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My name is Stanley Yang or Stan King. I'm a US 8k+ support only player looking to help other support players improve their game and potentially break into the competitive scene. I'm looking to help teach other high skill support players and take them to the next level.

I've played on several top tier NA dota teams, most notably FDL. I've been to premier Dota 2 LANs like the Summit 5. I have a wealth of competitive experience from playing and watching in these competitive games.

As a pub player, I was one of the original hero spammers. I climbed to 5.5k MMR (top 100 NA at the time) playing only Sand King. Since then I've expanded my hero pool, but I still firmly believe in improving through repetition. I am very confident in providing insight for all support heroes.

As a previous competitor and teacher in the chess scene (ELO 2230), I have a lot of experience helping and guiding people to becoming better players. I am patient and understanding and can phrase ideas in multiple ways to help others understand. I have a day job as an actuary - communication is one of my strengths that I continue to improve on every day at the office.

Lessons will consist of 3 parts:
*Individual replay analysis - we will cover a replay by the student to understand the student's current thought process.
*Professional replay analysis - we will watch a relevant replay by a professional player to understand the differences in thought process.
*Improvement plan - we will develop a plan for the student to bridge the gap between individual play and professional play.

If there's any other parts of the lesson that the student would want, we will cover that also.

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Most coaches are like that guy thats always at the local 24 hour gym so they get hired there to be glorified babysitters. They have big muscles(high mmr) just because they work out alot(play alot of games) and use supliments(spam op heroes). They tell you basic things your form is wrong(can't cs, flame your positioning) but give you no way to fix it and after your session is up they plug some suppliment that will make your muscles bigger(tell you what hero to spam to maybe gain mmr) and remind you to work on your form(cs, positioning, ect.) but don't help you remedy your issues just tell you what you did wrong, just like they do to everyone else they help. Stan on the other hand is like the personal trainer you meet at the'fitness club' you go to in the rich suburbs. He gives you an individual routine that will improve you based on your own personal issues(parses your replays to find mistakes and makes a spreadshit to organize your issues and how to fix them), hes there every time you have questions ( lets you message him if you have questions). Stan isn't even in the same league as other coaches on this site trust me I've worked with a few others, and is the only coach I would recommend to friends or other players looking to improve. -I Am Busy And Important 9/3/2016
You looking to win games as a support? This guy is your man. He came into the coaching session, having already watched some of my replays, and had messaged me to get some information on what I wanted to lesson to focus on. We looked at some of my replays, and not only did he point out errors or things I could do better, he then would show me the other side of the spectrum, he showed me the results of correcting those errors in games he played himself. We talked for a little longer than what I paid, (good nice dude) and I left with advice, a whole new mindset, and a spread sheet he made of things for me to keep in mind in my future games, and heroes that best fit my mindset and goals that I need to work on. I scheduled a lesson on a Thursday, and we just concluded our lesson on Saturday at noon. Great scheduling. Very good coach, very very great player, but more importantly a very knowledgeable and helping instructor. This guy will help with mechanics, and ideals you can apply towards your games, but, he teaches you, what it takes to win Dota matches, and I think, that is what we all came to this website for. Could not be more pleased. (unless they buff Treant Protector.) -Herkimer 9/10/2016
knows what he's doing -not a dog player 8/21/2017

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