are looking for a coach that has a lot of experience and good explaining techniques, then I am what you are searching for.
I'm an all-rounder player, so basically I can teach you any position you would like to get better at.
I'm an old dota1 player, had the chance to play competive in all the roles. I've played a in few tier 2/3 teams. Chosing me as your coach means that you are going to get trained by a top coach.

Feel free to add me on steam/skype (i'm almost always online) so we can talk a little before you decide on hiring me.

Our sessions consist of


Here we analyze patches, hero differences, matchups, replays and more.


Work on a hero you like, or learn insider tricks to help you gain MMR.


This part focuses mainly on map awareness, warding/dewarding and rotations.

Lane matchups

Learn how to zone an enemy effectively, getting the right counter-picks and how to survive your lane of choice.


We focus on increasing your GPM through effective farming patterns, when to gank and when to stay passive.


When do I take rosh? What is the most important tower to take first?

Challenge the status quo. Become one of the best. What are you waiting for?

Team coaching: strategies, drafting, communication, analysis. I've been coaching and working with tier 2 teams already and been the captain of multiple tier 2/3 teams in the past aswell. Contact me on skype / steam for more details regarding team coaching.
Team coaching price:
1 hour - 30$

I've worked with over 20 teams as a coach.

I've tried playing together in a few sessions with my students, for some of them that helps a lot, they realize more stuff, so i'll be doing that with everyone that thinks they wanna try it.

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I watched NowWeAreFree playing a game, he is amazing actually, i knew he is a high mmr played before, but i've learned more than i'd though at first. He played Support, he explained everything he did, why he did it, his movement, his warding choices and so on. Then we even watched the replay together(he gave me extra time for the hour I paid) and he told me what he could do better. I also asked him about mid lane, some inputs, i realized i need to change my gameplay overall to become a better player, basicly the way I’m thinking. Being the first player he coached here, i'm really happy with him, looking forward for future lessons, maybe on different roles. Thank you dude. -Hoodoo 1/13/2016
I've learned how to jungle, Danny focused on ursa, his movement to roshan, gangs, item builds in different situations. I can't belive how easy is to single handle win a game with ursa. WOW. 5/5. -salve 1/15/2016
A very satisfying coaching sessions with IF, I wanted to focus on the offlane role. We started by watching briefly one of his replays going over the laning stage he told me why he went for the starting items when and how he tried to harass the enemy carry, how he avoided getting into a bad spot against the enemy supports etc. After that we went into a game and we ended the session with some one on one lobby games where he showed me how to handle some of these match-ups in case the enemy goes aggro tri and leaves their offlaner in the safe lane. It went well into the second hour at no extra charge Overall I'm very satisfied with the coaching experience and will definitely hire him in the future to practice other roles as well. Thank Danny! -AndR3i 1/15/2016
Learnt alot. Not on mechanics and gameplay. But the attitude towards the game and be motivated every game. Always have a game plan! Taught me how to chill(I tend to rage easily). He went Overtime with me too. Nearly 2hours! Amazing and generous of him. JUST LET THEM COACH YOU GUYS ALREADY! All in all 6/5 stars :) -hemp 1/19/2016
we talked about the game and how can i improve my overall gameplay and become a better player. 10/10 would recommend -Violet Evergarden 1/22/2016
Super awesome coach. He was very supportive and patient with me. He thinks through a plan for you to get better. Very knowledgable of the game and is very up to date with all the latest trends in competitive DOTA. -[MNI] Taresin 1/22/2016
NowWeAreFree has shown me to certain mistakes and I was making and improvements I wasn't, from positioning to farming efficiency to decision making, helping me look at the game from a different angle, all in good humor, patience and generosity with his time. Much obliged! -swords00 1/23/2016
Just had my first session with NowWeAreFree he is a really cool guy. We went over an Invoker replay of mine first and he gave me so many tips, when to use certain skills, tips on map awareness, efficiency, farming and what i should of been doing to help my team more. For the second part of the lesson he played some 1v1s with me helping me with lane mechanics and teaching me to win the lane, biggest lesson I learnt here was 1 mistake no matter how small ( I was too close to creeps) will lose you the lane against players like him. At the end of the session he gave me a practice plan to stick to until our next lesson. He is very knowledgeable, very skilled, very easy to understand and very patient. What are you waiting for? Book this coach!!! -Curious 1/23/2016
Very friendly and knowlegeable of the game. He takes notes on your play style so that he can help you see your progress which I really appreciate. He plays at a high MMR but knows how the game plays in the different MMR brackets. -[MNI] Taresin 1/24/2016
really nice guy, really wanted to help me improve me being not the easiest person 2 coach as i just generally wanted to improve i cudnt give him a specific area to focus on spent well over the hour on me and was really good, it felt like he really wanted to help i picked up a few good tips wud deff book again 10/10 :D -GTFO 1/31/2016
Very friendly guy, knows a lot of the game. He analyzed a gameplay of mine and talk about my mistakes. After this, we played a pub with him coaching me, and I did well in my perspective, listening to his advices and helping me to minimize my mistakes. After, we tried 1v1 matchups so I can really improve my laning phase. And gave me homework to do. I feel that with this things I can improve my gameplay now :) -rbl 1/31/2016
Really great coach, very friendly and i'm sure he can help anyone improve and for a very cheap price, all round great coach.Managed to learn a lot during our session. Will come back for more lessons. -EdwardElric23 2/2/2016
Very informative and active coach. Made an effort to get in contact with me and get the lesson rolling! He talked with me for a while, and analyzed my knowledge and skill of the game and decided what would be the best and most needed thing to work on, and after we were done, I felt like we had accomplished a lot. Very approachable, very nice, would recommend to anyone looking to up their game. -Racer X 2/5/2016
good man -努 2/8/2016
Amazing coach, he knows exactly what he's doing and really cares about his students. He really wants you to take something away from the lesson, which I did. Would definitely recommend! -< blank > 2/11/2016
Amazing coach, he knows exactly what he's doing and really cares about his students. He really wants you to take something away from the lesson, which I did. Would definitely recommend! -< blank > 2/11/2016
Fantastic coach! Really looks after his students. Has a great knowledge of DOTA and can explain it very well. -[MNI] Taresin 2/15/2016
10/10! -Tribhuwana 2/21/2016
Good session, really highlighted to me the flaws in me play and what to do to rectify them. Would recommend. -LRM 2/21/2016
Amazing coach, has a really good sense of the game, definitely I recommend him to anyone who wants to get better. -Bottomless Pit 3/2/2016
Trust me. You will want to have this guy as your coach. I have tried a few coaching. This one is pretty much the best so far. Learnt a whole bunch. He doesn't rush through coaching so yea. #number1coach for me that is. Have a great day. -Questions 3/11/2016
Probably the best coach i could choose, i recommend him 10/10. He's dedicated and skillwise one of the top players out there. -mid/carry Prym8- 3/11/2016
Good coach with passions and skills! Definitely recommend for first time users! -AM 3/15/2016
the only issue was talking to the coach. the skype or mic wasn't that good so it was quite difficult to hear the coach. everything was great! -new chapter 3/18/2016
funny and interactive ! -àŋŦōŋ 3/18/2016
Great and honest guy who has a deep understanding of dota mechanics. Helped me to improve my playstyle and gave me good advice for further development. Would recommend. -Alpha Male 3/18/2016
I've been working on raising my mmr, i got 350 in 7 days. That's absolutely genious for me, beacuse i've been struggling getting mmr back(I lost quite a lot), especially in this patch. This guy takes care of everything, he has tasks for each lesson, and all the things that i actually need to improve. 10/10 again, i will order again as soon as i get to play a few days and do the tasks he gave me. 10/10 Love your coaching bro. -mid/carry Prym8- 3/18/2016
First Dota coaching session I have done, wanted to pick someone who I felt had great knowledge and skill, at a reasonable price, what I found surpassed expectation! We spent a few minutes talking about goals and what I like to play, what to focus on, agreed on a hero to play for this session and jumped into a game with him spectating. I was able to learn a lot about controlling the flow of the game and the impact I can have with my movements, great session, and worth much more than the money it cost, will definitely come back soon for part 2! -I put that shit on everything! 3/18/2016
I wanted to improve my mid play so we started off by analyzing a replay and then did some 1v1 mid matchups that are popular in the current meta. He gave me some great pointers and I even managed to get 1st blood on him in one of the games :D 10/10 will come back again for sure! -AndR3i 3/20/2016
This was my first coaching session I ever had in Dota 2 (3.3k mmr). Dani made it a fun, engaging experience. He was able to point out some mistakes in a film session that I would probably not have recognized on my own had I been watching my replays. Then we jumped into a pub where he coached me live in game. We also developed a practice regimen on what heroes I should be focusing on for the next 1-2 weeks, as well as some useful tips such as taking breaks between games, putting my entire focus on the game at hand, and some light last hit practice before the next game. -duckbear 3/28/2016
I have been working with NowWeAreFree for over 3 months. He has provided me with great insight through replays on my efficiency, itemization, and general mistakes. It was apparent to me on my first session that I was that gaining valuable information, and to confirm it my mmr has gone up from 3.5k to 3.9k. I would not hesitate to recommend him to someone wanting to improve. One thing I would recommend for him/any student hiring his services is to create follow up lesson plans between sessions. My best lessons with him were ones in which we analyzed a replay/game and there were specific themes/issues that he addressed and then gave me an action plan to work on. For example: he noticed while coaching that I wasn't communicating a lot with my teammates. The action plan was to take charge of games and make decisions- whether they turn out right or wrong. Another time he noticed I was unnecessarily missing last hits, so he recommended 15 minutes of last hitting per day. I believe this is the most value a coach can provide - to see exactly what their student is doing wrong and then find a solution to that problem. -MDC 3/30/2016
Helpful very well-guided advice. Best aspect is the goal setting; strategy to focus on area of improvement. Friendly coach too. Would refer to again. -Goose 3/31/2016
Intense coaching sessions, #RoadtoTI8 NoKappa Best coach ever 10/10. -AndR3i 3/31/2016
We had two sessions. The first made me understand a lot of things I was doing wrong and made me way better. The second was more specific but had a lot to understand. I received some feedback from him towards the way I needed to improve. Recommended for sure if you really looking to improve. -XYYQ 4/1/2016
The information was really useful and I had a lot to work on I gained 100-200 mmr because of this -XpC_PhantomVk 4/3/2016
Went through many aspects of the game with NowWeAreFree. He took me step by step through all the mistakes I made. He made very important comments that were glaringly bad in my play style and gave tips on how to improve. A very good coach in my opinion. He commented on my mentality while playing the game, and communicated very well. I can't wait to have further sessions with him. 10/10 would get coached again. -help 4/6/2016
great coach learned a lot of things :) -y- 4/8/2016
This guy... this guy! I felt like I was playing a whole different game with him, it was fun, it was useful, it gave me great satisfaction. If you want to get coached just go with him, best choice you could make. He gave me extra time than I paid too. GIVE THIS GUY YOUR MONEY! Because I sure as hell will do that again. -|[BO]| Fluttering Storm 4/10/2016
This guy is absolutely amazing. Contact him only if you want to improve your skills because he will make that happen in a pretty enjoyable and fun way but which also requires a little bit of your own commitment and dedication! I am coming back for more of this. (I was growing sick of Dota before he came so yeah there is that too). -|[BO]| Fluttering Storm 4/14/2016
Was a good session, Doesn't overwhelm you with a lot fo different things like other coaches, focuses on a few key points and is honest and will tell you the mistakes that you made. -Sammy Snake 4/15/2016
Coach was very friendly and knows how to improve your game. Really helpful advice. He plays against high MMR so knows what level you're playing at. I'm currently at 1.8k MMR and he's helped me get better to 2k. -[MNI] Taresin 4/17/2016
Great coach, knowledgeable about many heroes. Fun to work with. He knows a lot about what heroes are good in pubs to go up in mmr and much more. Highly recommended. -Recognize 4/20/2016
I was wondering for a while if getting some coaching was going to be worth the money, and if anyone is thinking the same I would 100% recommend this guy. In the single session I've had so far he has helped me improve my ability to transition into fighting as a carry and has given me some tasks to perform to improve my skills. -Spud 4/20/2016
Really satisfied. 10/10. -yeah 4/23/2016
Best coach around, learnt a lot. Would definitely recommend! -№0 4/28/2016
After this session I realized a lot of new stuff, like that I need to improve on a different aspect of the game than I thought. So, with this new point of view this is probably gonna be a relatively big boost to my MMR actually; I'll probably contact him again later on. Trust me, if he can help a scrub like me get better, he can help anyone. =) Definately recommending him! -Magnus 5/10/2016
Coach was great each session we worked on, we did something new. Individual tasks each session, we worked on key points i needed to improve. Actually improved my mmr by 400 in 10 days. I'm really satisifed with everything. I'm going to work with him hopefully few a few months, see how much i can develop. Try his services yourself, he's totally worth it. -5238948789079450 5/15/2016
really friendly guy -Pedeapsa 5/20/2016
Honestly, very easy going and jokes with you while dropping knowledge bombs along the way. Most fun I have had while pointing out errors and things to improve. Will be coached by him again! -Demon Eyes Kyo 6/2/2016
Awesome coach honestly. I have had many coaches on here that at best were meh but this guy is good, like really good. First, he doesn't sugar coat your mistakes, habits, or bullshit. He figures out what you did wrong and how to improve on it with specific but simple instructions. Second, he is also extremely friendly and welcoming. I did not once feel uncomfortable nor embarrassed by his instruction. I know no ones really reads these but in case you do, I REALLY recommend this guy. He is humble, yet stern; doesn't blow smoke up your ass. Thank you NowWeAreFree for the coaching and thank you DotaCoach for your services. -God Damn 47 7/2/2016
Good replay analysis with helpful advises -LIL PEEP 7/23/2016
This coach is skilled but uncooperative and somewhat stand-offish. Our session was cancelled after repeated failed attempts to schedule a session. It is perhaps because he is so in demand that he takes his students for granted, but he seems disorganized and unprofessional in his administration. He is highly rated but I would recommend another, cheaper coach who might value your time and money more. -JayKay 8/4/2016
Great coach, will definitely hire again! -AndR3i 8/4/2016
Probably the best coach in all of Europe. Dani has taught me many things that no other people would. He has a clear understanding of the game in terms of how to deal in a difficult situation and will not fail to correct your mistakes. I would recommend Dani to anyone who wants to step up their gameplay! -Vivian Bot 8/5/2016
Really nice guy! Good communication, very patient and explains in details with examples .I enjoyed the session alot. -Vine mos Craciun 8/6/2016
i learned how to farm smartly - so i will not steal other's cores farm , communicate with my team mates to have a better synergy and a better impact in game as a player. Also teached me what to watch in a replay so i can improve alone when i am watching a replay. -Hoodoo 8/8/2016
watched first ti game together, discussed about it, NWAF explained me what's going to happen, how teams are approaching games, now MVP is my fav team aswell. i'm going to do this a few more times, in the finals aswell hopefully. -AnoMis 8/8/2016
Very good, i learn some new things very usefull :) -s1mba- 8/10/2016
Honestly, if you want coaching this is the guy to go to. He knows everything. Super patient, cool, no yelling, always relaxed, cracking jokes, and most importantly helping you do your best!!! Step by step, he helped me out starting from when to pick what and how to itemize. He covered everything. By the end of the lesson he came up with some homework to practice & improve my play. Really excited to get the next lesson and even more excited to start practicing the homework he gave me so that I can climb in mmr and skill! Look no further for a Dota Coach. -fps_trucka 8/25/2016
Really knowledgeable and able to transfer that knowledge in a way that is easily understood. Definitely going to hire again. -BINGEmoose 8/27/2016
Great coach, good communication, and very high level of experience + knowledge. -Agoodfriend 9/1/2016
Was great! Gave me a schedule to work on and help me improve myself! Would learn from him again! -Pure. 9/7/2016
It has been two days since the lesson, Took an immediate dive in ability right after the lesson (Learning new keybindings, and trying to reinforce skills). Am playing a lot better as a result. Feeling more confident and relaxed about the early game. -Lazarus 9/18/2016
Very good coach very patient and willing to spend time to discuss things the student wants to learn, well worth the investment and highly recommended. -H4rDriv3 9/20/2016
Great coach ! We talked about the game and how can i improve my overall gameplay and become a better player 10/10 would recommend -Four 3/3/2017
really awesome coach, who despite under unpreferable in-game circumstances was still super helpful and effective. Also super nice and kind! -Los Angeles 4/19/2017

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