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THE COACH: Hey! I'm Jason Newsham, I go by my last name, Newsham, which is my in-game alias I've used for years. I'm currently playing the 4 role support for Team Leviathan. I've always enjoyed teaching others and I've always been very self-critical so I find it easy to help others by pinpointing their mistakes and improving as quickly as possible. I've always taught friends how to play Dota and HoN and I've always been interested in branching out!

I've been playing Dota since WC3 in GArena and pubs back in 2005. I got early access to Heroes of Newerth in 2007, played that until the first International. I won a beta key from a last hitting competition and played Dota 2 ever since October 2011. I didn't start playing competitively until the first season of NADota Elite League (NEL). I was in the top 24 and won that seasons playoffs on team Arteezy - this sparked my interest in competitive dota where I met Jenkins and started what would eventually be Team Leviathan.

EDIT: I am currently teamless and am focusing purely on coaching as well as improving my own skill through matchmaking! I do not have any time commitments with teams so I should be free most hours of the day!

ROLES: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) My experience is best suited for teaching the 2, 3, 4 and 5 roles as I've always played these roles competitively. I know all the roles well enough up to at least 5k rating, but past that point I haven't found the time to keep up my skills as a carry.

For my coaching sessions I will offer 4 main options, that can be mixed if preferable.

  • Option 1: Live coaching - I watch from the coaching slot, seeing your point of view. I will give general feedback and discuss decision making, match-ups, item builds, farming patterns, ganking rotations, etc. I will also try to point out bad habits and/or mentality and discuss the problems that come with having those habits/mentality, as well as things you can try to correct it.

  • Option 2: Replay Analysis - We watch a replay of your choice, preferably one of your games and likely in player perspective. Please do not pick a game where you stomped super hard unless you want to watch someone else's perspective. Lost games usually provide the most potential for learning. We will discuss anything that made you feel this replay was valuable, as well as anything else I notice that could be beneficial to your learning.

  • Option 3: 1v1 Mid practice - We will play whatever 1v1 match-ups you want to learn or that I think would be beneficial to learn for specific heroes.

  • Option 4: Coaches perspective - You will watch me play a dota game, with whatever hero you want in any position, from the coaches slot and I will give heavy commentary while answering any questions you have. No dota player is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, even professionals, so you can learn from mine too.

Keep in mind, these coaching sessions are entirely about YOU and I will do my best to make sure you're enjoying yourself and learning as much as possible at the same time. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, but it is not required.

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A+++ -קukadroו 6/22/2015
Taught me some great warding spots and showed me some priorities with starting items. Very friendly as well :) -Nvidia 3/2/2016
Very good coach, over all nice guy. Watched a replay with him very next game preformed much better would recommend. -Sir. Spork 7/26/2016
Good session, good game play tips coaching in a pub game would use again. -Cunt Destroyer 9000 11/25/2016

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