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I have been playing Dota for about 7-9 years. Switched from Dota 1 to HoN, then back to Dota 2. Calibrated at 4.6k then rose to 5.2k after wanting to play more competitivly. Captain of High Self-Esteem a T2 team that plays in numerous tournaments each year. Placed 2nd in UGC Season 2 and constantly in the top 16 of CEVO and AD2L. I normally play hard support but have experience with every role. I also study pro games and watch my own replays to better my game.

I am wanting to help others improve their game play so they can enjoy Dota at the highest level possible. Through rigorous training we can work on your game to improve every aspect of it.

Feel free to ask me any questions. Add me on skype to get the fastest response.

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Pandemic can definitely help any player with the thought processes with most any roll. We worked on my Ember Spirit and now i ranked face roll with my ember after some pointers. Helped me with things like spirit placements for vision and escaping/initiating also a lot of great mid pointers. -Jogo (^) 2/12/2015
Very knowledgeable and in depth, helped my SF play out a ton. I definitely recommend him. -i like girls 2/11/2015
Excellent tips and pointers on how to play as Enigma. When/when not to help out your team, positioning and general play advice. Able to explain himself and his ideas very clearly which made it easy to understand. -Brandy 3/2/2015
Holy crap. Didn't know this site existed, did the instant coach thing and I couldn't be happier. This coach was mature and energetic and extremely helpful. You knew he was skilled not because he bragged or tried to drop knowledge bombs on, but by the way he pointed out how you could do better. Great coach, highly recommend him. -Bili the Kid 3/5/2015
Taught me importance of improving micro. Seemed to know what he was doing. 5/5 stars. He even offered to watch replays without charging, something I haven't found on this site before. -Ramboed 3/20/2015
He was the third coach I've used and easily was the best. He has a calm yet attentive style of coaching and a great understanding of the game. I'm mainly a carry player, so I was coached for support and immediately went from garbage support to being able to hold my own at my mmr. -jobait 4/8/2015
Very solid! Played a good treant game and learned a lot about supporting. ------------------------------ ┈┈ 6/7/2015
Have done a few sessions with pandemix and can safely say I will be returning. Always has good pieces of information to fix mistakes and I have seen an improvement in my gameplay for sure. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to get better at dota. -fuck jerry 7/10/2015

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