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Hi! My name is Maksym (Max), I'm 26. In my free time, I also play Hearthstone, work out, play American Football, and hang out with my friends and girlfriend!

Contact me on skype for a welcoming discount/bonus.

I started playing DotA in 2006. In DotA2 I won a number of local LAN tournaments and a few different cups online! I've reached a peak MMR of 6600 and now I'm coaching people how to play Dota. I have more than 1500 hours of coaching experience and tons of positive reviews! I'm extremely patient and enjoy helping people of all skill levels - my lessons will be adjusted and paced for each individual student!

What you are going to get in my coaching sessions:
- Useful information that is proven(by me or other pro players) with detailed explanation.
- An in-depth analysis of your plays, item choices, pick etc., as well as tips on how to improve outside of lessons.
- A friendly, active player who creates custom lesson plans and loves to help people learn and grow!
- Fluent English speaker with a ton of experience in DotA 2 (as a player and a coach)!

What you are not going to get in my sessions:
- Bored!

Some examples of what we usually do at our lessons:
- Live coaching (My student plays a game under my review)
- Duo queue (We play together with my student)
- Replay analysis (We analyze a replay together)
- Lobby practice (Practicing different scenarios in lobbies)

Pick me if:
1) You want to increase your MMR or you are stuck at any particular MMR.
2) You are frequently frustrated in games.
3) You are ready to work hard and win more often!
4) You've read all my profile till this point :P

I have only one question for you - what are you waiting for?

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I was stuck at 3k for a very long time, I was looking for someone to help me improve at Dota since I believe I could play better. Found illusion through He was offering to coach people for free. I really enjoyed his free coaching so I booked a lesson from him. It has been 3 month since then and I went from 3.2k mmr to 4k and peaked at 4.3k just by using the his tips and video guides that he showed me. Looking to have another lesson in the future hopefully help me reach my 5k goal sooner. -Depraved 12/6/2015
Excellent, very satisfied. Offered incredible insight and observations. I've had two to three other coaches before, yet was impressed how this coach was straight to the point in picking up and correcting my mistakes while maintaining a patient and accommodating approach. -Europa 8/31/2015
Very Helpful, we set up a time and because of a dota server crashing, ended up going almost 45 minutes past our scheduled time, he was totally cool with it though and didn't charge extra because he had a plan for the session and wanted to get the right session in. His advice on my game play was very good and concrete, part of the session was me watching him play, and he was very good at explaining his thought process and why he was doing what he was doing. I think the final clincher that showed that this guy is here to coach and is here for the student is that after our lesson he told me that it would not be as beneficial to take a lesson right after (the next day) because with everything I just learned I should focus on those things and practice that. To me, that spoke volumes, that the guy isn't just here because he wants to get sessions in, but that he wants his students to get better. Overall great guy, great coach -AJM 9/4/2015
The explanation is good, we stopped at a lot of moments on my replay and he slowly reviewed my mistake and provided solutions on how to improve it. I feel the suggestions was spot on and on the end of the session we took a moment to conclude the whole session. The person is very nice, his communication skill is good but not excellent though. What i like the most is how we slowly went through every point and not rushing anything. This is my first coaching experience, but i feel i might try to get more session at some point since it really helps. It was perfect for first experience. -Ãrçkèmist 9/8/2015
Very helpful coaching session on mid. We used Zeus and covered lots of wider ideas including item builds, farming, last hitting, and warding/dewarding. He has a lot of knowledge and gave tips even on aspects of the game I haven't thought about (e.g. what to do when you're dead). Great coach, recommended! -= Combo = 9/19/2015
Guy is great, schedules a lesson based on how long you sign up for and will work with you till that lesson is done, time constraints don't matter, will follow up afterwords asking how everything is going with the hero you worked on and will give you links to helpful videos -AJM 9/19/2015
Brilliant. More than happy to recommend this coach. Always gives great insight and presents his efforts with clear and concise commentary. Almost immediately you can tell he is well experienced and narrows down exactly what you need to correct in order for your mmr to improve. I enjoyed my mmr increasing after just 3 sessions with this coach. You wont be disappointed. -Europa 9/18/2015
Fucking GREAT! -Zilliam 9/20/2015
Excellent coach. Very patient and friendly. Focus more on your improvement rather than trying to rush your MMR. A great teacher/friend/dota buddy. Going to book a second session from him. -linan23322 9/30/2015
Wow! My coaching session with illusion was really benefiting as I was able to improve my basic mechanics of the game such as last hitting, denying and creep lane control (which at that time I thought wasn't even that was). He helps point out other factors in game such as item choices and decision making which you don't see for yourself but he then makes you aware of this when going over the replay. -Europa 10/1/2015
He was excellent from start to finish, he guided me by showing me how he played the certain hero and explaining his actions. then he coached me on a pub game and guided me by showing me tips and tricks and overall positioning and certain mechanics thta i should follow. overall 10/10 well worth the money, will purchase more time again :) -Iconic 10/29/2015
Friendly, Honest. Straight to the point. Best coach I could've asked for. I hope to have more coaching sessions with him! -Albel Trakcovish! 10/21/2015
I'm a noob. I didn't have any specific area I wanted to improve in, I just told Illusion that I just wanted to get better. He was super cool at giving me beginner level advice and some things to work on, and was a cool guy to chat with. Highly recommend. -YoopyDoopy69 12/7/2015
great coach, honest pricing! I have learned some tips and tricks about warding, creeps blocking, being more aggressive on lanes/ mid. Nice stuff! I recommend this guy! -Tenmor Țitei 12/1/2015
He helped me learn everything I wanted and how to go about improving on my own. Very knowledgeable! -AsstroNaughty 11/2/2015
I must admit i went into this a bit skeptical, you know there are lots of scams around the web and certainly this site has not been around long enough for a reputation to build up. Also I've had stuff told to me by countless players of higher rank but it did not bring much. Either way i though to give it a try. O boy, i was so wrong. Getting a 1 on 1 lesson is so revealing into the games you play, Illusion was very easy to chat with , he promptly responded to my Skype/Steam add, was very flexible with the coaching times, and really did 2h more then he should have. I will be forever in his debt. I played Dota since forever, like 10 years or so, and never really performed very well, but this changed everything. What did i get out of it, well it's a bit early to tell, but i am literally killing it now in ranked, i feel i make the difference in games, I've learned so much in such a short time that i really didn't think it is possible, i'm regularly getting 7/8 winning streaks. I still have more to practice, nobody gets great just by chatting, but i am really really happy with the outcome, will be back for more and truly recommend him as a coach. -Freaky 11/15/2015
Very good and knowledgeable coach, very helpful and patient and this was definitely worth the money. I will be returning for future coaching sessions. -MAMA AFRICA 11/10/2015
Great guy, had a lot of knowledge about the specific hero. If your aim is to improve at one of his main heroes, definitely chose him. -7HzG.LipoFatiyal 12/1/2015
Illusion is great coach, he helped me and one of my friend to improve our gameplay and get a better knowledge of Dota mechanics. I recommend him to anyone that really want to progress. -Kanei 12/8/2015
Great Coach, Helped me tons, pointed out all my map awareness issues I had, keyboard shortcut issues general farming issues. Was a great experience just listening to him while playing, and actually telling me what I do wrong when I do it wrong. Would recommend 10/10 every time. -that guy 2/24/2016
good communicate teacher 8/10 -COMPEDIUM READY STOCK 11/30/2015
Great job man! I've started to see an improvement -G_Rex 12/9/2015
Explained situational builds, general builds and how to deal with the offlane I was against, identified what I needed to work on and used the remaining time after the game to show me exercises I can do to improve what I was lacking. Went as far as to give me lots of material to improve the hero I wanted to improve on as well as a way to find the top players playing any hero, really good at what did. -MGeezy 12/8/2015
This was my first coaching session with illusion and it was awesome. To get in contact with him through the dotacoach site went really well. We friended each other on steam as well as on skype. He knew how to explain all the stuff that he wanted me to know without a problem in a very friendly manner. We then talked about what my expectations are in this coaching session, etc... At first he showed me some basic stuff about how to use dotabuff or find out about playstyles in the current meta. This sounds like some really basic stuff but to me it seems like a very important step to understand where your strengths and weaknesses are. Before that I used dotabuff, etc. as well but now I really know how to utilize the info that I can get there. I think this will greatly improve my ability to rise in MMR and find out what heros I should in play and how I should play these heroes to become a better player overall. Then we watched a review where he explained the decisionmaking and the mechanics, etc. He also of course answered all of my questions. Finally I played a game where he coached me. He pointed out my mistakes and how I could fix these problems and what I should need to practice on so I can become a better player. I'm really hyped because I have gathered a lot of knowledge from him and can practice all these things now. I'd recommend him to everyone that want's a good coaching lesson and I'm glad that I got matched with him through Thanks illusion. :-) -ᕦ(ò_ó*)ᕤ 12/13/2015
Taught me how to crush @ 2.8kmmr with roaming/support bounty hunter. I'm now 3.1k and confidently climbing! In the coaching session we discussed itemization, such as blink dagger to cancel enemy sandking's ultimate, mana boots to spam spells and lotus orb to save teammates. We looked at positioning, how to snipe the enemy courier and counter-warding. I'm now thinking for myself about where I have kill potential, how to most efficiently harass with my spells, and how to survive teamfights whilst doing maximum damage, so many things! Great coaching, good lesson format, relatively cheap. -JWright90 12/28/2015
Great coach. Very patient and knowledgeble. Knew how to answer every question I had and I was much improved in just over 2 hours with him. -King.Leonidas 12/19/2015
Keeps the focus on the players weaknesses and gives good advice on how to improve, -Herr Lich 12/26/2015
Another great coaching session (3 hours!). This time we learned a brand new hero (zeus) and he was very patient while I continually made the same mistakes until I finally started to catch them myself. Cannot recommend him enough. -King.Leonidas 12/26/2015
We actually ran over time but illusion was awesome - even giving me exercises to complete. He played a game as I watched and took notes... then we did the reverse. This worked really well I found. -Joolz 12/30/2015
He did very well in teaching me what I needed to know to improve. Will surely return for another session! -Dawn of Blood 1/3/2016
Best bounty hunter this world's ever fucking seen. -HI, I'M GEORGE ZIMMER 1/10/2016
Really nice guy, I asked to get help with bindings. He gave me help with the bindings and shown be great things with Lycan which I will try in game hoping for another session with him in a weeks time :) . -MarkyB 1/3/2016
Nice and friendly, helped us improved full team with affordable price! Suggest this coach! -Zilliam 1/4/2016
Very knowledgeable and easy to understand. Covered all topics I mentioned I was struggling with. Made me aware of key mistakes I was making in-game and helped point out areas which I need to improve on. All round friendly bloke, would recommend/use again. -Excavator 1/7/2016
Had this coach before will just request him now very patient with me and knows loads about the game he also went over the time without even mentioning it. Nice guy would recommend to my friends :) Great help to improve MMR :D thanks man! -MarkyB 1/8/2016
Great coach, he taught me the basics of playing lycan and gave me plenty of tips on when to fight, when to farm, when to split push and also how to raise mmr. i would highly recommend this coach -Towny 1/11/2016
Illusion is fantastic. I dropped out of med school and started January 1st at 1.9k mmr. I took my a month to get 2.4k where I had a major plateau. I found Illusion on dotacoach after having a hard time improving further on my own. After three sessions I got to 3k in half the time it took to get from 1.9k to 2.4k. It takes a bit of humility, at first it felt like he was telling me stuff I already knew, but I continued to follow his instructions. He's beautifully simple in his approach of the game, which is especially helpful for someone that overthinks like me. His English is very good, but certainly isn't elaborate—which isn't necessarily a bad thing, because sometimes coaches like to talk too much. All in all, I'm very glad to have Illusion and feel like I am rapidly getting better at the game, I have continued a long-term plan to meet with Illusion weekly; I am still satisfied after 7 sessions. -Paps 2/19/2016
Great help and great coaching! Helped me understand small minor details that will make me gain more experience!! 10/10 -Nimbleninja 2/9/2016
First watched illusion play a game as the hero I was interested in learning, and pretty much the entire time he explained his decisions, how he expected the game to progress and what he needed to do in the next few minutes or so. Some subtle things like continuing to buy clarities wasn't extremely obvious until mentioned at a later point (after my game) but it's hard to catch everything. The analysis of the match afterwards was super useful along with speculations based on other situations that may be encountered. Afterwards I was coached while playing a game. Less comments were made than when I was watching, allowing me to make my own decisions. Most of the comments were made after I did (or did not) do something of note, along with a concise explanation as to what I did well and/or what I could have done better. Breakdown after this match was less in-depth, focusing more on what I as a player needed to improve on as opposed to the hero in general. Really impressed with how much I learnt in just 2 hours. -SapphireValkyrie 2/17/2016
Great guy. Humongous improvement in my play in very short time. -Brainfreeze 2/19/2016
Good coach pretty laid back and chilled, explains well. Has good all round knowledge. Definitely recommend him for all positions. -Trump Is The Best 3/10/2016
Guy was awesome, really helped me see what I need to do different and allowed me to have a better knowledge of the game! -Oceania~ 3/19/2016
Gave a lot of useful insight about the flaws in my gameplay and how to improve on my game. He also coached me about hero matchups and was very in-depth on various different areas in the game. 10/10 would get coached again. -Лорд кормления 3/18/2016
Max was funny, friendly, and easy to learn from. He quickly identified a few key points that would help me improve my game that were easy to digest and practice. I'm looking forward to more coaching sessions with him. -Dirty Trout 3/19/2016
In the beginning we talked for around 20 minutes to get to know each other. Then we made a plan on what the lesson will be about. We started by me watching him play a game. After that i could ask questions about the game he played or about the game in general (since im a relatively new player i had more questions about mechanics then the game he played). After that he spectated me and helped me with the item build and told me what i was doing wrong. In the end he went into detail what i could improve on and what to do to improve. He stayed about 30 minutes longer than what i payed for. He explained everything in a way that even a scrub like me understood. -Kevkov 3/21/2016
Was really clear and precise, and very helpful, almost instantly telling me some of the mistakes I made, and helping me pick up on them. Played a 1v1 solo mid near the end of the sessions with him, and felt I learnt a lot so he did a free on with me, very helpful, and have a literal page of notes of things to improve on! -Euphemia 3/23/2016
Great guy. I was a little nervous going into this since i had done a coaching session before but with in minutes he put me at ease. We made a plan of how i was going to get better and then he played to show me the ideas we went through then watched me play so i could put it into practise. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to get better. -... 3/24/2016
First of all, I want to give a big thumbs up to DotaCoach's team. Great work, simple to use and very helpful. I had a class with illusion, which was a real pleasure. We went on for some BH roaming support class and I learned a lot. I now realize how much I can improve on this specific play. Very nice guy, on time and professional. Would recommend and do it again. 5 stars -[L@W]CaptainSuper 3/25/2016
Very kind and friendly person. He coached me while i was playing and he took notes about all things i could improve on. Gave me a lot of great tips and explained the hero match ups well. -new chapter 3/27/2016
Been using Max for a long time, same great coach. Always helpful -King.Leonidas 3/28/2016
After my first coaching session with illusion, I can tell that he is not only a great player but a great teacher as well. I decided to get coaching with him due to feeling overwhelmed by all the information and guides that I had read whilst struggling to implement them into my game. After my session with illusion I feel much more focused and the game feels simpler and more enjoyable. Illusion doesn't only help you with gameplay, but can help with making a plan (both short term and long term) for achieving your goals. He can also explain to you the options you have in the various ways you can learn and improve on the game. I'm planning to take regular coaching with him. -ohnno 4/2/2016
Illusion is a very skilled coach. He answered every little question I have about playing bounty hunter and taught me quite a bit that I did not know. If you're looking for a quality coach I definitely recommend him. -Recognize 4/13/2016
Really great coaching had some good time learned a lot picking out mistakes i make in game and getting advice how to improve. I will do it again sometime soon for sure thanks!!! -Stranger 4/22/2016
Have been coached by Illusion for multiple months now. Hands down the best coach I have ever used. Very informative and friendly. Goes above and beyond for his students! -Puzz1e 10/10/2016
Good coach, learned a lot and especially it was my first time. I was skeptical at first but turns out I was wrong, and I had a good time. Looking forward for another coaching session. -villemark 5/10/2016
awesome coach and super kind! -Grech 5/11/2016
Everything we just great! Learnt so many cool things about aggroing creeps and just generall important things for a mid player. Would deffinetely take a lesson again! -peppa 6oyo 5/16/2016
Helped me understand the problem with my game. Shifted my focus to the things that matter more during the game. Great sparring partner. -San~The War 6/15/2016
Illusion was my second coach and I also had a wonderful experience with him. He learnt me how to properly use the blink dagger, how to play well a particular hero and got a rampage with him the next day. Totally recommend him! Thanks! -Theros 7/10/2016
I was very frustrated at first. My coach began a game with me as an in-game coach, so I was able to observe him play riki. I felt that this portion of the session did not target my skill level or playstyle, and I felt myself not being engaged in the game as a result. After that, we watched a replay of a Naga game that I had played earlier that day, which I felt was very helpful. I would recommend that the coach begin with a replay in the future, to better aquint himself with the student's specific needs. -Starfire 7/3/2016
I was somewhat skeptical on if paying for a coach would lead to an MMR boost. I was proven wrong by this man who did an amazing job of correcting my errors and I have gained almost 300 MMR in a week by using his tips. He is simply amazing! -Baboon 7/13/2016
The Session was good, however I feel if we did a replay analysis I could have learned more. Maybe next time he can :D -:/ 7/22/2016
Несмотря на то, что некоторые вещи из сказанного я уже знал, Макс подвёл под них новые доводы. Очень правильная позиция — «думай, как ты мог повлиять на игру и исправить ситуацию, даже если ошибку совершил не ты, а твой союзник». Большую часть времени мы разбирали мои ошибки, но в конце после повтора он ещё раз прошёлся и в том числе по моим товарищам из стака. Я очень рад, что разобраны не только частные моменты, но и общая картина и стратегия игры. Although i already knew several things Max had noted, he offered me new insights on them. "Think how you could have saved the day even when it's your ally who's at fault" is a very right motto. Most of the time we were correcting my mistakes, but after the replay has ended the coach offered advice for my mates from the stack i was in as well. I'm very pleased to receive not only local errors, but the full game picture and greater strategy corrections as well. -Viperys 8/9/2016
Helped me improve my gameplay and state of my mind by a lot.Pointed out my many mistakes and gave me good insight on how to be a better player.Thank you. -sSs 8/14/2016
Max was accommodating, professional, knowledgeable , and friendly. Highly recommended. -Gabriel X 8/31/2016
Excellent coach. I was really bad playing support and he taught me how to support in the correct way and ive learn alot of new stuff that i didnt thought i was supposed to be doing. Thank you again:) Highly recommended coach if you need to improve your skill set. -xellos 9/12/2016
Illusion is awesome, he was really patience at the bggining when my mic was not working, and he didnt take the time I tried to fix it from my coaching session. He was informative and communicative, really kind and help me to notice some mistakes I havent seen from my gameplay. He even suggested me a work plan to get better at Dota. Awesome coach overall. -Xayah 9/3/2016
Max did an excellent job. He is knowledgeable and knows how to communicate this knowledge to a team. He came up with a good strategy, talked our team through the early, mid game and into the late game. He offers advice on heroes and is willing to coach and strategize well beyond what he charges. We will be hiring him again as a coach! -jashercoop 9/7/2016
I would enjoy more detailed analysis of my early game decision making, I like to slow down the game and learn what small decisions I could have made differently. I.e. spell usage order, target selection, creep equilibrium, positioning. As you did when you showed me when I should have used Chronosphere on the Antimage. -Granpire Viking Man 9/9/2016
He taught me how to play a Sven, by showing how to play him and then analysing my replays later on. The tips he gave me were pretty helpful, got around 80% win rate with him later :p -Infernic Frost 9/11/2016
very friendly guy helpful lesson! -Fenix 9/11/2016
I'm a new player comming from LoL. Got a lesson to help me get started with a Hero and some items build. Went really well and can recommend him for sure to other players wanting to give DOTA a go. Enjoy :) -[RIP]Joshua_no87 9/11/2016
One lesson with illusion and I'm very happy with the time we spent together. His insight into my play habits was spot on and his plan for progress was reasonable and realistic. I can't wait to employ the strategies and plans we discussed and then work with him again. -G 9/18/2016
First time having a coach and it went great. I know I'm not that great at Dota 2 so by doing this it definitely helped and made me excited to play again. Illusion showed me what I was doing wrong without making me feel stupid about it. Also showing me what items that would work well with the hero I chose and about her skills. At the end he gave me a few links to learn more about Death Prophet and how to play her. I recommend Illusion to anyone that needs any help with Dota. -Magikarp 9/21/2016
Thanks, really good coaching! -Arfool 9/23/2016
Great coach! -Bananarchy 9/25/2016
Awesome, very informative! :D -Miredia 9/25/2016
A very thoughtful coach who takes coaching very seriously. -Clay 10/21/2016
That made so much difference. I feel like I learned as much in 1 hour, as playing 50 games on my own! Highly recommended coach. AA++ -too sexy for ur party 11/1/2016
very friendly,would like to work with him again, -Wrestler 11/7/2016
Max is the first coach I got and can guarantee that a session with Illusion is reasonable and worth a try :) We went over time quite a bit - the only reason being he saw that I had a considerable amount of losses recently and so first he talked to me a bit to kind of make sure I was doing OK. I found this to be very generous of him. After analyzing my dotabuff, we went into a game with him as coach and I was given plenty of advise (item choice, decision making, the whole deal) both during and after the game. He is clear and good with his English, easy to understand and incisive. Very helpful overall :p -Senator Phillips 11/8/2016
Polite and nice coach, understands my situation and can see my mistakes. After the coaching session the biggest part is up to me, but a coach was needed to set my mind on the right patch and get useful advice how to get better with the game and my performance during my games. -Bonks 11/9/2016
Again, another good learning session -Clay 12/2/2016
Excellent coach! learned a lot about where i'm doing wrong in my games by going over my replay. Can't wait to progress with this knowledge and get back to him with new questions :) -Rather be dead than cool 12/2/2016
Excellent coach who gave me great tips. -Spike 1/16/2017
Really helpful! Would definitely recommend :) -Sam 2/1/2017
I'm a 2k mmr player and he coached me for one 90 minute session. I would definitely have him coach me again because he identifies right away important things to help play better, especially given the bracket that I'm playing in. He is frank but I think that's a good thing because he doesn't fluff anything up or steer you on a tangent. His game knowledge is obviously high level, but I think what gave me a really good impression of him and what would make me recommend him to anyone is that he's extremely honest and insightful when it comes to thinking about yourself long-term as a player and not just how you performed in particular games. Obviously he gives specifics as to how to win games and things that were done well or poorly, but the general thinking is what he helped me with. That kind of thinking is undervalued (at least in my MMR) and it's changing my outlook on how I should play. Would love to do more sessions at some point because he's also a nice guy and fun to talk to. Highly recommended! -vento auero 2/21/2017
He was very helpful. We came up with a plan that I can use to start getting better and gaining mmr. Would definitely learn from him again in the future! -DOGBOYLIVE 3/14/2017
good coach, gave a great lesson with great homework. Look forward to seeing him next week -sexywords 4/2/2017
Hire him or you will regret it -Wubblers 4/22/2017
great guy - helped give me a bigger view point for mid lane. Would hire again -Taboo - Xeurogoth 10/16/2017

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