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Hello DotA players! Since the early days of WC3 DotA I have been in love with the greatest game. You might have already noticed me playing high rated pubs or battle cups. I'm floating around Immortal rank 50 playing mostly support and off-lane roles. I'm familiar and experienced with all aspects of gameplay from drafting and item decisions, through the laning phase and mid game, even sieging highground and game conclusion.

If you were to be my student I would listen carefully about your needs and ambitions, we would make a concise plan on how to tackle problems which are holding you back and we will work together to improve your DotA skills. The type of coaching we use will be based upon your needs (theorycrafting, replay analysis, lobby practice, observing you playing, playing together, me playing on your account while you are spectating). I would advise you and make sure you are making progress. I have experience with teamcoaching too.

Looking forward meeting you and playing some dotes together! :)

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Very good coaching session! Worked with me on safelane Ursa. He spectated while I played a game and gave me tips on how to win the lane, tactics for playing from behind, and how to generally think. We also went over some support strategy, I would definitely recommend for both supports or carries. -MDC 6/7/2017
Amazing coach. I purchased 10 hours and I can say that he has really good insight of the game. I learned smoke timings, positioning and rotations. I took note of a lot of his calls throughout the game we played and I definitely use them later on. Highly recommended -HNTI | XVII 7/4/2017
So enlightening to learn from someone of higher skill. Taught me so much about Position 5 support, and helped me play a very good pub match. Thanks ZoGraF! :) -Tsushima Yoshiko 6/21/2017
Definitely recommended. He is a very patient coach and a great player, and I learnt very useful things thanks to him. Keep it up man, you rock :) -pizzaguy2 kidnapped me 6/25/2017
Great coach ! Thank you bro , liked you so much , hope we're going too meet again! -Eren God 1 vs 9 7/3/2017
After 10 hours of coaching sessions with Zograf, I can say that: - He has deep understanding of game mechanics and excellent game sense - He is easy to communicate with and has a talent to explain things in very natural way - He remains calm, respectful and focused in every situation - He has sense of humor :-) If you want to improve yourself, this is definitely a guy that can help you with that ! -Twister 8/7/2017
I have had a few coaches in SC2 which I played before coming over to Dota 2 and for a long time I could not find a coach in the Dota 2 community that rivaled my SC2 one but Aleksandar or ZoGraf was the answer. I found him not simply a competent coach but a truly gifted one. I command a deeper understanding of the game that youtube videos and reddit articles could not give me. If you are keen to improve in Dota 2 get a coach, if you want to reach your best get a great coach get ZoGraf!! -Psyonus 8/26/2017
We worked primarily on supporting with more of a focus on the position 5 role. We began by entering a lobby and worked on the early game objectives of both the support roles, with the goal of refining the early game. Afterwards we moved into a normal game in which ZoGraF spectated and coached me as I played, offering his input as well as questioning decision making and providing corrections where necessary. I certainly came out the session a better player with a much more solid understanding of supporting in the early game. I would highly recommend to anyone, especially with the current price and I certainly would book again. -mumbo 7/30/2017
Really gentle and funny coach, teaches a lot of things, thanks -Liquid. Tolebi 7/30/2017
As being a low mmr <1K player for way too long now I decided to go for coaching to improve my game. Aleksander gave me a lot of information to start with and after some practice in the lobby coached me during a game where it already felt I was doing all the right things (ok, I made some mistakes as well :)) and went on to a easy win. I'll first practice these basics and will definitely go for another coaching session with Aleksander for the next level! Thanks again! -ChiefWill 8/9/2017
highly recommended!! got a lot of information .. gonna go for another session soon. -LokiXHani 8/17/2017
Easily the best coaching session I've received thus far. Remarkably knowledgeable with a very friendly tone. More than that, though, his ability to answer questions and weave the answers back into the carry role was excellent. Would recommend to anyone! -Warning 8/24/2017
Very thoughtful coaching, I've learn a lot from our plays. -Dmitry Paskal 9/4/2017
A+++ -JoshPeck(verified) 10/2/2017
This coach definetly knows what he's talking about, however I didn't really feel like what he said was being tailored to me as a player and felt much rather like just reading off a document that he reads to everybody. A lot of obvious things I already knew but respectably still learnt a few things in the 90minutes we had. -Andre "scapeGOAT” Astora 10/11/2017
good person and coach -Taboo - Xeurogoth 10/19/2017
Great Experience, Thoroughly enjoyed that -Boost 8/23/2018

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