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UPDATE:IF YOU CHANGE YOUR NAME, I WILL NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE. The website is bugged in some ways, I will see 'Unknown name' for a lot of students, this makes is all the more important you add me on skype or ideally Discord VinnySal#3609. If you are an older student I probably removed you from my friends list in order to make room for the new. If I have wrongly removed you just contact me on discord or skype. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response if direct booking. A lot of the time it will be instant sometimes it will be up to 48 hours. I will never purposely ignore someone who has bought coaching, but sometimes people put themselves offline and don't add me on discord in which case it is your responsibility to contact me as you are making it hard for me to reach you. is my steam and you are welcome to add me but sometimes my friends list is full but do not worry, just add me on discord or skype and I will make room for you. My MMR has risen but it cannot be updated on Dotacoach now that medals have replaced MMR. Use promocode 1DBFC1 during checkout for 15% off of a purchase of 2 or more hours. Promocode BSJ does not work sadly.

I would highly recommend buying 2-3 hours because an hour is really only enough for one replay or game and not much discussion. Also I would like to apologize for the one star ratings. This occurred because my friends list was full since I add and keep my students as friends for as long as they would like but because my list filled up without my knowledge I never received the contacts from those students. I have fixed the problem so rest assured there is a 0% chance that the same thing will happen to you should you choose to book with me.

9C7E89 for returning students to receive the old price or message me on Steam.

Experienced leader on 5-7k teams. Won/placed highly in various leagues such as JDL div 2, UGC, AD2L and CSL. Have placed top 64-16 in Major and TI qualifiers. Chill guy and will not waste your time, I know what to look at to improve your game. I have extensive Captain's Mode/Drafting experience (potentially very useful to you TI hopefuls). When I started Dota 2 I played only Captain's Mode and at 1900 CM games, I have more than anyone I know. Also relevant, when MMR was introduced I was 2.0k, so I know the struggles of every bracket intimately and overcame to climb to where I am today.

Having seen others coach I still believe you will be hard pressed to find value like mine. I am a very cerebral player and do great live replay analysis, hindsight is 20/20 so I prefer to predict plays and outcomes right as they are about to happen. Even if you're not mechanically strong (I've coached players from age 13-50), your reactions naturally are primed if you can know what to expect. If you can commit what we learn to mind you can really climb MMR. For example; recently I had a student who was 900MMR and bought a 4.6k account. I would never smurf let alone buy an account so I wasn't too happy with him but he's actually winning as position 6 support at that MMR thanks to all the hours he's spent learning from me. I've had tons of great success stories and hopefully you reading this will be one of them : ]

About me
In pubs I play all roles but mostly position one. On my new team Overpower I play support and am the captain of great players like Venom [7.7k] and Gunnar [6.8k]. I have played 1000s of games and know every roll well.
If you want to learn how to effectively communicate with your team and how to turn that into wins, I am the perfect coach for this. add me if you book a session. Message me even if I'm offline, I'll see it within 24 hours I can't remember everyone I add through this, you have to message me first or I might not know the reason you added me.

I am a sports cameraman and I rap/produce.

Entiendo espanol y hablar pero no con fluidez, estoy aprendiendo en la U.

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Insanely friendly guy who has a lot of knowledge about the game, really showed me the flaws I make and how to rectify them. If you are looking for a coach for the first time, he is the right one :) -I'm trash be nice please 8/19/2016
My first experience with a Dota coach, was not disappointed. We did reverse choaching and some lobby practice. I learned some new stuff as well as got tips on how to improve the stuff I already knew about. Also he's very cool and friendly. I will definitely be coming back! -Nam 9/4/2016
Great Coach . Would definitely recommend. -MyF.By order of the Peaky Blinde 9/18/2016
Very nice coach!!!!!! Taught me a lot about how to play with Slark, early game decision making, itemization, and making plays. Got easy 3x rampage first game with him coaching! -1 mmr 10/25/2016
Coached me well , analysed a replay, help me to see problems and things i could have done better. showed me helpful resources to improve. Only criticism is he maybe over explained some things but that's just my opinion. over all solid Coach will definitely book another session. -ZacyPleb 10/3/2016
Vinny is charismatic, and very friendly . His greatest asset that I noticed, comes from knowledge and practices he incorporated while climbing from a low mmr. This translates helping you incorporate similar habits and practices. Vinny offers great value for the price he charges. If you are looking to get better from the 2-4k bracket I would recommend him over some of the higher MMR coaches. -Try your best 9/29/2016
Great coaching at an affordable rate. I was very happy with the way the coaching session went. Vinny is relaxed and has a lot of knowledge for the game. He explained things in a very simple manner and tells you how it is. Friendly outgoing guy. Will definitely be looking to get another coaching session soon. -Marinezor 10/18/2016
I am a 2k scrub and was afraid a coach of 5-6k would rage and scream or worse, burst out in laughter.. , I mean you already have 9 other people trying to do that to you and you don't need another one. Vinny is pretty cool, friendly and communicates well. Coached while playing a pub and analysed a replay. Both were a great learning experience. However I would prefer a replay analysis to live coaching, because i can play better when no ones watching. There were multiple small and important things that I never knew in my best heroes. I would definitely take a few more sessions after picking up on what I learnt yesterday from Vinny. -septic-flesh 10/19/2016
Great session. Really helped me with reading the game. Like what I could have done better, a lot better. Especially with item build. Many thanks! -Moete Kita Zo 10/23/2016
SeemsGood -Worst comptetitor 10/24/2016
Vinny is the best coach out of 5 that I have used on this site. He is very insightful, takes a good approach, and goes beyond expectations. I highly recommend him. -Thomas Jefferson 11/11/2016
Great experience. Cool guy. Insanely cheap price, which I'm baffled by, but I'm not going to complain. Use him while he's still available ^^ -meow 11/13/2016
vinny really helped me realize my mistakes on my replay for anti mage game. definitely was helpful. -ob 11/22/2016
You get a lot out of your time with Vinny as he's very to the point and doesn't waste any time. He gets straight to the coaching and goes over one concept to the next and clearly has a lot of good game knowledge to share. Highly recommended. -tim0chen 12/2/2016
Thank you, was given excellent service . -Fred 12/3/2016
First of all Vinny is a very nice guy and is easy to get in touch with. We arranged for a two hour session; one replay analysis and one coaching match. I must say that the amount of usable feedback I got from this one short session was great! I highly recommend Vinny. He knows what he is doing and he cares about your game. Enough said. -CoFF 1/9/2017
Really overbearing with my lack of skill to be honest. Made me realize what I was lacking to be able to improve my game further. Nice guy and shows his insight/knowledge of the game by talking you through why/why not things went well. 100% satisfaction guaranteed in my honest opinion -SYPHERIAN 1/8/2017
Vinny's the man. So competent, patient and with a massive love for the game! -[Swiss] Dr Luminous 1/23/2017
Very nice, very knowledgeable, was both fun and enlightening to go over games with him! -ZEZ 1/25/2017
Good coach, helped me both with gameplay and builds. My MMR has increased 400 points in the 10 days or so since I was coached. So much more to learn. -Wiggles 2/2/2017
GOOD coach. I booked two hours with sam during which we went over a jugg replay and then played two pub games. Both games were sort of your typical 4k games, including a jungle lifestealer and a support necrophos, but I felt like my decision-making drasically improved throughout both games. I will definitely be booking lessons in the future. Highly recommended. -cesario 6/8/2017
Very knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommended! -LittleBigJohn 3/27/2017
We watched two replays together, one mine and one of his. During the replay session, he walked me through builds, skills, and decision making process, all in preparation for a following pub game. The interesting thing is that all decisions he makes, he can back up clearly with the rationale behind it. I played Jugger carry, he explained to me his build and skills, and the reasons behind. Since I play in 4.5k games, other players disagreed with our decisions, but he assured me they were the right ones, and damn he was right. I finished the game 13/1 in great fashion, and I learned lots of things with him. It was a pretty rewarding and enjoyable experience, will definitely do again! Thanks Vinny! -Skyrk 4/3/2017
Good coaching session, gave me tips to improve which will hopefully help me climb the leaderboard -Work experiencer 4/20/2017
Never using a coach before I didn't know what to expect. What I did know is that the average prices for coaching. Not only was Vinny very knowledgeable but his prices are totally fair. This experience lead me to immediately ask if I could purchase another session for 2 more games. He helped me a lot with my Crystal Maiden game and as a kind gesture paused our time and ran through a replay of him CM'ing with me. If you want a first awesome mentor Vinny is your man. Hes very charismatic, not over bearing and from time to time hell let you burn your hand on the stove to see if you learned from him or to see if he needs to reiterate the lesson. Very effective at breaking your bad habits. Overall experience 2-0 Ranked matches with him and a replay. Definitely having him coach my team clan at least once -Ol . ¡ レ♡√乇 ㄚ〇ひ 5/3/2017
Very helpful. Would use again! -Drozzy 5/6/2017
Vinny is the man. Extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. I learned a ton of things on our first session and plan to book again. Vinny can do it all - replay coaching, general advice, coaching during a game, you name it. I play position 1 and Vinny had so many tips for me. Already helped me think about certain aspects of the game in a whole new way and has lead to many improvements in even a short period of time. -TheInfamousBreadman 5/21/2017
Really enjoyed the session, was able to find many things to focus and improve on. Looking forward to more coaching sessions. -elourn musk 5/20/2017
Overall really informative session, was cool to meet a fellow Hawkeye -Logboob 5/23/2017
Tried to schedule a coaching session using on demand coaching. Vinny was assigned but actively 'Ignored' my friend request. That's an hour of my day I won't get back. -Bobo Catcher 5/27/2017
Great session! Very helpful! -J. Galt 5/30/2017
Overall, Vinny was a really helpful coach, kept a really positive attitude with me, despite my sub 3k misplays, and made the entire experience quite enjoyable. I realized a lot of my mistakes, was able to see a replay of him playing and analyze his positive plays, and culminate with a game of my own in which he was able to mix the tips I learned with some real-time correction. Would recommend to anyone! -Warning 5/31/2017
Real friendly guy. Not afraid to tell you you fucked up. Would hire again for sure!! -[DFG] Whale King 6/7/2017
I learned a lot with vinny, if u guys want to improve a lot in dota 2 u hire this coach (y) -322 6/23/2017
Vinny is a down to earth guy who is very knowledgeable. I'm a 3k player and we started by watching a replay and then moved on into a ranked game where he walked me through it. I've never had such a huge impact on a game in the first 7 minutes in my life. I learned a lot and am looking forward to applying it going forward. I would definitely use Vinny again. -I Suck Dick For Coke 6/15/2017
Awesome guy and a really good knowledge of the game. Will definitely hire again! -CARE SHAAA WAAH 6/17/2017
I am impressed with his way to convey information without just telling me what to do. It adds to the experience when im not being taught how to raise MMR, but how to be a better player. Couldn't recommend enough. -Antmansv 6/29/2017
knows a ton about the game and can confidently lead you to win a game with jungle midas lion on your team. I learned a lot of info I wouldn't have picked up elsewhere -RJ 6/30/2017
I have been wanting to improve my MMR for a long time now, however, just reading guides on my own just isn't going to cut it when it comes to actually getting real results. Therefore I decided to take a chance and search for a random coach to help me improve my Earth Spirit. To my fortune it was Vinny who came to the rescue and straight away came across as a friendly and extremely knowledgeable (And highly skilled) Dota player. First of all we went through a top tier Earth Spirit replay where I was treated to a relaxing, entertaining and educational hour of coaching where Vinny was great at giving me his knowledge in an understandable and fun environment. After this session I decided that I would like to go further and have him Coach a live ranked game! This was my first time with a coach and the experience was incredibly useful as Vinny was able to talk me through different aspects of my game as I was making decisions. Inevitably we won the game thanks to some top tier coaching allowing me to make plays that I would not have been able to think of on my own. Overall I look forward to many future coaching sessions with Vinny and would recommend him to any other player who is looking to get coached for the first time or has been coached before. I can't imagine the quality of coaching could be higher from any other player! Cheers Vinny Adam -Just Smegley 7/4/2017
Coach Vinny doesn't pull any punches. He will clearly and constructively point out mistakes made by you and other players with the goal being that you will learn by recognizing why/how they were made. Taught through multiple mediums, replay review, ingame coaching, etc.. We reviewed a specific hero I had been working on and also went over some more nuanced overall gameplay aspects. Overall great experience, would choose again! -Tachycardia 7/7/2017
Well, to make it short, everything Vinny tells about himself on his profile is totally accurate. He is a calm guy with much of knowledge on every role, drafting and the game itself. Besides my technical issues, i really enjoyed the lessons and think i learned a lot on what to focus to improve myself now. I will update, if my mmr really raised afterwards and i could grasped all the good advices ;-) -not me 7/9/2017
2 replays analysed and pointed out many of my mistakes -wrangg wrangggg 7/10/2017
Great coach. Super helpful and nice, but still honest when he needed to be about when I would mess up haha. Thanks Vinny! -Ewilan 7/12/2017
awesome experience! thanks definitely doing this again. -igotubro 7/20/2017
Solid, No BS way to learn the game. Vinny may seem harsh with criticism, but he's not going to waste your time. Recommend AT LEAST three hours. I did 2.5 for first session and it went by in an instant. -AmazonPrime 7/20/2017
super nice guy. stuck with me while I did stupid stuff and was super helpful 10/5 stars -👽🔥🍆💦 7/25/2017
Friendly, analytical and overall really good. -JayKay 7/29/2017
Lost the game learned somethings -Sign 7/30/2017
the coach was good but my shitty laptop kinda ruined the session, i wish we took a look at one of my replays instead of playing cause i was playing on 20 fps on skype screen share -G63 AMG 7/31/2017
really nice experience! me and my team learnt alot and really frenly! -Truu very Truu 8/1/2017
Very informative, answered every question and concern I had with clarity. Excellent coach. -Joe Pio 8/16/2017
Straight shooting coach, great insight into the game. -Drunk_Goat82 8/18/2017
Absolutely amazing help, watched a game together and gave me detailed explanations of how to improve my indivual skill as well as communication with my team would definately recommend. Thank you so much for the help :D -4bbb 8/18/2017
Really friendly, able to communicate very well in English, great knowledge about Dota. Totally worth the money. -!Björn T'Challa 8/19/2017
Informative replay review. Pointed out mistakes - straight to the point. Good coach. -sheepzilla 9/11/2017
Great coach - focused on conceptual issues relating to when hero and/or team is strong. Very laid back and easy to talk to. Would recommend. -kafekaze 9/19/2017
Plenty knowledgeable, we won a ranked match. The setup induced some lag, but that's a problem for weaker pc's. Maybe if we play a game without screen share I could get more out of it. Would get coaching again, thank you. -®NAO® SLoTTeR 9/21/2017
Really good! -bonti 9/23/2017
Cut straight to the point which I really appreciated. Clear opportunities in my play we immediately identified and explained. Keep up the good work and thank you! -Dax 9/24/2017
Wasn't expecting much from this, but I was immensely surprised. My coach (Sam) was very knowledgeable and helpful beyond what I was expecting. My friend and I have trouble in matches where we both think we're right, and we kind of wanted to flame each other and were hoping our coach was simply going to tell us who was to blame. Turns out, he took his coaching seriously and told us we were both wrong. 100% satisfied and pleasantly surprised. I will be using this service again in the future. -Carlos Danger 10/17/2017
Everything went smoothly. I learned a lot about little mechanics and specific mid/late- game game sense. I would highly recommend! -HydroSK 10/23/2017
Great teacher, hiring again in the near future! -Launch The Polaris! 10/27/2017
Did a two-hour session where he analyzed one of my games, then coached me through a pub. He pointed out my mistakes, helped me with my questions regarding early/mid game decisions and item/skill builds. I was not conscious of how effective tread switching could be, but he pointed out my mistakes and helped me fix them. I have not had a chance to play many games since, but I am performing better in my games and feel more confident about my abilities now. Thanks! The only issue was with the site - I couldn't add him on Skype from the link provided but that could have been me. -как дела 11/19/2017
watched 1 replay together, rose 2 ranks in 4 days. nuff said. -George Foxes 6/21/2018
If you are serious about learning everything you are doing wrong, sign up for a session, I was/am stuck in the noob void, thinking I was much better than I really was. I will defiantly continue coaching with Vinny. -Capitalist Buddha 11/28/2017
Site worked excellent. Vinny was friendly, honest, and very helpful pointing out some basic things that instantly improved my game. -Paul 11/29/2017
Vinny was great. He had different ideas when it came to me getting the most out of the lesson, and I will definitely use him again. Having someone coach you through a game and help you understand the larger picture is pretty awesome. Not only does it help me to learn the hero I'm playing, it also helps me to identify the issues I'm not seeing on the map. -Graylen 12/12/2017
Extremely knowledgeable and patient, lots of tips and insights. really blew my mind how much of the little things I dont know. Great coach, well worth it. -Spoon 12/16/2017
Even though the hero i wanted to work on was banned, he still managed to pick out the little mistakes in some situation which would give me a bigger advantage in that particular fight. Overall great coach!! -Harvey Specter 12/18/2017
Vinny is very thorough and really makes you look at not only your own play, but how your play should fit in with your team. He doesn't just try to make you a better individual player, he really tries to make you a better team player overall. Would highly recommend. -god has abandoned us 12/31/2017
Awesome coach! He really helped me by pointing out the little things that I never realized, and opened my awareness. Thanks! -KodaLove 1/5/2018
Great coaching session and quite insightful with great communication, would recommend! -diablo 1/11/2018
Great coach but be ready for harsh accurate criticism! -Johnny Bravo 8/18/2018
We watched one of my replays and he was good at pointing out my weaknesses and opportunities to improve. He was insightful and his commentary has given me a change of perspective. (For example, that as a BB I am very concerned with mana items but I also don't use my mana as much as I can). I'm looking forward to playing some games and seeing how this session has helped me and I would definitely come back for more sessions. -Mogster 1/24/2018
Very Helpful -Jonathan 1/31/2018
Coach was great. Really helped me work on the many places to improve my gameplay. Looking forward to our next coaching session. -º¿º 3/11/2018
Suggestions were clear and thoughtful. Sam was extremely knowledgeable both about the game in general and about the specific hero I was interested in learning about. -dippy 3/14/2018
He has a flexible schedule, and when we did our session he had very good information. He showed me key points to help me improve. :D -Turkey 4/16/2018
Patient and a good sense of humor. This guy is great. Took me through a replay and a few ranked games. His knowledge is vast, so it's a lot to take in at once, but I'm super satisfied with this coach. Highly reccomend! Thanks, Vinny! -Magnum Dong 5/21/2018
i cant get in contact -Molly 4/21/2018
Good and friendly coach. -Wolfi32 4/22/2018
Thanks for explanation and guiding! -Silver 0.5™ 4/28/2018
Had a great experience. I was completely new to the game and he explained things in a way that let me understand them, as a new player! Was extremely satisfied with my coaching session. Would recommend to anyone looking for a really great coaching experience! -Draenew 5/5/2018
Thanks for showing me the weaknesses of my game and how to improve. I have a long way to go but know what I need to work on first and foremost -Oldfart 6/2/2018
Great session, went in deph in all my questions. -Samhyung 6/2/2018
I'm bad at DotA 2. This coaching opened my eyes to a whole new level of play. Vinny was able to clearly identify the areas I was failing and explained, clearly, ways I can improve. Very cool! -immorion 6/4/2018
Was very insightful, answered numerous questions and explained the reasons why things happened the way they did and showed how to prevent them in the future. Would recommend to others . -Jey 6/11/2018
Coach was very knowledgeable and answered my questions while we went through a replay. He pointed out my flaws and how to better understand and think about the game which I really took away from our session and hope to apply to my future games. -Organic Grassfed Chicken 6/13/2018
Possibly the best coaching I have received in any game, despite me having less than 10 hours in DotA I feel like I now have a solid grasp of what I'm doing and will definitely be having more sessions. Reviewed a demo and then micromanaged me in a bot game which was very generous of him. Vince is a great guy and somehow managed to keep his cool despite my wood 5 gameplay. -xX_InvokerPlayer420_Xx 6/15/2018
Lets start this by saying I actually taught this immortal a thing us trench folk already knew, yes, you can rupture the enemy creep, he had to rewind cause he didn't believe me lol. But seriously, Just finished three hour coaching session and definitely learned a ton and the fog is lifting and light bulb slowly flickering to life. Watched on of my replays and played one with him coaching and was amazed by how many things I was doing wrong or just not properly. (BE AGGRESSIVE!) already booked another two hours and cant wait to learn some more. If your wondering whether to push the buy button, just do it, you wont regret it in the least. -terror-able 7/20/2018
Really enjoyed the session, was able to find many things to focus and improve on. Looking forward to more coaching sessions. -MIPOSTZOR 7/22/2018
This coach is fantastic - Not only did he provide strong insights into my weaknesses and provided strong solutions but also guided me throughout the game with attention and intensity, strongly recommended - also a fun but focused individual, had one of my best time playing Dota with him as a coach! Thanks -Vigagnolo 8/7/2018
Very satisfied. Vinny was able to predict every one of my deaths 10-20 seconds before they happened, and was able to pinpoint 2-3 major mistakes that couldve changed the outcome of the game. Very helpful to hear how he wouldve handled situations and decision making. -Unknown Name 8/11/2018
Booked a session because I needed help with my efficiency in games, Vinny pointed out every tiny mistake I made in my replays, When qued he explained my draft very well and suggested the right hero. My game was a blast, ended up stomping :D Overall great coach that knows the game! thank you for improving my gameplay, might book more in the future :). -MFKERS COMEON 8/16/2018
Vinny is simply the man! No wonder he's on the top of the list in the meanwhile! -[Swiss] Dr Luminous 8/27/2018
Really friendly, easy to follow, super good. Will be going back, for sure!! 100% recommend -Unknown Name 8/29/2018
Thanks! -Unknown Name 8/31/2018
10/10 - Not only Vinnie is a great coach but also a very nice guy who will tell you exactly what you need to do improve. I will try to apply what he has teached me and will book again a session with him again. You will not be dissapointed -Unknown Name 9/3/2018
Vinny be vinny thanks vinny -Unknown Name 9/9/2018
Very knowledgeable, very helpful -2000 commend boi 9/24/2018
a very good & friendly coach. We watch a replay together and he pointed out all my mistakes, and he also watched my pub games to analyze my decision making. I really recommend this coach if you want to improve your games. -Unknown Name 9/27/2018
Vinny helped me a lot to see the mistakes in my Dota play style , he guide me through a "reply" and showed my flaws and gave me very useful advices to improve my game. In overall an excellent coach -Unknown Name 9/28/2018
Was great, can't think of much to make better. Will deffo order again. We went through a live game coaching me and a few replays, good advice all along. -FLUFFFFYYYY 9/29/2018
Tough but fair. Great learning experience; would recommend! -Chadmander 11/5/2018
Very happy with my session. Very informative and communicated well. We exposed a lot of my leaks and then worked on them in a live game. I wrote this review a couple of months after my coaching session so I would be able to report on the results -- and so far they have been very good (up ~400mmr and will hopefully continue to rise). I would highly recommend a coaching session for people stuck in their climb. -Unknown Name 11/4/2018
Simply the man! -[Swiss] Dr Luminous 12/28/2018

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