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On Demand Coaching

Coaching Made Easy

DotaCoach.org has a matchmaking service which helps Dota 2 students and coaches meet and play together easily and instantly. Students wait in a queue while we search for a suitable online coach - just like they search for a game of Dota. The top coaches on DotaCoach.org get invited to coach On Demand and receive details about the student via Steam chat. If they want to coach, they can accept the student through Steam Chat. There is no obligations for coaches, just accept students whenever you are free.

This page explains the details of how the On Demand Coaching process works, and how to qualify for the On Demand Coaching.

Can I Coach On Demand?

If you'd like to coach with DotaCoach.org, start by creating a Dota coaching profile. Once you have a profile, if you'd also like to coach On Demand then select the checkbox indicating your interest. Then you'll need to get things started by earning some reputation. The requirements to coach On Demand are:

  1. Earn at least 2,000 reputation.
  2. Speak fluent English.
  3. Receive positive reviews from multiple students on your profile.
  4. Direct the On Demand students to pay for all repeat lessons through your DotaCoach.org profile.

Coaching On Demand

1. DotaCoach.org will contact you with offers to coach

Once approved, you will begin to receive offers to coach students. Each offer will contain some information about the student, the lesson, and financial compensation. Expect between $10.00 USD/hr for new coaches and $13.50 USD/hr for highly rated and experienced coaches.

2. Accept offers to coach at your convenience

Offers are only sent after the student authorizes their credit card. Students expect to begin their session within five minutes of being matched with you. Each offer is sent to multiple coaches and the first coach to accept is paired with the student.

You should only accept an offer if you:

  • Are able to begin coaching within five minutes of accepting the offer. If you aren't immediately available, just decline the offer. There will be plenty more.
  • You are available for the entire duration of the lesson.
  • You are in a reasonable mental state to deliver a quality coaching session.

3. Connect with your student via Skype and Steam

When you accept an offer to coach, we will link you to the student's Steam account and send the student some information about you. Add them as a friend on Steam, connect with them via Skype, and begin your session.

4. Coach the student

Coaching is an art. There are many styles and techniques that can be successful. If you are new to coaching, read our tips for new coaches.

5. Earn reputation

The more reputation you earn on DotaCoach.org, the more offers to coach you will receive.

6. Get paid

We pay all coaches on the 2nd and last Friday of each month. Our preferred payment method is PayPal.

Earnings from the last 4 days of a payment period carry into the following payment period. This allows a small buffer between incoming money from students and payment to coaches which helps protect against fraud. For example, on Jul 1st you'll be paid any unpaid balance from May 27th to Jun 27th. DotaCoach.org pays all PayPal and credit card fees when receiving payments and when paying you.

Pay and Incentives

Coaches can charge whatever they want for coaching on their profile page, but students in the matchmaking queue always pay a flat fee and coaches get a percentage of it. The pay is independent of what coaches choose to charge for private lessons.

On Demand Coaching is an automated system. It penalizes and rewards the performance of coaches in the same style which Dota uses to penalize players who disconnect from games. Good coaching results are rewarded while bad results are punished.

Rewards: These results earn you more coaching offers worth higher pay

  • Your student leaves you a positive review
  • Your student buys more lessons from you
  • Your student returns to hire a different coach through DotaCoach.org

Punishment: These results will mean fewer coaching offers worth lower pay

  • Your student leaves you a negative review
  • Your student asks for a refund
  • Your student does not return to DotaCoach.org

Severe Punishments: These behaviors will result in few coaching offers or permanent bans from DotaCoach.org

  • Accept an offer but fail to give the lesson
  • Share student information with a third party


Can I record and publish my coaching sessions?

Yes, but only with your student's permission.

Can I broadcast my coaching sessions on Twitch.tv?

Yes, but only with your student's permission.

How do I verify my MMR?

DotaCoach.org has an automated bot which updates every coach's rank every six hours. No action is required for you to share your rank information with DotaCoach.org.