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Shiibbyy Diibbyy Doo
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Josh Trenholm
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I offer coaching for carry & mid roles. These sessions would include;

Lane control & equilibrium
Learning how to keep lanes in a favorable position, increasing your farm, while denying your opponents.

Discuss match-ups
Learn how different heroes interact when in the game when matched up with each other. We will also discuss the pros and cons of different match-ups.

Hero items & skill builds
Discussing when specific item(s) are needed and how certain skill builds that aren't as traditional can be much more beneficial.

1 Vs 1 practice
Playing standard heroes for these kinds of match-ups to improve mechanics and game sense.

In-game spectating
I will observe your match as a "Coach" and we will discuss the lane phase, objectives, farming patterns, split pushing, grouping with a team and more.

In-game spectating Pt. 2 We go into a match and you observe my play. I will commentate on all my actions and the decisions I make.

Replay analysis Pt. 1
We will watch a live replay together of your choice and discuss the lane phase, transitions to mid game and how it affected the late game outcome.

Replay analysis Pt.2
You send me the match ID and I watch the replay alone and write a time stamped essay/summary of the match so you can have an accurate reference to review the replay at your own pace. I personally think this method is more effective when analyzing as well.

Thanks have a wonderful day !!

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Shibby did a great job of tailoring his teaching my my learning desires. In the past I've had coaches use the hour basically to show you how good they are, and how bad you suck. This was not the case with Shibby. Once we were in contact scheduling the lesson was simple and easy, and he was on time (Another thing coach's in the past have struggled with). He did a great job of not over burdening me with information that was above my skill level, while giving constructive feedback on my play style/positioning. I think the best part of the lesson was the fact that someone as busy as he is is willing to give continued help to his students even after a lesson. If you're looking for a pro-coach who is not just in this to make a fast $20 and move on, turn and burn if you will, Shibby is your guy. I fully plan on booking more lessons with him in the future, and would highly recommend him to anyone at any skill level. -Zac Attack 3/1/2016
10/10 noob feeder -bellemiku 2/2/2016
Really helpful - did an hour-long antimage replay, was super nice and supportive. Showed me a ton of things I was doing wrong, and I never felt like he was telling me I was bad at the game. -@CmdrSchwegs 2/2/2016
Shiibby took his time with me, and went into great detail on the things that i was doing right and wrong. Made sure to emphasize that i did do things great while also pointing out my mistakes. Very detailed in his explanations. Is always available for questions even after your lesson is over. Overall i am really happy with the lesson and HIGHLY recommend SHIIBBYY. -Default 2/21/2016
Got coach'ed, with good explanation and how to make decision in the mid-lane for a 4k scrub like me. Recommended coach. -?Défenseur 2/26/2016
is very patient and very detailed. -DrunkenSmurf 3/1/2016
Sick coach really helpful -WPH.Devereaux 3/4/2016

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