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Are you here to learn how to play specific role or hero? You are? Great !

I have 7+ years of experience in playing support and carry on very high skill level. I can easily use my knowledge to pass my skill on to you. I can teach you all things about laning, finding farm, finding levels in games you're losing and all things noone in pubs can show you.

I will teach you how to raise you MMR up to 5000+ but most importantly I will teach you how to think in DotA. Even modes like All Random Deathmatch will be loads of fun because you won't be limited to playing currently overpowered or pub friendly heroes like Meepo and Earth Spirit.

Have fun while learning and showoff with your new shiny skills.

For any more info add: "nubukapa" on skype
send me E-mail on

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I have to say that Lupukapa is an awesome coach! We first went through some of my ranked replays, analyzing details related to my overall gameplay and builds. I chose to get coached on Invoker/Mirana, and we jumped into the game with him coaching me over Skype. Recommending 10/10 -binary 1/30/2015
I'm glad I've had a chance to get coached by someone who is so conversant with the support role. He pointed out my main mistakes and he's shown me when to stack/pull/smoke gank and not to get punished. If your goal is to learn how to support well, you should definitely try this guy. -ren0-0 1/30/2015
Seriously helpful, spent extra time and no hassle at all setting it up. Lots of good discussion, Q&A, most helpful thing I've had in dota in months. -Jace Unborn 3/8/2015
Super informative coaching session. Friendly and helpful. 5/5 -Will 4/25/2015
I got coached while playing a pub, and we opened a custom game to talk about some things after words like warding and rotations. Super friendly and helpful helpful. Lots of great insight. He went way over time with me. -nervath 5/2/2015
Helped me alot to understand my mistakes and understand the game overall. Really helpful and skilled! -Synden 5/15/2015
Excellent session, really useful -Blade [ENG-UK] 7/23/2015
2nd session- Even better than the first, 2 games covering both carry and support roles. Really helpful. -Blade [ENG-UK] 8/5/2015
gg wp the road to 5k starts now -RawMeat3000 8/15/2015
Really nice and friendly coach, learned alot in my lesson :) -9968 8/15/2015
Good coach, understands and explains common mistakes 3k players make. -HI, I'M GEORGE ZIMMER 8/16/2015
Very good explanation of how dota works, and amazing coaching, really thaught me some pretty good stuff about how i should do things i wasnt able to, perfect read of game, had fun :) -Goku 8/31/2015
Great first lesson. Thanks very much :) -elourn musk 9/25/2015
Nice -Wraith Kingz 1/10/2016
Helped me understand some (lots) of the things I was doing wrong in replays that I definitely didn't realize at the time. -RawMeat3000 4/22/2016
Good coach, listened to what I wanted to get out of the lesson and delivered. -Yuki 8/28/2016
awesome, I learned so much. This couch is really good. -Roshan 9/3/2016
I got a lot of insightful tips into how to carry, or do heavy-lifting for your team as a support. He showed me through a game which he played as he went through talking about his decision making, which helped greatly. In addition I got practical tips on creep aggro, warding, rotations and split push, map awareness etc. Would like him to coach again :) -Senator Phillips 11/13/2016

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