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Hello, I'm SunBhie from formerly of MVP.Hot6. I'm a TI5 Qualifiers winner (SEA), TI5 last placer, and MPGL7 winner. I also coached TNC in TI6.

I used to play poker, and there was a time where I got stuck at a certain limit, and had to get coaching. It was like mad expensive too. I don't even think it helped me that much, so I felt a little bitter about it. So here's wassup. We can talk about my coaching for like 10-15min free, no pressure, and you can see for yourself if you want to commit or not.

You can contact me on Skype: PJLWORLD
My steam friendlist is nearing full, please try to talk to me through Skype, I may not accept requests on Steam!
Just mention coaching when you add me. I'm currently in Ontario CA.

No regional preference. I'll coach any region as long as we can communicate. Scheduling should be adjustable for the most part.

Coaching programs will be unique from player to player, tailoring to each player's needs.
Here are some of the things you can expect:
* I'll sit as a coach in-game and watch your game. We may even do live sweat sessions through screenshare in a ranked match.
* We'll watch replay together and talk dota, and discuss game theory.
* Attitude, mindset adjustments and tryharding

I can teach every role. You can check my dotabuff for validity. And if I'm not comfortable with something I won't bullshit you, I'll tell you straight up.

I think the most important thing when it comes to purchasing a coaching session is some form of security. Security in that you will improve. And quite frankly, I don't know if I can give you that. I'm not sure if anyone could. Much of that is on you just as it's on me. What I can promise you is my absolute best.

10/29/2015 Edit
Hey, fam. I've decided to increase my rate for a few reasons. I've been undercutting other 6k coaches which is unfair and rather cutthroat. I've also recently hit my MMR milestone, so I think I have more to offer than before. And generally speaking, I think I'm worth your time for the new rate. My former students will be *grandfathered in for the previous rate, and the same will apply to future rate adjustments.

*this means that, if I charged you $19.50 before, the rate won't change for you. And so on and so forth for future adjustments.

I know I've lost some students lately because I've been busy, and I forget to speak to them again (sorry). Sometimes, I feel hesitant to talk to potential students because I feel as though that coaching's a sort of an impulse purchase. You may feel like you need a coach right now, and then maybe three days later you feel otherwise. I do take this very seriously, but I just want to avoid being a pestering salesman. So, don't be afraid of opening a convo with me on your end if this is something you really want.

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Great session, did a mix of review/live play and lobby mechanics work. Friendly and not too intimidating as a coach, he is a TI level competitor after all. :) -Luckbox 8/27/2015
Totally fantastic; reasonably priced, extremely friendly, pointed out and helped with many different aspects of the game, both big and small. Worked around my schedule (and my technical issues) and was patient with me. Will definitely use again. 10/10 -Zeals 8/30/2015
Very friendly and has a vast knowledge of the intrinsic of Dota 2. I'm not a bright player, but I can see I'll be able to improve if I follow what was coached. 10/10 will hire him again. -astro11 11/11/2015
I asked SunBhie to help me improve my Ember Spirit. Since I was already somewhat comfortable with the general idea of a hero, we first watched one of my recent replays. While doing that, we talked about the hero in general, as well as my decisions in the specific game. What definitely separates SunBhie from many of the coaches is that he doesn't waste time by going into almost play by play analysis of my game, but only concentrates on the most crucial decisions and the general impression. I feel that it shows that he had a much broader view of the game, than most of 6k coaches. I also loved that he always asked my opinion first, and then would say whether he agrees with me or not, instead of trying to force me to think like he thinks is correct. I've already played some matches since we had a lesson, and I can sincerely say that now I have much more consciousness and versatility in the item choices, as well as the playstyle of this her. We then went into a practice lobby, where he showed me a bunch of mechanical tricks with Ember (I do not want to spoil any of his material, but trust me, it was much-much more complicated things than Fist-Chains combo, though I'm sure he can show you things like that, in case you are not really familiar with a hero). Lastly, we played some 1v1 match ups, against Ember's hardest counters (Lanaya, SF, WR, etc.). We swapped heroes couple of times, so I could understand the match up deeper. I did get destroyed every single time, regardless of the hero (unsurprisingly), but I can say that I have learned a lot. I can now comfortably play a lot of these match ups, and often win, even if I this is against the odds. He explained everything from first buy to mana-management to dodging Psi blades. To summarize: SunBhie is a great coach. Unlike many other coaches, his session actually feels like a real lesson. Also, he is a really nice person, and speaks absolutely fluent English, so don't even bother about it. After the lesson I feel that the biggest improvement was that I am much more aware of what I am doing, conscious, rather than instinct-based, if you will. I will definitely have another session some time after, but now I need some time to digest everything (or at least some) of what he said. -sininsideus 11/19/2015
This is an amazing coach. His mechanical skills on top of knowing advanced techniques that you would never think of are amazing (especially with ember)! Totally worth what he asked for. He goes deep into thinking outside of the "typical" person. He went over a replay and showed parts where i could of been aggressive and understanding your opponent. There's a crap ton he went over. You just need to get this coach! Well worth your time. -Datsit 12/18/2015
Superior communication skills and replay watching technique. Explains things in detail and is very easy to understand. Also connects with your unique needs to improve in Dota! Highly recommended as a coach! -eAx 2/16/2016
Not every coach on this site that have a lot of positive reviews from 1-2k players are able to bring your game to the next level. They can only teach you the basics of a hero and correct obvious gameplay flaws and mistakes. If you are a skilled player looking to improve, there are no questions this coach is not able to answer sufficiently. Speaks perfect English and a really nice guy, recommend. -Hidden Bird of Askanath 4/5/2016

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