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First hour = $21.25, Contact me on Skype/Discord/Facebook before booking .

Why me?.. Simply check the Achievements/Results at the bottom and the Reviews.

Facebook Page : . / Discord : TheVeryFamousar3a1234#4857

About me

Hello , My name is Hady! I am a 25 years old Egyptian Pro DOTA player. I've been perfecting my DOTA skills for more than 10 years! I've played for many Pro Teams, including: Team Abraxas , Goomba, Cyclones, E-Lab . Was the Manager and Captain of team Slice N' Dice which reached the Semi-Final of TI 2017, KIEV Major and Manila Major EU Open Qualifiers. Played with team Evil Corporation who placed top 4 in the Galaxy Battles Major of EU Closed Qualifier and got Invited to ESL One Genting Minor Closed Qualifiers, Ex-teammate of GH-GOD

Currently playing as Support with Unchained Esports

I Coach all Regions and Roles .

Team Coaching = $35/hour.

Here are some of the Screenshots/Vids against good teams/players

Safelane Ursa vs W33,GH,Rajix

Safelane Juggernaut vs OG

Safelane Gyrocopter vs Alliance (13/2)

Support Witch Doctor vs NIP ( 19/7 with highest net worth!) / Video

Mid Juggernaut VS SING SING (38/4 )

Mid Phantom Assassin ( 14 /2 ) vs Secret.MidOne (Nyx)

Safelane Lifestealer (13/5) with SoNNeiko (Naga) vs EternalEnvy (TB)

Offlane Clockwerk (9/1) vs Miracle ( Juggernaut) with Gh (Rubick)

4th position Spirit Breaker (13/4) vs Miracle (Razor)

Achievements and Results

-1st place in Taurora Invitational #2
-1st place in Rampage Series #3
-1st Place in ProDota Cup Europe #27
-3rd place in Taurora Dota 2 Invitational 1
-Top 52 EU Leaderboards
-Invited to ESL One Genting Minor Closed Qualifiers as team Evil Corporation
-Top 4 in the Galaxy Battles Major of EU Closed Qualifier
-1st Place in the GALAXY BATTLES: EMERGING WORLDS 2018 Major EU Open Qualifier
-Top 4 in the Semi-Final of the International 2017 Open Qualifiers 1
-Top 4 in the Semi-Final of the KIEV Major EU Open Qualifier 1
-Top 4 in the Semi-Final of the KIEV Major EU Open Qualifier 2
-Top 4 in the Semi-Final of the Manila Major EU Open Qualifier
-3rd Place in WCA 2017 MENA regional Qualifiers
-2nd Place in the qualifiers of World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) and placed 4th in the LAN finals in Dubai
-1st Place in the MDL MACAU EU Open Qualifier
-Smurfing/Boosting from 2k to 4k with 70 games win streak
-1st Place WESG 2017 Northern Africa Qualifier
-Top 20 WESG 2017 China LAN Grand Finals

More Screenshots/Vids against good teams/players such as :

Mad Lads ( Madara-syndereN - Khezu-qojqva-MNT) as a Safelane Phantom Lancer
13abyknight as a Safelane Juggernaut with Dendi (Qop)
Fantastic Five as a 4th position support Phoenix / Video
PENTA Sports as a Middle Lifestealer
Battle Cup Tier 8 Grand Final as an Offlane Darkseer with Liquid.GH
Trixi ( Jakiro) as a Safelane Ursa with EG.Universe ( Omni)
Cancel^^(Wr) as a 5th position support Skywrath Mage with Arteezy (Lycan)
Penta Sports as Support SS with Ar1se (team Doggie)


In a typical lesson, we begin by discussing your mastery objectives and outlining how best to achieve them. We also set goals for future sessions , so you know what to look forward to and to help us monitor your progress. We then start with some general knowledge, before going deep into details like : Best Heroes and Meta Heroes to boost your MMR then discuss specific Heroes ,Game Plan and Itemization , Lane Control , Farming Efficiency/Warding , Rotations , Pushing/Split-pushing , Taking Objectives and Game Closure .

I offer coaching to individuals/teams almost everyday and we agree on the day/time which is suitable for both of us after you contact me. My students are like my friends and sometimes we spend extra free time ( Up to 1 hour) , I am always free to talk and will answer any questions I get from my students in steam chat outside the coaching sessions. Teamspeak is the most preferred program for the session but Skype and Discord are fine as well .

The Content of Coaching is up to you to decide but here are some of the few basic examples :

  • Live Coaching as I enter the game as your coach (Unranked match without 2 minutes delay which is preferable) .
  • Solo/Team Replay analysis ( either do it while watching together or I send you a text document to your mail or both )
  • Watch me in game ( As a Coach) while explaining my approach to the game.
  • 1v1 Practice

If you have any questions about me or coaching , feel free to contact me whether on Skype or Steam or Facebook.

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2 star:
1 star:
This coach has extraordinary knowledge of the game, be it metagame, builds or mid game/late game decision making. He opens your eyes on a lot of decision making stuff, especially openings such as "weird" roshan takes or extreme aggression. He even gave me an hour for free. The only thing which was problematic was the voice quality of his microphone, although he mentioned it probably is a one-time-thing. Overall the dream of what I expected a good coach to be and his experience backs him up; 6.5-7k MMR and participates in Tier 3 tournaments. -TinTin 3/7/2016
He has a great knowledge of the game and he is a patient and friendly guy , he will tell you about every single detail for each hero/role and he is definitely a tier 2/1 player -AG 3/22/2016
Ar3a has the deepest experience of the game than anyone i know, I've benefited from his advice in little time more than I have on my own for years. I owe all my progress today and in the future to his guidance and direction. -Alt.QQ 4/5/2016
will use again! -ONE OR TWO OR FEED 4/15/2016
Nice, informative. Good coach :) -kakashi 4/22/2016
ar3a has exceptional map awareness and was able to pass this on to me and I've noticed a great development in my skills and decision making. my winrate has increased by atleast 30-40%. he is very polite, patient and helpful. he deserves more recognition and I believe he is one of the best coaches out here. Thanks ar3a!! -Atlantis 4/26/2016
Excellent coach. I really wanted to hire a session with him because from the beginning I found it very professional, and effectively. An experienced coach, who from the first minute has a close relationship with you, very patient explaining everything in detail. It adapts to your needs and is extremely experienced. A experience that every Dota player must feel without doubt. He explained a variety of mechanical 1v1 and then played a game with (he as a coach and me as player) where he was leading and explaining each point of the game in real time. In just one session with him I learned more than in one year playing alone. BRILLIAN. I will definetely take more lessons with him. -TΞSTΔ -The Underdog- 4/28/2016
Very Good coach -Daisy x :) 5/6/2016
Really helpful :) -世界で最も幸せな男 :D 5/11/2016
Ar3a is the best leader i've played with in a long time, his advice in game leads the whole team to easy wins. Excellent support as well! -DogMagnet- 5/11/2016
Best coach best leader!! thank you! -I Punish mean people 5/11/2016
Excellent coach, helped me handle mid role with ember spirit, he opened my eyes and gave me some tips I never thought on them, this guys know what he is doing Recommend!! 4.4k MMR -Mid or I go back to Australia 5/13/2016
Really knowledgeable and very clear in his explanations, went to him for supporting and he broke my mindset plateaus which would probably have held me back for a long time otherwise. Nice bloke with impressive credentials in competitive Dota as well which doesn't hurt +1 -Last Pick 5/25/2016
really great coach, he went above and beyond to really teach me some stuff, like an extra 40 minutes for free.. amazing :) -Sam 5/29/2016
Excellent communication. Coach was knowledgeable and patient. I will continue to communicate with him and use this service -3dge 5/30/2016
Ez 5/5! -Tribhuwana 6/5/2016
Terrific session, very positive and friendly coach, very clear in his explanations. he went above and beyond to really teach me some stuff, like an extra 45 minutes for free. -Prep, coin, concede! 6/14/2016
I really enjoyed the lesson. friendly guy with tons of knowledge. recommended! -Redhouse 6/18/2016
5 stars -Tribhuwana 6/26/2016
Was a nice coaching session yesterday. Learned some new stuff about how to play spectre, especially how to fight and item choices. Would hire him again. -otb_red_baron 7/5/2016
5/5 -Tribhuwana 7/19/2016
Awesome teacher.. His talking and knowledge is comprehensive.. I will surely come back for another lesson.. (y) -Fuck The Crowd 7/24/2016
Great guidance and a lot of advice helped me improve a great deal. Ar3a is definitely one of the most experienced players out there and sees the game the way it should be seen. He passes that on to his students as he did to me. Thanks! -DogMagnet- 7/26/2016
Amazing! Really enjoyed the coaching session and learned a lot. Will definitely book again, would recommend. -gg 7/29/2016
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5........ -Tribhuwana 7/29/2016
Well worth the money! Had a lot of insight on types of supporting and helped me a load with specifics on Oracle. Vast game knowledge and I'll definitely will be purchasing more coaching from him. -Sammy Snake 7/31/2016
Excellent and also very knowledgeable! Learnt alot about slark, kiting and etc. Someone even called me "miracle". HAHAHA! Thank you so much for your time!! -The Dragon's sin of wrath 4/8/2016 -Fake Pasha 8/3/2016
It was really amazing :) he is patient even though im pretty new , quickly responds based on the situation to give the best possible outcome :) Really great coach and definitely would look for him again! :) -galactose 8/8/2016
Helped me with my invoker as well as with my general game play. He coached me in virtually every aspect of the game with the right vs. wrong way to do things as well as why. Just a great teacher all around who provides examples, scenarios and solid reasoning behind everything he taught. Completely worth the time and the price! -TAW | Opsdrop 8/10/2016
Ar3a was fantastic. He was extremely knowledgeable and very good coaching manner. We played two pub games with him spectating me (which took more than the allocated 1 hour - very gracious) and I learned a huge amount. I've got my hero homework to do, and I'm looking forward to our next session together. -arrrr 8/13/2016
He was excellent from start to finish, he guided me by showing me how he played the certain hero and explaining his actions. then he coached me on game and guided me by showing me tips and tricks and overall positioning and certain mechanics that i should follow. Explained situational builds, general builds and how to deal with the off lane I was against, identified what I needed to work on and used the remaining time after the game to show me exercises I can do to improve what I was lacking. Went as far as to give me lots of material to improve the hero. He The best I know him from forever , He always Surprise me . -Gah5iji 9/2/2016
Very knowledgable about the game. Talked about offlane role in general and good starting builds and descitions. I also watched him play a game while talking through the events, but I suspect it's more efficient to analyze replays, atleast for me. He also talked with me for WAY longer than 1 hour, and if need be and you have questions about item builds and so forth, he can answer those outside sessions. He knows soo much about the game I'm sure he could go on indefinetly. Over all a very positive experience. I will be taking another sessions with this guy for sure. -Shin0m0ri 8/21/2016
Overall I have no complaints, the coach was confident and knowledgeable and had a positive outlook from the start. He always had things to say and was constantly helping you and giving information, and he also compromises and offers further assistance if needed. I have had 2-3 coaches before this and I can say without a doubt that ar3a blows them all out of the water. Amazing player and amazing coach. -General Iroh 9/2/2016
Very nice person and a very good coach. Good knowledge of the game , got pretty good advices . Very satisfied overall -xfgvbnm,. 9/1/2016
A pretty nice person and coach. He knows the game very well and knows how to guide you in order to improve your gameplay. I couldn't have chosen a better coach. -nerock 9/1/2016
This guy taught me so much. Really good coach who gives good game advice on how to really improve certain heroes you want to play and about creating space. -Sana the Miracle 9/9/2016
What we did was he played a pub while I spectated him and he explained his thought process while playing the game. I found this to be highly effective in understanding the complexity of the game. Thankfully he was able to explain to me why he did every little micro decision in great detail and even what to keep in mind against different skill brackets and different enemy compositions. He does have an accent, but his english is very strong and he is able to convey complicated concepts well. -Davai, Stay Hydrated, Cyka 9/11/2016
Very knowlegable about the game and the heores but more importantly about the implementation of these within a live game environment. Highly recommended :) -Y33haa 9/14/2016
Watching him play live while commenting on his decisions. Really learnt a lot more about game sense. Also learnt new ways to flame your team mates! -Eggs Benedict Crumplesnatch 9/14/2016
This gentleman is a truly fantastic teacher, as well as a truly fantastic player. He's patient and listens to your ideas and bounces more ideas on top of it and gives great advice and moral during coaching. Would highly recommend this coach any day! -Blue Zer0 9/15/2016
Super friendly, tons of game knowledge, helped a ton! Thank you! -EmmyDiesAlone 9/15/2016
He has vast experience about all the roles and great game knowledge as well as amazing solo skills and that's what makes him different from any other player/coach . -Baba Yaga 9/19/2016
SUGAR SWEET. -깨진 약속 9/16/2016
Amazing coach with great knowledge. Clear and precise explanations enable easy undertanding of the issues being discussed. Hopefully i can implement what i have learned :) -Baba Yaga 9/20/2016
Gave me the best tip ever -Larry 10/7/2016
Very insightful and detailed on my replay. Has tons of knowledge and goes over the little details that matter and have a big impact on your game. -HiddenLion 9/29/2016
ar3a is a very skilled coach who gave me specific ways in which I can improve and strategies to succeed in the game. I will likely hire him again. -Thomas Jefferson 10/1/2016
Great coach !!! -™FLAG ® 10/3/2016
It was great! learned a lot from Hady. Will suggest to other players -ClosedAI(Human) 10/4/2016
Really good coach, has so much awareness of what's happening in the game and so fast decision making, a bit hard to catch up sometimes because of this but I would recommend. Makes you realize how many things that are happening that you're not being aware of. -Hyro 10/4/2016
Hady is a fantastic coach, and I learned a lot from our introductory session alone. Definitely recommend coaching with Hady if you want to improve your game, no matter what position you play! Thanks for the excellent coaching, and see you in game :) -a1rport.C-137 10/6/2016
I keep coming back again and again -nerock 10/6/2016
This man is a god, simple as that -SF-13.Szilard 10/7/2016
Coaching session was great, worth every cents, Coach was a genuine very friendly person who wants to see you improve in all aspect of the game, He is a dedicated coach as well as a dedicated player, his insights to the game are some of the best advised youll ever hear, if you want a coach to improve your mmr look no further as he will definitely be a great mentor. -BOSS ~ Gracie ~ TRADEIT.GG 10/13/2016
Ar3a is extremely knowledgeable of the game, he has always good insight about what could be improved, either by watching a whole game or just by the game stats/items at the end. The lessons have been extremely good, not only for all the details he provide, but because his patience on explaining everything, and I think this makes the coaching session a whole lot better than with other coaches. I was really frustrated with the game and he helped me improve enough to start making a real difference in my games. -Bosh 10/18/2016
Excellent coach, can recommend to anyone. Very cool guy too. -exo-weeb 10/15/2016
Super nice guy that knows what he is talking about, would definitely be coached by him again. -scrappy coco 10/15/2016
I have absolutely zero complaints. This was my first coaching session and I will absolutely do more in the future. -LoyalLion 10/15/2016
very friendly guy really helped me a lot. I learnt things I could never imagine ;) -InFeRnO 10/24/2016
I have had 2 coaching sessions so far. I was looking for advice on how to play support better and he is very knowledgeable about this. He is friendly and easy to communicate with. I will be scheduling more sessions to continue my progress. -kroppork 10/24/2016
Great coach, I recommend Mady highly. -Posty~ 10/25/2016
He played two games with me. I payed for one hour, the session ended up with 2h. Very smart and humble guy. -FurY- 10/28/2016
Great coach!!! very good explanations!!! -#Stay Young#Stay Simple 10/25/2016
He help me improve my gaming skills and also have a great time, Was very fun and i will do it again for sure. -Magic 10/26/2016
Ar3a totally kicks ass. Even before I paid for a session he was talking to me, giving me tips on heroes and builds, commenting back when I would talk about they pubs he was playing. Super dope. I'll be back and better than before. :D -MollyWhop 10/27/2016
really, really great -really makes you think 10/30/2016
Well ar3a has alot of experience and knowlege in this game, he coaches me when i play and we also play games together and i can guarantee he is a good experienced coach. The most notiable thing about ar3a is that he is very patient and likes to communicate. So if you are looking for a coach ar3a is definetly the one to contact. -TitoU_- 11/30/2016
talk clearly he is nice person . we have a lot of discuss before start a lesson and after the lesson.In game he give me a good reason in every action and after the game he give me a homework. -Aussenseiter 11/1/2016
After a 8 month break had a session with this ar3a1234 learned so much very friendly and very patient more importantly I have finished the lesson feeling like I have been put in right direction paid more for lessons off other coaches and learned LOADS from this guy! Much Recommended. -MarkyB 11/5/2016
I learned so much in our session. He was quickly able to identify that I was trying to focus on too many advanced things when my fundamentals and last hitting were bad. We were able to focus on that and improve my game effectiveness maximally. Ar3a is a great coach. He went way above and beyond and was willing to spend more time than i booked to make sure i understood the concepts in theory as well as in practice. -BluePill 11/10/2016
Great guy! Very proffesional, very helpfull! 10/10 would recommend to any of you out there! -mode: positivity 11/13/2016
he explained the decisions he made very well and i have learned alot. it helped me improve my gameplay quite significantly actually and will be having more sessions definately -Angel's egg 11/14/2016
first time with the coach . overall experience good , he point out my mistakes , decision making in some situation , different item progression and giving me some suggestion and advices to be better player . -CRUSADER SMURF 11/15/2016
In short,a very nece guy..Taught me a lot of good things... Great communication in a whole session...Hopefully I'll get advise from him soon egough again -Wrestler 11/19/2016
He was awesome. Lots of good insights. -Quikey 12/3/2016
He is very informative, knows what you should know and when you should know it, and communicates clearly. If you're looking for a friendly, understanding, and well-spoken Egyptian man, this is your guy! Most of all He cares and it shows, support Him while he supports you! glhf! -TBD.ill 12/5/2016
Coach was great! Very helpful even when the coaching session was over. -Devotion 12/16/2016
great coach, recommend Hady to anyone! -:) 12/25/2016
Extremely knowledgeable and taught me a lot of useful tips. I got a TRIPLE RAMPAGE in the second pub game playing under Hady's guidance. I still have a lot to learn to will definitely look for him again. -kokyew 12/28/2016
The guy has a very good knowledge about Dota. I got coached while playing a pub and he discussed almost everything about what to do,: when to push, when not to fight, when to buyback when not to, who to focus in fights and so on. He has a very good knowledge of the game mechanics, he pointed out which mistakes i did through the game and how to correct them. It was a very informative session with him, also very friendly Very helpful. Recommended -Facta,Non Verba 12/27/2016
He was very patient and informative. My skill level improved instantly. He offered a strategy for improving MMR which seems to be working. -tyrannoceratops 12/28/2016
Excellent coach and I had immediate results, worked very well and gave me great advise, clearly expressed in english and very reasonably priced! Coming back for more lessons soon :) -DMF_L-Lamas 12/29/2016
Nothing :D. -Peachrocks 1/1/2017
Really cool guy, had two pub games while being coached and i dominated the game, Learned a lot of new stuff that were extremely helpful :D Thank you so much! -MFKERS COMEON 1/1/2017
Great coach, best prices. Highly recommended. -I Tip Back 1/13/2017
Have done one session so far, very good feedback and advice. Looking forward to more! -Argo 1/2/2017
Another great lesson from Hady. Very knowledgeable, very effective with in-game coaching. He does not stop providing great advice. I am a beginner and have had two lessons with Hady. After only one lesson I have been winning at least twice the amount of games and have become a usual key contributor. Will be hiring again. -Shooter 1/29/2017
Purchased a couple of hours with Hady & he was immediately able to point out weak points in my game. Let me know ways i can improve even in this short time. Gave me things to work on after our lesson and overall i'm quite satisfied. Great coach! -o.O 1/7/2017
The guy is amazing! Follows you thoroughly and points out the best way to improve in a clear and helpful way! Absolutely recommended! -|[BO]| Fluttering Storm 1/15/2017
this guys cool -retart 1/17/2017
He really does know EVERYTHING about the game. One session coaching with him will undoubtedly change the way that you play and improve your skills drastically. I have been coaching with him for a couple months now and my winrate has gone from 51% to 59%. Worth every penny. AAA+ Ebayer ;) -SneakY 2/8/2017
I've got two very productive game session, and learned a lot of concepts I've only read before in practice. This coach is super-helpful, super-friendly and it's a big pleasure to learn from him, I recommend him to everyone who is reading this lines. My next session will be with this coach for sure. -Dmitry 1/20/2017
The knowledge on roaming supports (pudge in my case) opened my eyes alot of what a pos 4 can and cant do. There is alot of practice that is required in order to be an efficient player, but this guy definitely gives me something to start with that is worth more than money could ever buy, for me atleast. 10/10! -bearcat 1/23/2017
Very knowledgeable in almost all aspects of dota (Core, jungler, support, etc.). After the game was done, he takes his time telling you what your mistakes were and how to fix them. -Cat mario 1/28/2017
We had a great session which went well over the time allotted. Thanks! -Jimmeh 2/2/2017
great guy very good teacher -dota 2 baby 2/23/2017
Helped set goals, gave me specific things to accomplish. Overall very satisfied and plan on using for some time. Added benefit of being a friendly cool guy. -Sovereign 3/1/2017
i keep coming back for more and more -nerock 3/6/2017
one of the best instructors around...give him a cherry hel give you the cake. -AlphaQ 3/20/2017
I am brand new to dota and he gave me a guided path to help me get better at the game faster. We went over what hero i should play, build paths, jungle pathing, tips and tricks like stacking jungle camps and the basics of the game. 10/10 coach. Will return for more once i reach the goal that was set in our coaching session =) -Dyldobagginsx 3/31/2017
nice coach, highgly recommend him! thanks! -The one and Oli 4/5/2017
Best Coach you'll ever hire , he have a good communication skills though he speaks a little fast . -Flying Raijin Thunder God 4/11/2017
I'm 3k MMR and Ar3a was the perfect coach for me. His knowledge of the game is really deep and he will explain you everything you need to become a better player. He is also very passionate about what he is doing. I could feel like he really cares about me improving as a player. I'm so happy that I bought a 3.5 hours session with him and I will definitely hire him again. -LoL>Dota 4/18/2017
I had 2 hours session and it was enough to open my eyes on several mistakes. Not only pointing out mistakes but giving solution with very good examples. The knowledge shared as well in different phases of the game is very helpful and can help you improve. I intend to have more sessions very soon! I recommend this coach! 4/21/2017
Amazing caoch. Really talented, knows his game, knows all the when's and why's and how's, is more than capable to tell you what you need, really clearly and easy to understand​. I don't think it could have been any better! -zzzzz 4/21/2017
10/10 would be coached again -OpenAI 4/25/2017
He is seriously too good. -zzzzz 4/28/2017
Very Nice Coach !!! Help a lot for my decision making. -Y1 5/2/2017
ar3a was very good at communicating fundamental ideas of dota to help me understand the game and how to improve. -Dizzyizzy 5/5/2017
Deep dota knowledge, friendly and clear in explanations. I will proceed my coaching with this guy : ) -prNss 5/25/2017
Overall I am very happy with the coaching session. Ar3a is very knowledgeable about the game, and he does a great job of explaining what you should be doing/building throughout the game, pointing out things you did well and mistakes. He also sent a lot of great follow up material to review, which is awesome, definitely makes you feel like you got a worthwhile purchase. -Dubs 6/12/2017
Great coach, helped me a ton, was very willing to talk about what I needed to work on. Would recommend to anyone! -xTc 6/13/2017
First time using the coaching services, got tons of valuable advice and info. Thanks! -JYP Soap PP 6/26/2017
great coach, friendly guy. will definitely use him again. -ROAD 2 NORMAL BEHAVIOUR SCORE 6/28/2017
Very good player who helped me notice a lot of things with my play-style that I can change and gave me advice on how to continue improving in the future, we reviewed a couple of replays, went into a private lobby and gave me specific tips on the mid-lane and played one pub while he watched and gave me tips - very helpful and I will definitely be returning for more coaching. -YUH 6/29/2017
Woah this coach taught me so much in the course of an hour that i think i wouldn't know nearly as much if I spent time analyzing my own replays several times. Ar3a gave me special advice for my bracket like what item builds to use and how to approach fights. Overall very happy! Where is the six star option? -NA in my dNA 7/3/2017
Great Session. It was my first session and went very well. -Monstilus 7/15/2017
nice coach. will probably hire again in future -A.C.E 7/20/2017
Ar3a knows dota inside and out. He can also provide you with very detailed item timings and other methods of checking yourself to improve. This was my first ever coaching session and it was more/better than I expected. -Meta-Committee 7/22/2017
Explained everything I asked clearly and reccomended heroes -ChrisdotV 8/15/2017
Super nice guy and helped changed my mindset a lot which has helped me to improve. -kkube 8/18/2017
Very thoughtful and well-spoken coach. He was able to guide me throughout the games and correct my mistakes along the way, and help change some of my assumptions and strategies regarding the game. He always knows what the plan should be at any stage of the game. He's also always open to talk and discuss questions regarding the game, even outside coaching sessions. Overall, very pleased with the session I had with him. -a real boy 8/17/2017
I found Ar3a in the top rated coaches list on Dotacoach,org and have since have 3 hours of coaching with him. I have used coaching services before, and have worked as professional sports coach myself in the past. Even after a short time I can easily verify that Ar3a is as good as he is rated. I have really enjoyed my sessions with Ar3a and have already gained a wealth of knowledge that I have been able to transfer to my games. I very much appreciate Ar3a's style of coaching, particularly how he will take the time to listen to my thoughts when correcting my play instead of just instructing - I have found it has really helped me better understand where I am going wrong. I will definitely continue to receive coaching from Ar3a in the future. -BennyRyan (carry only) 9/2/2017
Great coach - very easy to talk to and very generous with his time. We mostly went over conceptual issues and I thought it was a very productive session. Highly recommended! -kafekaze 9/1/2017
Very good! Best Coach on this website! by far!!! worth all the rate! -bonti 10/28/2017
Friendly and professional. Learned a lot and he helped shift my mindset, still trying to wrap my head around everything. Will definitely schedule another in future. -Eyri 9/27/2017
This is the 5th coach I've had and the best so far. This man being 7k+ playing mostly support really shows how it's done. We analysed my replays and showed me a lot more I could of done to improve my playstyle. -Andre "scapeGOAT” Astora 10/11/2017
Very good experience, thank you!! -Lilimitless 10/29/2017
very good stuff -FeOne 11/25/2017

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