Live Channels of Coaches


2,426 users watching
MMR Divine [5]
Server Americas
Cost $75.00 USD/hr
Hours Coached 156
Reputation [?] 13,468
  • 27


198 users watching
MMR Divine [5]
Server Americas
Cost $24.00 USD/hr
Hours Coached 8
Reputation [?] 6,750
  • 3


What channels are shown in this list?

Anybody can sign up to coach via Dota Coach by creating a profile page. Coaches who link their Twitch channel to their Dota Coach profile appear in this list whenever their channel broadcasts live. Channels are sorted by the coach's reputation.

Do these channels exclusively show coaching content?

This is a list of channels owned by players who offer professional coaching services and is not intended to be a list of channels which exclusively stream coaching content. Many of these players do stream coaching sessions and educational content, so this is a good set of channels to follow if that is what you're looking for.

How do I hire these coaches?

If you would like to hire a specific coach, you can click on "coach profile" next to their stream. This will take you to their coaching profile page. From their profile page, you can hire them directly. Once you have hired your coach, chat with them over Steam or Skype to figure out when to have the lesson.

If instead you would like coaching right now with a top coach without having to schedule anything, you can go to our On Demand Coaching. We will usually be able to match you with a top coach who is online in less than five minutes.