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Hey guys, I'm Sammyboy/Noblewingz, and I’ve been a semi-pro North American player and caster/analyst for the past few years. I'm currently the mid player for team Leviathan (in-before "team with BSJ LUL"), and in the past I played mid and support for teams such as Soggy Mitts, END, and WWD+4 with some success. You may also know me from some work I did casting as an analyst for Starladder or from some clips that have been posted about me on Reddit in high MMR pubs.

Some of the notable results and accomplishments I have achieved over the last two years are:
• 3rd place at the Battle on the Strip LAN, winning 2000$ USD
• 2nd place in NAIHL, a league where some of the best pub players played.
• 3rd place NEL, placing only behind Sumail and Universe. NEL was a league with mostly professional players or players who have now turned professional.
• Top 4 in multiple major open qualifiers
I am mostly a mid player, but I have captained teams from the 1 and 5 positions and am comfortable offering coaching on all those roles. Additionally, I have played offlane and carry successfully on a T2 level but recently have not been practicing them.

My lesson plans are all focused to help you in specific areas of your game play. Generally I will start by going over a replay of yours in advance to help identify areas of improvement and to help you determine which type of lesson would be most effective. That being said, I am more than happy to take requests for specific types of lessons if you’re looking for something else. Some examples of previous lessons include:

• We will have a 1v1. After playing the 1v1 we will watch the replay together to pinpoint specific mistakes and to help you improve on facets of your game like lane control, creep equilibrium, and mid positioning/movement
• Reviewing one of your full game replays and going over mistakes and decisions that you made throughout the game. These lessons focus on decision making in farming, map movement, and warding.
• Having you watch me play a game, where I will talk you through every decision I make to help you understand my decision making process and what goes through the mind of a high MMR player as they play. This type of lesson is only recommended for 4k+ players, as it is one of the more nuance-specific lessons that I can provide and gives the student an opportunity to ask specific questions in real-time.
• Have me coach a game that you play live, while giving you advice and thoughts on your play to help you improve!

Some other more specific lessons I can offer that go more in depth are on
* Warding
* Lane control/movement
* Farming patterns
* Splitpushing while farming effectively
* Teamfight spell usage

If these sound like things that you would like to work on than I can assuredly help you get better!
If you purchase a lesson here I will try to get back to you within 1-2 days to set up times for the future, if you want to talk to me about more specifics please comment on my steam profile to add you for coaching as I get too many friend requests and likely won't recognize you!
You can do so here!
You can also email me here for more details!
Thanks for reading and hopefully we can get better together!

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I wasn't sure of what to expect when I purchased my first hour of coaching. I found this guy to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and adept at communicating difficult strategies. I learned quite a bit about Weaver, the tempo of his game, and general map awareness concepts. I have many friends that are in the 5 -6.5k bracket, and while they have given me snippets of advice, it is different when a skilled coach actually goes over your games with you. Although I made A LOT of mistakes in the games I asked him to watch, he never made me feel inept or unable to improve. -Graylen 2/25/2017
I've watched tons of coaching videos on YouTube and witnessed a couple sessions as well, and Sammy was incredibly helpful and probably one of the better coaches I've had the pleasure of dealing with. I was afraid at first for a 7k player to coach my 2.5k self but he broke things down so I could apply them in the game. We looked at a replay first and went over what I should work on then played a pub match. I am definitely coming back for more lessons! -Syccness 4/15/2017
Thank you so much, in only two lesson 1.8k ---> 3K -JBond 10/4/2017
Sam is an AWESOME coach. I've taken a ton of 1 on 1 lessons in my life in poker, videogames, and sports. When the coach is good, you know it. You're learning new things every minute and no time is wasted. That's how it is with Sam. His thought process is detailed yet clear, and he talks about concepts that you can start working on your next game as opposed to going down the rabbit hole into things too specific to matter. I got a ton out of just one session - highly recommended! -tim0chen 4/27/2017
This was my first experience with coaching, and it was amazing. Sammy has a lot of game experience and is great communicating all of his knowledge. First we watched a couple replays of my games, and he pointed out a lot of things that I would never find out by myself. I feel that his tips were really precise and helped me improve in general as a player. Guy is really friendly and patient, and replied my contact really fast. Also we managed to find out a schedule really easy. Highly recomend. -iamlionheart 5/15/2017
Really enjoyed my time and think I got my money's worth. Good at communicating and has a good player resume. Knows his stuff. -Scar 5/26/2017
He was just awesome, explained things well since i'm not completely fluent on english, but he talked clear and get straight to the points i was looking for. -hc practice 5/24/2017
I asked if FactorNano(Pos 5 coach) could teach me to mid, he respectfully declined and suggested Noblewingz. Guy is fast, thorough, and honest. I have 5k hours on dota and in these past two sessions i can now say i definitively feel like i have 5k in mid. If you want your mid game to improve i highly suggest. Thanks Soon to be TI8 champ Dan -Kooblie 8/24/2017
Sam is a natural at coaching honestly. Very knowledgeable and focussed on whatever aspect in which you wish to improve. He is refreshingly honest and direct in his approach ridding you of any misconceptions and uncertainties you may have. Furthermore it's clear that he is invested in his coaching and cares about you getting better in the area you want using the method that you are most comfortable with. You will not regret hiring Sam, that's for sure! -a hippopotamus 2/3/2018
Sammy is an amazing coach, he's a natural teacher and shows you how he thinks about the game instead of just flatly explaining concepts to you. -nawr ★★★ 1/8/2018
Helped much more than I expected. Good coach. -Fudj 6/12/2018
Plz answer skype or add on steam -DubaDubaDuba 9/27/2018

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