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How do I improve faster?
What do I need to do to get x mmr?
What are the biggest differences between 3k and 5k and 7k players?
If you're looking for answers to these questions, you've come to the right person.

I'm SlashStrike, some of you may know me from my stream or guides, I've been doing coaching for quite a while but am only now starting to use this platform. I'll be streaming all of the coaching sessions, so you can check out the VOD later if you want to go over what we discussed again.

You can see my teams and tournament placings here:
Guides and previous coaching sessions here:
During the old system I was at about 8100 mmr, with the new system I have about 6800 which puts me roughly in the top 50 in EU
I'm based in Europe but have a pretty flexible schedule so I can coach people from any region

My most played role is mid, but I have tons of experience on every role and hero, so whether you want to specialize in something or get general lessons, we can do anything. Apart from mechanics, awareness, positioning, drafting, etc., we can also go over some matchmaking psychology - how to achieve the correct solo queue mentality and keep up the positive attitude in your teammates so that you have the biggest possible impact on your games leading to a high winrate.

Unfortunately Valve don't care that the in-game coaching features are bugged and limited, but the following is what we can do:
- Replay analysis (We go over a replay of your choice, I move through it while sharing screen on skype)
- Live coaching (You queue for a game with me in the coach slot)
- Reverse live coaching (I queue for a game with you in the coach slot)
- Laning practice in lobby (Explaining and trying different lane match-ups)
- Duo queue (We play together)

I also offer Team Coaching, although of course at a slightly higher price. This is up to negotiation depending on a number of characteristics of your team.

Feel free to add me and ask some questions before you decide whether you want me as your coach!

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I had SlashStrike help me coach my team. He helped us get a better understanding of working as a team and what the objectives in the game should be. He also has a very good sense about the current meta and understands it perfectly. He is a very nice and polite person, who gets his points across easily. I would gladly have him as my coach again! -Luna 6/9/2017
Overall good experience. The small errors being pointed out in my game style is what is going to help in the long run. Thanks:) -Pyrrhus 6/14/2017
Slashstrike is a super good coach, I've had other coaches before and this is the coach I've spent the most money with. I've had close to 20 lessons or more and have expanded my hero pool, now understand different playstyles so I can be better prepared to counter and not be countered. I have also learned about my weaknesses as a player and had my confidence boosted knowing that I do have the mechanical skill to be a 7k player. Slashstrike is great outside of dota as well, easy to talk to, fun, supportive, honest, open. The only downside of hiring him as your coach is he may not have as much free time for me anymore :O -iTzPossible 8/15/2017

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