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Are you interested in sharing your passion and knowledge of Dota 2 with students who want to learn and improve? Whether you are an aspiring coach just starting out, or you run a successful coaching business as a top ranked team - a good webpage is essential to succeed in Dota 2 coaching. Create a Coach Profile Page with to get all of the online tools you need to run a Dota 2 coaching business.

"I had never coached Dota 2 professionally before, but coaching with is really so simple. I'm making money out of my passion!" - Bot-Easy, a top Dota 2 coach

Example Coach Profiles

  • illusion - illusion, a mid-5k MMR coach from Ukraine, gives a good example of how to market yourself on your profile page
  • Chris - Coach and creator of the Dota 2 Gym
  • Team Leviathan - Runner up for The International American Qualifiers; they offer team as well as individual coaching.

View the top Dota 2 coaches.

A Look Inside Your Coach Profile

Here are some of the features that will be available on your coach profile. Those visible in the sample image above are marked with numbers.

1. Overview - Describe the coaching services you offer

What differentiates you from the other coaches? What is going to make your service stand out? You should write about yourself, share links to your DotaBuff, add images, etc.

You can write the body of your profile page in markdown. This easy-to-read and easy-to-write formatting syntax gives you the power to control the look and feel of your profile page so you can really differentiate yourself from other coaches. This is the same syntax used on Reddit.

2. Payment - Accept payment via PayPal or credit card

Any Steam user can book a lesson with you via PayPal or Credit Card. When they do so, you will be notified of the booking via Steam chat and email. All payment is done upfront before the lessons begin.

3. Contact Buttons - Easily connect with your students through Steam and Skype

We provide one-click buttons for students and coaches to add each other on Steam and to call each other through Skype. No need to juggle identities or spend time searching to find each other.

You can decide who can see your contact information in your profile's privacy configuration.

4. Reviews - Display reviews from your previous students

After booking lessons with you, students have the opportunity to give you feedback by leaving a review. If students forget to review you, we prompt them to leave a review via email after 24 hours. If the student marks their review as public, prospective students can read it so they know what to expect from your service.

5. Reputation - Become a top coach

You'll earn reputation whenever you deliver an outstanding coaching experience to a student. Coaches with the best reputation are featured as a top coach and get invited to coach in our On Demand Coaching service.

Learn more about coach reputation.

6. integration

Integrate your DotaCoach profile with your DotaBuff profile so users can easily navigate to your DotaBuff profile to view your player statistics. If you are ranked in the top 100 of DotaBuff's hero rankings, you'll earn a badge depicting this distinction and you will be featured as an "expert coach" on DotaCoach's hero pages.

You will benefit from our marketing and promotions is working hard to push the Dota 2 coaching industry forward. We are running experiments to measure the efficacy of coaching, experimenting with various ad campaigns, and gifting lessons to Dota players online and at various events. If you charge less than our On Demand Coaching, students can hire you using these gift credits and we will pay your hourly rate.

More features in development

  • Manage your coaching schedule - It is hard to juggle all of those lessons once you get a full student roster. We can help!
  • Support for student donations - Did you really go above and beyond? We'll facilitate students who want to send you a gratuity.
  • Free coaching - We are focused on helping professional coaches first. But we plan to treat free coaching as a first-class citizen on our site. Give us some time to release a set of features for coaches who want to work for free.

What features are important to you? Let us know!

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Requirements to Coach

We place no limitations on who can coach Dota 2 professionally - anybody can create a coaching profile and try to attract students. In our experience, students care about MMR and expect very high level play from a professional coach. If your MMR is too low, you may have a harder time marketing yourself. However, our experimental data shows that a coach who has 1000 MMR more than their student has a good chance to provide value through coaching.

If you are passionate about sharing your Dota 2 knowledge with others, then we want to help you succeed!

Top Coaches

A top coach is a coach who receives positive reviews from students, has a high rate of student retention, and has proven results in tournaments or MMR. The top coaches on get invited to coach through our matchmaking queue. We built the matchmaking queue to make it easy for students to find a great coach within a matter of minutes, and to make coaching as easy and convenient as possible for coaches who have demonstrated outstanding coaching ability. When you coach through our matchmaking queue, we will send you paying offers to coach via Steam Chat and you can accept them whenever is convenient. Learn more about coaching through our matchmaking queue.

Attracting Students

These methods have been successful at helping other coaches find students:

  1. Share a link to your page on your Twitch channel, in your hero guides, YouTube videos, or other learning content.
  2. Post your profile page on /r/dota2tutor occasionally.
  3. Offer your services in relevant threads to people who are explicitly interested in coaching on /r/learndota2.
  4. Do a video replay analysis of somebody asking for help on /r/analysemydota2.
  5. Find somebody looking for Dota help in any of the online Dota communities. Mentor them and build a relationship together. Remember not to spam these communities (you're likely to get banned). Participate as a member of the community and follow their rules.
  6. Put your profile page in your Dota 2 user name and offer lessons the next time you help your teammates or stomp your enemies.
  7. Practice coaching! Offer free lessons to friends or on forums. Can you convince people that you are a valuable resource operating at a professional level? Consider volunteering to coach a team.
  8. Be creative. What would have helped you out when you were learning the things you have mastered now?

Also check out articles about the effective use of promotion codes on the DotaCoach blog.

For tips on how to impress your students, check out our tips for new coaches.

Get Paid

We pay all coaches on the 2nd and last Friday of each month. Our preferred payment method is PayPal.

Earnings from the last 4 days of a payment period carry into the following payment period. This allows a small buffer between incoming money from students and payment to coaches which helps protect against fraud. For example, on Mar 1st you'll be paid any unpaid balance from Jan 27th to Feb 27th. pays all PayPal and credit card fees when receiving payments and when paying you.


We charge 12% + $1.00 USD on each payment from students. More than half of this is required to cover the cost of money transfers through PayPal and Stripe. is young and we are still trying to determine the correct pricing and payment strategy. We are currently experimenting with a range of reward systems, loyalty programs, and incentives. Contact us with feedback or suggestions if you don't like what you see here.


Can I record and publish my coaching sessions?

Yes, but only with your student's permission.

Can I broadcast my coaching sessions on

Yes, but only with your student's permission.