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Hey everyone, my name is Nemanya and I am available to coach anyone who is interested. I have been playing Dota for about 10 years, and raised my main account to 7.5k. My best role is mid and carry, and I also play offlane. I can coach support as well. My top heroes are Invoker, Templar Assassin, Queen of Pain, Shadow Fiend, Earth Spirit, Ember Spirit, Storm Spirit, and Magnus.

I have experience with coaching and have helped various players raise their MMR, skill, and overall game sense. I offer these services:

1. Practicing specific heroes. We can look at skill builds, itemization, and match ups you will face (i.e. Playing Shadow Fiend vs Queen of Pain, Shadow Fiend vs Storm Spirit, etc.). We can also look at how to farm efficiently with each hero (this changes more per hero than people realize). We will utilize the lobby and cover every aspect of the hero/game.

2. Drafting and counter-picking. We can go over the strengths of heroes as well as their weaknesses and how to exploit them.

3. Game mechanics. This is a huge topic but we can cover laning, creep aggro, ganking, split pushing, team fights, and anything else you may be struggling with.

4. Analyzing replays. This is one of the most helpful ways of improving. We can look at what mistakes you made, what I would do differently, and what you can do to practice and correct these mistakes for future games. I can also watch a replay on my own and give you a written analysis later on if that is what you prefer.

5. Play with me. We can lane together, whether I am supporting you as a carry, or you supporting me. I can coach you while we play and you can see the decision making real time.

6. Get coached while playing. I can watch a live game and give you advice while the game is playing out. This is often one of the most effective techniques, and students are always impressed with how much better than play with just one game.

I look forward to meeting you and am eager to help out both new and old players alike.

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Ph4nny was extremely helpful, patient, and professional. He immediately noticed problems in my play, and was able to give me ways to practice and improve on my mistakes. We were able to do both a full game and talk about it afterwards, while I was never rushed for time. 10/10, would hire again. -Mega Beef 5/27/2015
I play support quite often at 3100 mmr so I wanted to learn best warding and dewarding spots. He showed me areas that were most important at certain stages of the game and depending on which towers were up. He also educated me on best times to stack camps, pull creep waves and when to gank. He is an extremely informative and knowledgeable coach who knows the game inside and out. I will be booking another session with him within the next 3 days. -Triplelattes 5/28/2015
Want to learn how to offlane on Phoenix properly. Ph4nny first got me in to a lobby and made me go 1v1 against him (myself as another hero) and himself as Phoenix. He explained to me what he was doing to prevent myself from getting farm and also avoid incoming ganks. I then watched him play Phoenix in a pub game and then repeated this myself. I then went on to a 9 game winning streak as Phoenix in Ranked Solo. EZ Bugattis. -Decimus 5/28/2015
Nemanya is so helpful as a coach. He is so patient and he understands the game really well. I got a lesson today that i feel very good about it when i can learn so many things i didnt know before about Storm Spirit (the hero that i asked him to teach) He even gifted me extra time that i have already paid for to explain the lesson without any rush. He answered all of my itchy question that no one would explain that well for me. He's really good teacher. Will recommend for others. Jean. -Ngoc 5/29/2015
I was in the coach slot while PH4NNY played - he constantly spoke about his decision making in game while playing. Very insightful and helpful to know not only what he was doing, but why he made those decisions. Gameplay aside, he's extremely friendly and approachable - would definitely recommend! -bocong 6/1/2015
I learned a ton on how to play with and against one of my favorite heroes. For sure I'll hire him again in the future, definitely worth the money. -SCHWIFTY 6/1/2015
Great stuff. Really informative and helped on multiple different aspects of my game. I will definitely be hiring Demon again! -Be Nice To Others 6/2/2015
I just took a lesson because I wanted to learn how to play Earth Spirit better. Not only that I've learned many tricks and now entirely understood the mechanics of this hero, but also PH4NNY pointed out to me some very insightful information on how to play this hero against various lineups, how to position in team fights and how to pull out combos successfully, which was of immense significance for me, considering that I wasn't really good making any combos myself before I took this lesson. I am extremely satisfied with 1h of coaching with this guy, I'm definitely going to get new session with him soon. -MassDeparture 6/2/2015
keep it up, really nice work. helped me alot -Serena 6/4/2015
I asked Phanny to coach me in a carry role to help assist farming and last hitting in lane efficiently. Within 5 minutes of Phanny coaching me, I was immediately impressed. Small little tips I never would've thought of but became instantly useful was just the tip of the iceberg. I will most certainly be having him coach me again. GG, WP. -Lubai 6/4/2015
Ph4nny has been very informative as a coach. Teaching me pointers on how to maintain control and keep pace in the mid role. He has a deep understanding of the game and explains things thoroughly. He has the right frame of mind to improve overall aspects of gameplay. Aside from the superb coaching. Super accessible and flexible with time on coaching sessions. -Garbonauta 6/6/2015
Very impressed with this site and coach. PH4NNY was excellent, gave great insight and ways to improve my play. PH4NNY went above and beyond what I expected, do not hesitate. -tincantan 6/7/2015
PH4NNY is definitely a skillful player and is good at explaning why he is. I've learned a good amount of things I wasn't aware of in the game even though I considered myself to be on top of things. Solid coaching, would reccomend. -AELL 6/11/2015
Awesome coach with lots of skill and experience. Helped me with skills for all my future games and provided me some nice alternatives for builds and items. Slightly hard to understand at some points but mainly on my end with cheap headphones. Overall great coach. -Rakondom 6/14/2015
Firstly PH4NNY is a really relatable person, he is a very nice person to talk to and he is very honest about mistakes that you are making as a player. His English is fantastic and he is very good at explaining his thoughts and the reasons he does certain things. Most importantly for me though he hugely boosted my confidence and made me have self belief that I didn't realise I was missing. I would 100% recommend him as a coach and will probably be booking more hours with him in the future -The Moé Blob 6/14/2015
Coached me on Tuskar really enjoyed the knowledge he was passing down. Looking forward to putting it in use. Definitely recommend -Slimsady 6/17/2015
We watched numerous replays of the coach's mid games and he gave great overviews of his decision making and thought processes. There were definitely pieces that were very helpful, although one thing that would have helped the session a bit more was to receive some more instruction based on my gameplay (we tried to 1v1 but ran into some lag issues with me in US and him in Europe). But Ph4nny was overall an awesome coach, he spent two hours with me (when I only paid for 1) and gave me very in depth knowledge of his gameplay, and I would highly recommend him as a coach. -GunnersMate 6/20/2015
EZ rarez ez life. Ph4nny is a coach who will not only guide to success but will also make you feel warm inside with a good feeling of becoming better at the game. -Decimus 6/22/2015
Coach was very good and very knowledgable, and was very good at coaching -DABEAST101 6/24/2015
absolutely wonderful coaching, this guy knows the game inside out and understands how to coach. If you are looking for getting a coach for a specific role or hero or general game play i highly recommend him. I could see my game improved after a single coaching session with him. -Neola 6/27/2015
Awesome coach. Was very communicative and easy to message and coordinate the lsson with. In total he probably spent 3 hours coaching me and was very generous with his time. I plan on taking lessons from him in the future and if you aspire to play mid lane do not miss out on his coaching! -Build A Wall - Mexico Pays 6/30/2015
Very helpful especially for a mid player. If you want to learn to lane more aggressively this coach is very helpful. -My Heart's The Bitter Buffalo 6/30/2015
Im really satisfied, he understood my issues right away and showed me what i need to work on! if you wanna get better hire this guy for sure -Special Presentation 7/4/2015
Won't hire ever again :) He ditched me for other guys who payed him more money. I have got another coach who is just 17 years old but teaches me more than he did, trick and tips that he never shows me before. He just teach you some basic you should know which you can find it on google. He has failed the commitment and i know one thing that i just wasted my money on this guy. Already removed friend. -Ngoc 7/28/2015
This is the second time I hire Nemanya as a coach. We played a game together where I played support. He explained me what to do and the reason behind it at every moment. He game me advice on warding spots, stacking, zoning out the offlaner and how not to waste time in general when you play support. Definitely worth the time and the money. -SCHWIFTY 8/9/2015
My god man! This guy is a god! This guy literally helped me immensely. Awesome plays, describes reasoning of everything. Never overwhelms. Stays positive and encourages. Literally growing every min spent! -Demon Eyes 11/28/2015
eto pro coach -Negan 4/6/2016
Friendly coach with a great commitment to helping his pupils improve, would recommend. -JayKay 4/28/2016
I really enjoyed the lesson. I started learning straight away he pointed out some things that were very informative from the start. I will definitely be booking more lessons despite the distance between us and not being able to play together I know I will still learn a lot watching him play and analysing replays together. Thank you. -Elicit 6/8/2016
Very informative. I opted into watching him play 2 games where I was able to pick the heros he was using. He was able to teach me a few tricks for each hero along with lane mechanics. Lane mechanics as in when to join team fights or when to sit and farm. How to zone appropriately when facing aggressive lanes. As well as map awareness. Thoroughly impressed and will be hiring him again in the near future. Next time I think i will choose to play with him in a game. That way I can get the feel of doing things in a real game setting and having a skilled teammate that can help me aswell. -ASFASGFASG 8/1/2016
Definitely not pressed for time. Even with Dota going down multiple times (thanks TI), he still let us get in three matches. Was very good at calling out what needed to be done and calling shots. Watched him play two games and he always explained his reasoning for what he was doing, and generally was really professional about everything. -slayer 8/2/2016
Phan was exceedingly friendly, knowledgable, and very skilled. He promptly added me on Dota and Skype after initiating the on-demand coaching session. I watched Phan play while he demonstrated what support habits I should be maintaining. I think the best part about him was that he accepted my coaching session request at nearly 4:00 AM his time and spent as much time as I needed answering my questions during and after the game. When I wrapped up the 1-hour coaching sessions, I had a page of notes and a game replay to study later. -Tidehunter's Birthday 9/1/2016
Helped me improve in learning the game better as a beginner. -Fatal 9/8/2016
Very helpful, gave good advice despite the game being less than optimal. Would definitely be coached by him again. -nutmeg 11/5/2016
Overall satisfaction 10/10, Coach's Skill- Superb, Communication-Excellent, Helped me improve on my decision making and itemization depending on game variables, DotaCoach site is very easy to use and navigate. I am greatly satisfied with my investment so far! :D -Triplelattes 11/16/2016
very kind guy, spoke of every deatil of the hero and game, very happy to got that lesson, and he stood explaining and coaching beyond the time I hired, very happy :) -Mr.Meeseeks 11/18/2016
Just had my first coaching session with Ph4nny, and it was great. He is very friendly and patient. We watched and analyzed a replay and play a game together. He offers very helpful insights and suggestions on how to improve your gameplay. Was never rushed for time, and he went past beyond expectations. Great value for money. -Uncle Drew 11/20/2016
Second session with Nemanya and its going really well. He provides a lot of intuitive and helpful insight into decision making during fights and throughout the game. I have gone up in solo mmr by 800 from 2.4k to 3.2k utilizing his advice and coaching. I would highly recommend you book a session with him asap if you want to improve your game and raise your level. 5/5 -Triplelattes 11/22/2016
Nemanja was a fantastic coach. Really friendly and chill guy, easy to talk to, and clearly has a TON of game knowledge. Things just click for him and he's able to explain what's going on in his mind easily and effectively. Highly recommended! -tim0chen 11/25/2016
Very well explained with his opinion and point ouut crusial mistake. Friendly and willing to listen :) -Steve.Luon 12/3/2016
Pretty good -ㅋ-ㅋ 12/4/2016
He is a very helpful and patient coach. Always provides real-time advice on build strats in regards to opponents in game. Will continue to schedule regular sessions and highly recommend if you want to drastically improve your gameplay. I've gone up over 1100 mmr since October, from 2400-3500. GGWP -Triplelattes 12/7/2016
Loved how he helped me with the position I wanted , was very patient and gave me more information than I wanted. Am looking forward to getting one more coaching session from him. Totally recommend him. -MH.The Devil of Manchester 12/14/2016
A really nice person, with solid understanding and advice. He has earned my trust and he is my first long-term coach! Thank you very much! -Theros 1/7/2017
Coach did a great job going through replays with me - he answered all my questions in detail. Thanks! -spanner 1/9/2017
PH4NNY has been a great coach who is skillful and insightful and will help you improve while also being very nice and friendly. I highly recommend you choose him. -KingInTheNorth 1/25/2017
Sick coach, very vocal and friendly, and constantly monitoring your actions telling you where you went wrong and how you can improve. Definitely will hire him again and recommend him for others. -Rootkit 1/31/2017
PH4NNY was great overall. We spent 80 minutes with him coaching me through a nightmare game that seemed to never end, but he kept giving me pointers along the way and made sure I was enabling my team to win fights. The next game we played together went so well by taking advantage of lane combo's. Probably the easiest game of DOTA ever. -GuaccBoi 2/8/2017
He did a really good job to Explain why I need to do this or why I need to do that and that was really nice, he gave me some explanation with things I had to do. Also he gave me advice in what I should do after the coaching session ( watch replays, Play more games, do more of this etc. ) Overall experience ? I am glad I chose this coach. -Mangobay 2/12/2017
Very chill guy - we watched a couple replays and talked about how to make the most impact as a support. He was very generous with his time and was very easy to talk to. -kafekaze 9/1/2017
Answered questions about how to improve my game -The Mightiest Gherkin 10/26/2017
I am very satisfied with the coaching session, even when the time run out he didn't leave and answered all my question. He has clearly a superior understanding of the game and shows your weakness in a good manner. I will certainly take more sessions with this coach. -Alizel 2/8/2018
We watched a whole replay together, and he pointed out the mistakes I should have avoided, especially regarding critical item choices and my role in fights -晚上好 2/21/2018

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