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People who hire me for the first time: Trial session is 5$, contact me for details&arrangement of it

Use this promotional code, C681E6, to receive 15 $ discount credit when you buy 3 hours or more ! ( Basically 3 hours for the price of 2 ! )

I offer also free, no-obligation 10-15 minutes introductory trial where we can discuss coaching process in greater detail and find appropriate lesson plan for what u think is ur biggest struggle.

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Some general stuff about me:
My name is Ilija and I am 24 year old coming from Serbia.So student with a lot of free time for doto and huge passion for the game.I mean I've been playing it back then in 2005 up until now ( with some minor breaks coz of school) so, 12 years, huh ? Gotta mean smth.

Coaching experience
Well it all started nearly 3 years ago. Since then I've been coaching through the site regularly without a single unsatisfied student ! Look i dont wanna bullshit you, I can say i am only doing this to improve the community, help out the newer players and the ones who are stuck and cant find the solution on their own and cause its really fun ( which is true to some extent ! ) but the truth is i just have a lot of free time, will, passion and patience for this currently and why not turn this hobby of mine for the last 12years into something little profitable for me ? Thus being said i put a lot of effort into every coaching session, care about ur progress and that u get a value of each session. It happened bunch of times that scheduled 1hour session with a student has expired and we were only little more half way through the replay analyze, needless to say I stayed until we finish what we've started and the rest of the time was mostly free of charge, at least i dont request anything more :) Same thing can be said for Live Coaching if it requires extra time to finish the game and conclude the session with some questions afterwards. And after the session is finished the coaching experience doesnt fully end ( even if u never purchase any more sessions with me ) since i keep all of my students @ steam/skype friend list where u can ask me pretty much anything, whenever in the future if u encounter some new problems, i dont mind it, ill answer as soon as i have time/see it. Not a single question has been left unanswered !
TLDR - My students are my top priority and have my full attention !
* Proofs for the above mentioned things can be found in more than 205 positive reviews* :)

Notable Team Coaching accomplishment - Coaching team University of British Columbia (UBC) alongside Rallphy - ex teammate
in Collegiate StarLeague (CSL) in which they were seeded at 65th position before the league has started and they ended the competition @ LAN finals in San Francisco with astounding 2nd place ! confirmed the result at DotaCoach blog!

Dota experience:
Like I said, 11 years so far. Oh man, long time ago, some of the leagues/communities I was a member of, to name a few, most important ones - DCE, dotainvite, eedl, dota.pride,To the most of u guys this doesnt mean anything but to explain, at these places u were playing on a regular basis with professional players , which is like 70 % ( rough estimation ) of Europe professional scene nowadays. I was top100 europe mmr leaderboards back at a time when i was solely focused on grinding my mmr, right now around 6.3k ~ , adding to that, experience from various online amateur/semi professional tournaments, constantly playing in 2nd divison of JoinDota League last couple of seasons with team ChW and also back then in Dota1 it was called pick-league, finishing top3 at majority of LANs I participated with my team in my country, countless hours of scrimming with my team with some of the best teams in Europe, its safe to say I have decent, to say the least, amount of skill and have gathered more than enough of game understanding and experience to be able to teach a few tricks some of you guys :)

You should consider taking me as a coach if u wanna work/get better on ur:
- MID ( my best role) and CARRY ( currently playing for my team) gameplay.
( ofc that I have some general knowledge of how support roles and offlaner should be played but I excel at first mentioned ones and have far more superior impact on the game when playing those).

-Drafting Skills ( have experience of drafting for my team and captaining it for some time so can do team coaching aswell).

-Decision Making ( that includes item choices/itemization, whether to keep split pushing or join a fight in certain situation, going for a gank or just staying & farm ur lane? farm efficiency - where&when to farm, generally the most common dilemmas in your everyday game)

  • Reverse Live Coaching in this option I would be playing the hero of your choice and doing live commentary of nearly every action/decision I do and why, u can also ask me questions about anything concerning the game( why is that and such ... ).
  • Live Coaching is you playing the hero u wanna get better on and I will be giving u guidance throughout the game what u are supposed to do and whats the best thing to do at certain moment and also explaining why. You can also ask questions if u have any at any given moment.
  • Also if u struggle in the Laning Phase of the game, we can play a few 1vs1 match ups, like I will explain in great detail the weaknesses & strengths of a hero in certain match up, then we will play it out and after we finish we can watch the replay together so I can point out clearly the misplays and explain you how to correct them & prevent them happening in ur future games.
    Note, not really recommended though ( referring on 1vs1s ) for students outside of Europe/USA coz of obvious ping issues :)
  • I can do complete Replay Analysis of specific game of your choice to point out what should have been done better and on which way and give explanation about anything that happened that u were interested in understanding/clarifying. We can do it live, together or I can watch it alone and have it written down on text document which i will give u afterwards so u can read it whenever u have time. You can ofc ask me any questions about it if u have some or if u need me to clarify something.
  • MMR Improvement, I can give you a lot of tips in order to gain mmr based on your current level.

ps. I CAN ( coz of super flexible schedule ) coach all regions.

That would be it bois.

5 star:
4 star:
3 star:
2 star:
1 star:
This coach was very knowledgeable about Dota, and helpful! I learned a lot from him, and he is very positive. He also has the stats/skills to back up what he says (6k MMR/plays competitively). He also gave me extra time for free, because he wanted to help me out more. I recommend this coach if you're trying to figure out what you need to improve on! -Irotasm 2/22/2015
kAitorA was very helpful in pointing out the areas for improvement. The feedback provided was directed towards long term play rather than winning that particular game. Thanks kAitorA! -Sklink 2/24/2015
This guy is amazing! I HIGHLY recommend him! Even before we begun coaching I had asked him a lot of questions and he was happy to answer fully, and even then he went far far beyond the amount of coaching I had paid for! I got to watch him draft play and he answered a lot of my questions and gave me a lot of hints and tips for mid as well as builds and drafting, then he coached me with drafting and coaching and I had already begun to impliment his coaching into my game and its definitely an improvement in my play and I plan to practise what hes said and to vouch for how good he is, I've already purchased my next session! Ontop of being a great coach he has been a great person to talk to in general talking about competitive dota, favourite teams and sports. I HIGHLY recommend!! -Offwhite 2/24/2015
Very good at explaining reasons for buying certain items. Willing to answer any questions. Went above and beyond to make the coaching session enjoyable and informative. I booked an hour session and he took extra time to finish a game and answer a few more questions I had. Very good coach, would recommend to anyone who is considering hiring a coach - you won't regret it. -Acklay 2/24/2015
kAitorA gave me a really good insight about dota in general, and was able to explain things precisely. He also gave me some free time ! Very good coach (better than slahser!), nice and willing to help, would recommand. -Logic 2/26/2015
helped me understand the mid role more and what really is efficient to do and what not. although we didn't really have good games at the start, he was being nice about it and also said he doesnt count queue times. his english was sometimes a bit hard to understand, but if you focused a bit you didn't have much problems. overall very good experience. -neyko 3/1/2015
Played out Lina/Storm matchup as both heroes, watched both replays with commentary, then moved to a 1v1 mid queue which he coached and then we reviewed. He was very knowledgable and was constantly pointing out my mistakes in a very friendly manner with detailed explanations. Highly recommend for those serious about learning. -XantureGG 3/5/2015
This guy really knows alot about Dota and is a really good mid player. He taught me alot about the mid position and also taught me SO MUCH about drafting since he plays competitively. I highly recommend this coach to anyone who wants to get better as a specific hero on carry or mid. I would also recommend this coach to anyone that wants to get better at drafting in captains mode. When the session was over I felt like I had learned so much. I will definitely hire this guy in the future! -King Danke 3/7/2015
kAitorA is the best coach around. Really improved my pub games since the very first lesson with him. He is good at pointing out mistake and good moves. Really helped me understand deeply games mechanics and items choices. This coach is legit, I HIGHLY recommend! -k44 3/17/2015
kAitorA pointed out key mistakes like skilling and positional errors in my game. We also talked about better build alternatives and heroes that might suit my playstyle. He’s very helpful and friendly, commended! ;) -6x6 3/17/2015
Purchased my lesson with kAitorA and booked it for a couple days later. I told him the times I was available and he was able to fit me in, even though there is a major time difference! In the days leading up to my session we spoke about what I wanted to achieve/learn & what hero I was interested in getting coached with, which was Storm Spirit. Which is one of kAitorA signature heroes and has a really good winrate% with. I asked every question imaginable in the days leading up to the lesson. Games where I struggled because of enemy picks, what I could of done to try and win it better. Item choices and so on. He helped me and guided me with no issues at all. Big major plus! The time had finally come for our lesson. Smack bang on the time we had agreed I got a steam message from kAitorA asking if I was ready to proceed with the lesson. Got into the game where my team mates were feeding.. to the point where one actually disconnected and never came back. So it was a 4v5. In my mind the game was surely lost due to how fed the enemy was. kAitorA assured me we can still win the game. Few great farming tips within the mid lane and jungle assured me to get a sub 20 minute orchid (after losing the lane and dying a few times) which was a great time. From there on he pointed out which lanes I should be pushing while my team was feeding the enemy. Also pointed out spots to hide in and wait knowing the enemy will want go farm the lane and would be easy pick offs for me. He was VERY correct. Easy pick offs on the enemy heroes and stalling the game to let my team farm up like he had said won us the game. With my team extremely surprised shouting commend storm while the enemy team was angry and confused how the managed to lose such an easy game vs only 4. Big smiles after that game. kAitorA also took time of his own (1 hour and 30 minutes to be exact) to also teach me a few game mechanics I wasn't doing correct. (blocking mid lane, combos, farming and other useful tips for when the enemy start 5 manning early game). Overall AMAZING coach and a VERY high skilled player. Great to talk too & great to ask questions. Would definitely be getting more sessions done with kAitorA in the very near future! Well deserved 5 stars. Thank you so much! -Bixx 3/25/2015
The coach was very knowledgeable. When explaining specific heroes the coach does an amazing job of fully describing the heroes builds, playstyles, mechanics, and even drafting tips for the hero. Within 2 days of my first coaching session my mmr had climbed by 300 and within a week my mmr was 700 higher. I highly recommend kAtoriA as a coach who can truly help improve ones gameplay. -Cobbler 4/7/2015
Had another coaching session tonight from kAitorA and once again this guy amazes me with his in-depth skill and knowledge for the game. I watched kAitorA playing storm spirit mid while he commented on all the actions he was about to do, why he was doing it and how it benefited him. Spoke about mid lane mechanics about controlling the enemy creeps. Knowing what your hero can and can't do, when to be aggressive and manning up for a fight where you know you'll come up on top. I also had kAitorA coach another one of my games at storm spirit. Was up against a medusa and I ended up getting harassed out of lane. kAitorA spoke about how you have to be aggressive against a mid medusa in early levels because you have the advantage. Loads of tips in game once again. kAitorA also made a lobby afterwards so I could practice the Storm Spirit Vs Medusa line up and going aggressive. Always learning more & more with this guy. Also super easy to talk to and understand. Very patient. I feel like i've known him for years the way we talk and get a long. Thank you again kAitorA. Once again, more lessons will be had with you to perfect my mid mechanics and storm spirit! -Bixx 3/26/2015
This guy is legit. I took this session hoping to learn a thing or two but I learned so much more than that. We played CM and he helped me draft (like really explain what to ban/pick and WHY we were doing that) and he gave me so many tips and pointers during the game that I was kind of overwhelmed. During the que time, he answered all my questions and even gave me many tips. I think I got more than my money's worth. I am glad I took this session and would most definitely take another one again. I HIGHLY recommend him if you want to get better at the game! -ye 4/3/2015
Fantastic coaching! Learnt a new hero, a lot about mid techniques and mechanics and will definitely return for more sessions! -FeelsGoodMan 4/8/2015
Very knowladgable coach, provided a lot of insight on decision making in mid lane -Sneakyfox 4/10/2015
Very good coach! Learnt a lot from him, not just about my own play but about overall team decisions and strategy. Highly recommend! -sknny 4/9/2015
I was 'mind-blown' by the quality of our session. I come with a mind-set that I know at least something about Dota as I am currently a 3.2k MMR. No, I know nothing at all apparently... He explained everything from the general concept and decision making to the little details of mechanic and itemization. I am impressed by his knowledge about the game; however, I am more impressed by his ability to DELIVER the knowledge to me. English IS NOT his mother language, so he do has a confusing accent that he can improve as he use the language more and more in daily basis. Prepare a decent headphone/earphone for fluid listening. I asked question when I failed to understand him, and I also paraphrased to make sure that I understand his points correctly. As our lesson ends, I learned all that I expected to learn, and yet I feel that learned a lot more than that. I recommend him to everybody that wish to learn more Dota game essentials and MID ROLE! -Tribhuwana 4/11/2015
I thought it was a very informative coaching session. i first watched the coach play while he explained why he made the decisions that he made in a very hard game (4v5, and with very bad supports and no ward vision but he carried hard). After that i played using what i learned from his gameplay and from his advice while i played and i managed to play the best storm spirit game i've ever played. It was a lot of fun, and i think i learned a lot and will use it to climb my mmr. Highly recommend this coach! -Down with Organics 4/11/2015
I watched him play one game while he commentated on his actions and decision making and was surprised at how quickly I began to learn purely through this, he is able to justify every decision he makes and ended up winning the lane despite less than helpful teammates and lots of rotations by the enemy team, this was invaluable as a lesson almost purely because of his ability to convey why and how he was doing what he was doing. Once I picked up the reigns he had me on a roll from the very start, winning a matchup I had previously struggled with like it was nothing, I went 26-2 by the end of the game and was very happy with how simply and concisely the reccomendations came, at the end of the game he went through alternative item routes, different ways of playing in different situations and went on a little longer to assist with my blocking positions for middle. Overall, very happy, absolutely worth it even if he doesn't play your role, as his drafting logic is excellent and he really knows how to swing the game in your favour before the horn even blows. -Яyan 4/16/2015
Best Coach Ever! -Jorjean 4/19/2015
Nice work Coach! -Jorjean 4/20/2015
Was good, Coach was able to speak well and I understood what he said. The games were enjoyable and I learned a bunch about harassing, farming, etc as shadow fiend. Now I know what to work on as Shadow Fiend so hopefully I will improve c: -Vveh 4/20/2015
Very effective coach. He was able to tell me areas that need improvement and suggestions on how to get better when I thought my problems were elsewhere. Very good teacher with clear communication and very good knowledge of the game. Would recommend to anyone who is thinking of getting a coach! -raz_kaz 4/27/2015
Greetings, I just finished a coaching session with Mr. Ilija Belovukovic. He clearly explained to me the capabilities he had and stayed true to his promises. We went over 2 replays from QoP and analyzed them in detail. During the session there was a lot of information thrown at me, missplays explained into detail, not to make you feel small but in a way to prevent you or help you NOT do it again in the future. Whilst speaking to my coach during the replays I had confidence that he knew what he was talking about and never felt like I was a minor player eventhough the skillcap was gigantic. Pleasant experience and good way to treat a lower skilled player. Overall after the session I have the impression that I have a lot of mechanics/skills to work on and that I was given the information to do so. The coach was friendly and encouraging. I would most certainly request the same coach for future sessions regarding this role/topic. I thank you again for your help! Kind regards, Frank van der Zouw -Jinxed 5/25/2015
He's definitely the best player a 5k mmr player like me have played against. The session went really good, he watched the replay of the game we played 1v1 and analyse it together every game with a lot of details and i learned much much more than i expect to learn, mostly about positioning and timing. He also spend a lot of extra time teaching out of the session time (1 hour session turned to two hour and a half) and made me feels bad i had to buy extra hour!. Expensive but definitely worth the money. Recommended -MEL 5/31/2015
A friendly and a great dude in general. Took us a bit to manage to find a time that suited us both for the coaching, but I was happy with the results. It gave me some stuff to think about and some new ideas on what to improve. I will definitely get another lesson from him. 5/5. Over 9000+ -Shaedar 6/25/2015
Good lesson, will be scheduling more in the future. Really good for those players who are looking to get into competitive dota. -✪ Kev 6/26/2015
Great Coach, very nice guy. Would defiantly recommend as a coach, very knowledgeable of the game. Also, coached extra time no charge which was nice and is available to students for questions and willing to help out whenever he's online which is awesome. Was sometimes hard to understand but always clarified things nicely so wasn't a problem. -Sweet Things 7/3/2015
Awesome coach! I was in late(sorry again!) but he has been gentle and waited me 30min(shame on me!). We did few 1v1 mid and he pointed out my error, and explained how should i perform in that situation. Then he joined my group as a coach and looked me while i was playin as QoP, giving me advice and explanation on item builds, and skill builds! He answered all my question! Very knowledgeable about dota and explained me lot about certain items and situations. Really improved my game by coaching directly when i'm playing I highly recommend him! He went beyond what i paid for and I will probably take more lessons to improve even more! He also gave me more time cuz he wanted to be very helpful (and he has been!). Totally Worth my money!! -Thank you very much! See you soon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -Nox 7/6/2015
A friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful coach, what else can you ask for? I highly recommend this coach to anybody that wants to improve his Dota game with in an enjoyable fashion. Will most likely hire this coach again. -PolishNoble 7/16/2015
I learned so much about the game in just one hour! It made me realize I play Dota without really thinking. Efficiency with farming, whether or not to take fights, and itemization -- my coach made a lot of insightful suggestions on all of this. I think I learned more talking to my coach than playing 100 games would have. -biscuit 7/18/2015
He did really well thank you -сука! 7/20/2015
11/10, best coaching experience by far. We sat down, and went over the hero in depth. We broke down what problems I was having with him, and what I could do to solve them in game. Then, we queued for a game, and he helped me understand the strengths and weaknesses of the hero in the matchup, and how I should attempt to play him. He was extremely patient and didn't get mad when I made a mistake, just pointed out how I messed up, and what I could do next time to fix the situation. We were losing badly, but he helped guide me and make game decisions that pointed the team in the right direction, and make decisions that ultimately led to a huge comeback at the end. Then, after it was over, he broke down the game, explained what I did and didn't do well, and then gave me a few things to work on in the future. He is super easy to talk to, and a great coach, best I've encountered on this site. -HWO URDE 7/21/2015
was good. -jack 7/21/2015
After a 2 hour session I learned how to play SF fairly well after not even playing with him once or twice. kAitorA provided me with various insights about item builds and how to progress with skills and items into the game. Would recommend this couch to anyone that wants to improve their game. -PolishNoble 7/21/2015
Really nice coach, has good insight on the game and really helped me improve on my thoughtprocess -FroMb 8/13/2015
Great coach and lots of helpful advice for me as a player and also for the team! -trigun0x2 8/12/2015
My first session with kAitorA was very informational and productive. kAitorA stayed for well over the duration of the session to make sure that I had no further questions, answering them all in full detail and making sure I understood the concepts. We watched over a replay and he commended me on the things i did right during the game, but also explained how you could maximize rate of return by doing some of the small things better, during the game. My biggest takeaway from this session is that a lot of dota games are decided before the game starts, with picks and hero composition and communication. His explanation of heros, roles and counters really resonated with me because in my replay the heros I was up against I would have to have played flawlessly to win the game, and just the understanding of that has helped me already. I would defiantly recommend this coach to anyone looking to not only improve mechanically but also from a mental and information side. -.Fl 8/12/2015
Extremely helpful and accommodating to the situation. It was worth every bit. I learned so many useful techniques during my session that will definitely make an impact on my playing and how I go about matches in the future. -yAN 8/13/2015
Great as usual! Did 1v1's watched areplay and then coached a game Always reccomended to friends and such -나는 엉덩이를 먹고 8/13/2015
Great coach, with good insight on how you could have better handled a situation in game -xo 8/14/2015
Great coach will hire again! -Yung Lean 8/16/2015
He was very nice and good at explaining why he told me the things he did. -Alaestor 8/14/2015
Got 6 or 7 hours of coaching from Ilija but payed only for 5 i think. Ilija was generous to answer some questions even when the time of the session expired. Man definetly knows his stuff. Gives very deep view on pretty much any part of the game that you could and couldnt think of. Would definetly recommend. Its much better than wasting your moneyz on new arcana. -Opa! Goblok Style! 8/17/2015
Great experience, really enjoyed it, had some great feedback that we could put to use right away in playing a coached game. -Eccco 8/19/2015
Very Knowledgable - Great coach, would recommend to all. :) -@qvniel 8/19/2015
Was a great coach, had great techniques on teaching my invoker, after his coaching my overall gameplay and mid play style has improved. Only problem I had was the coach was hard to understand in english sometimes but thats nothing because hes a 5 start coach and a very good player. Site was hard to find leaving a review but is a great site overall. 10/10 coach. -GH2 8/26/2015
Good coach, he listens to every question, points your weak points and etc. What could you expect more? -mevto 8/21/2015
I love his coaching. he can told me all about my weak point. but i have no money to hire him for long term. if you are rich, must try this coach!!! he is a PROFESSIONAL COACHER!!!! -愛衣ちゃん大勝利! 8/24/2015
I have been coached by him for a couple times and will be going for more. He points out my mistakes even when I don't feel like I'm doing anything wrong and he tell me how to fix my issues when I don't know how to. 10/10! -Zzz 8/23/2015
I was a little apprehensive about getting coached for Dota but I'm relieved. Ilija is a friendly person and a great coach. we started with reviewing one of my games and highlighting mistakes and providing suggestions, then we played a match against each other. I learnt a lot from him and would definitely be working with him more to improve my game play. He was very understanding and made sure that I was following along properly. Thank you again!! -Ra's al Ghul 8/23/2015
Was able to clearly understand everything he said and he was able to answer all my storm spirit questions. Especially generous with his time and after the session messaged on skype to recap inmportant notes that we went over with during the session. -M4LESS 8/24/2015
This dude is AMAZING. Don't skip out on him because of the slightly higher price. IT. IS. WORTH. IT. He was very flexible as far as scheduling went. It's like this dude doesn't sleep! He was fine with whatever I wanted to do. He gave examples of good heroes for raising mmr. He really helped with my item choices and decision making. My first game with him was amazing. I had a crappy lane, but was able to get through it with his help. He gave tips for laneing and how to get back from an early deficit. He then tried to another game, this time with him playing and doing play by play. His team comp sucked and they were obliterated immediately. We tried again, with me as the player and the same thing happened (5 carries usually doesn't work). We tried again and again until we got a teachable game. This dude is fine with spending extra time helpign you. I think my total time with him was 2 1/2 hours. All for the price of 1 hour. He was great and I HIGHLY recommend him. -blankupai 8/29/2015
Very informative and friendly coach. Has a lot of knowledge about game and is good at pointing out all the mistakes and telling how a certain matchup should work. Can also express himself very clearly in English. Would recommend him. -Paju 8/27/2015
10/10 -Zzz 9/18/2015
This guy knows what hes talking about and has a great feel of the flow of the game. He knows how to read picks, drafts, strengths, weaknesses and can really help you improve on reading the flow of the game. Super friendly and great person. Won't flame you but will laugh with you at some of the inevitable funny things that happen. Definitely coming back for another session. -Desert Solitaire 8/28/2015
He helped me alot. We covered all things i needed some work. 10/10 I´ll purchase more hours soon! -Rossfromfriends 8/28/2015
First session was kinda rocky since I got into a pub game with a team that was not worth its MMR, and the coach afterwards even commented that even he couldn't have saved that game. Since this went kinda bad, he offered to analyze a replay once I had a good game, and now, 2 days later, he held up to that promise, and we went through a game of mine and he did have a lot of pointers of what to, mostly, not do that I did, why I am behaving wrongly, and what to do instead. I had on times some issue with understanding the Skype call properly, since he showed his screen, plus voice, which seemed to much on the upload, but he would just patiently repeat what he said when I asked for clarification, which was cool. Overall would recommend, but preferably with a replay of your own, so you do not rely on luck of a proper pub team. -SinisterMJ 8/30/2015
ty 4 the help -DansTaBouche 9/2/2015
Amazing what more can i say really. I watched him play while I spectated and he relayed everything he was doing and his motives as to why, very friendly and very helpful and goes the extra mile. I learnt a lot and hopefully can improve my game with what he's shown me. Highly recommend, well worth the price! 10/10! -Iconic 9/8/2015
great understanding of the game , very2 detail , a big help on pointing what should've done better , my mistakes and how should i respond in different situation. and i really2 feel bad about the extra time , it has been nearly 2 hour , and yet i didnt realize , i only signed for 1. definitely going to ask for more guidance ! -reneeolstead 9/18/2015
Great Coach. Very helpful and mindful, was calm and spoke clearly and strategically. Would do it again 11/10. :D -Justhetip 10/6/2015
Very nice -MASTER-ACE 9/21/2015
learned alot in sf just from 1 replay will definitely do another session again -trio macan 9/22/2015
Learned a new hero and I'm definitely better than I would have learning on my own. Very happy with my results. -Kirutian 10/17/2015
Just recently had my first lesson with kAitorA. We watched one of my replays and he gave me a lot of great advice on what I could be doing better. I've been trying it out and has already been making quite a difference. He speaks and understands english really well, and I thoroughly enjoyed my first session. I will be having a lot more with him, and I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their game. -You heard it too 10/4/2015
Great Lesson! -gg 10/5/2015
Excellent coach. Very clear english (pretty neutral accent). One thing I really like about this coach is the fact that he's so descriptive and thorough with his explanations. He also utilizes the mini-map more than other coaches and for me that's a plus already just because I don't look at it enough TBH. He will identify your problems and explain them to you on the spot. Very good coach, would recommend. -AuraofLight 10/2/2015
Very good coach, he point out a lot of my mistake in my replay so i can fix it in the future -Superman Return 10/7/2015
I have had a lesson session earlier today. Although we had to delay the practice, we easily found time that fit both of us, he even agreed waiting for me while I was finishing my business. We briefly discussed the way the lesson will work. We decided that the best way to spend first lesson will be me playing and him watching and commenting. Although our hero pool differs significantly, we were able to find a hero that is in both of our hero pools and is good in the current meta (PA). You should check his Dotabuff to make sure he plays the hero you want to practice. He will be helpful either way, buy I just feel it is more efficient if he know not only how to play against a hero, but with it as well. He speaks great English, despite a slight accent (like really slight, you definitely will not have any trouble understanding him). He helped me a lot in game, from the micro moments like what camp to farm to item choices and answered all my question I had. I feel the only slight drawback is that he was a little concentrated on this specific game, rather than the general play. I won the hard game, despite making slight mistakes myself, mostly due to the guidance of kAitorA. I definitely would not have won the game by myself, which helps me realize that having the dota knowledge such as his compared to mine can easily turn the tides of the game. We decided that rather than playing another game, I will play some on my own and then we will analyze a replay of that game. Definitely a great coach, definitely will return. Special thanks for the fact that he suffered through my microphone issues without complaining. -MokkinJ 10/8/2015
Very helpful and informative! Really improved my individual performane and gave me a deeper understanding of the game/what to do. 5/5! Didnt mind when we went over time either, we went 30 minutes overtime! -nob 10/7/2015
I played a pub during my session with SF (a hero I don't really play much). Overall he taught me some new stuff and gave me some good insight as to what I can do better/what items to get (generalized). He is very knowledgeable about Dota and is very nice. I would highly recommend you give him a try, you'll learn a lot. I will definitely be scheduling another session sometime soon. -Brawlyy 10/7/2015
he is like google or even stephen hawking on dota . great coach ! -reneeolstead 10/19/2015
He pointed out a bunch of things that i never paid attention to during gameplay, and left me with a lot of food for thought. I'm sure that in future games i'll be able to play a bit better just from correcting some of my mistakes. -Foxy of Loxly 10/21/2015
Just finished my first game review with kAitorA. We focused mostly on the draft since that is what I wanted to improve on. It is not something he does very often but I could tell he has a lot of knowledge about the game and this definitely improved my thought process. Overall nice experience, will hire him again. -Joenaes 10/30/2015
very detail , i dont even have to ask about things , he already explained all of things i do want to know very well, definitely going to ask for more session :) -game gonna be dead soon 11/12/2015
A really good player and a really good coach, he has a lot of knowledge about the game and takes his time to make sure that you understand the idea. Already took multiple lessons with other coaches but for now I think that he might be the best because he really share a lot of his knowledge, even if it's not really on the main subject of the lesson. Would certainly take another lesson with him to go even more in depth -paco 11/12/2015
still my regular coach for months (until now) ,i progressed alot (from his guidance) . well , what can i say ? he is a really2 great coach ! -reneeolstead 3/1/2016
great coaching, improved my overall game during a match with him coaching -Self-Proclaimed Atheist 3/24/2016
Good at coaching and Dota. I'd really recommend this guy to anyone who wants any coaching -Pogchamp 3/25/2016
* Listened to my questions and gave pertinent answers. * Suggested heroes that would fit my playstyle. * Coached me through an introductory game with PA. * Was able to draw interesting parallels between the 2 games he saw. * Subject covered: positioning, itemization, lineup analysis. -Moodbrother 3/26/2016
Amazingly detail coach, he gave tons of time for make sure his student understand everything. definitely commited for coaching. Superb ! -[D]oc 3/27/2016
Excellent coach, helped me watch my mistakes -Ramboed 3/31/2016
This guy knows how to coach, he is patient and explains all the mistakes really well. I think what sets him apart is his ability to quickly figure out your mistakes and provide a working solution. He coached me on a number of heroes and roles and my game play since has improved dramatically. Highly recommended. -Neola 4/5/2016
Got session. Discussed my draft. Very detailed and explained pretty much everything. A+ -Negan 4/4/2016
Really great guy who has a lot of insight into the game, especially map awareness, item choices and positioning during team fights. I just had a lesson with him and I feel much more confident. Thank you!! -Baethoven 4/5/2016
Very clear analysis of my games, very chill sessions. Told me exactly what I should have done. Enabled my ability to think while I play, it was a pleasure hiring him as my coach. -wow player 5/3/2016
Very helpful insight. -CHAINSNARE 5/13/2016
Plenty of information was given, insight on tips, roles, counters, lanning phase, you name it. Great coach overall and friendly. Definitely boosted my game efficiency and gave me another perspective of the game! Perfect for those looking to boost some mmr or get to their K dream haha ggwp -Happy for No Reason 5/13/2016
Very knowledgeable and good incites . easy to talk to also. -The_Best_Mormon 6/13/2016
Excellent. Highly detail oriented. Explains everything clearly and comprehensively. Doesn't leave anything out. Thought me how to use sf, discussing game plans for sf, item builds and how to basically dominate the game. Did this by watching him play while he explains his every move with their hidden intentions. Highly recommended. Thank you =} -San~The War 6/16/2016
Fantastic experience! Learned a ton from Ilija! Awesome! :) Completed 1 out of 3 hours so far.. Saving my last 2 sessions when I get to play ranked Definitely hire KaitorA as your coach if you wanna increase your skill level. A++ -Najib's Father 7/24/2016
Great coach, he goes over the top with his insight and provides a lot of useful information, he details every little thing he does. If you engage into a topic with him, he tells you everything you need to know about it. His experience is clearly visible - he knows his heroes. I expect that I will definitely get better with his advice. PS - this guy is really dedicated to what he does. So I definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to get better at this, because he really wants to help you and does his best for that. -Johnny Matale 7/29/2016
Great coach as always. Very knowledgeable and detailed. Worked out well. Pretty patient and nice guy. Recommended all the time. -AuraofLight 7/30/2016
nice player, and coach -Dr. R. D. Leonard 7/31/2016
expected pizza got +200 mmr Am satisfied -Rororo606 8/19/2016
Loda's brother, very friendly, very impressive play! -xellos 8/29/2016
Great coach ! Showed me everything about storm spirit and helped me improve my plays as a slark:) -George Foxes 9/1/2016
Very good coach, did a reverse replay and went through all of the decisions he made. Super informative :) -zen 9/5/2016
This was my first time coaching in DoTA 2, after playing for years. Needless to say, Kaitora did extremely well at bringing my game to a higher level. We focused on the overall goal of gaining mmr, and live coached from his perspective. I mainly impressed with his ability to tie many aspects of the game together for me (mentality, drafting, positioning, etc.), and my learning definitely took off early. I'm improving every game. An excellent coach, and will not be my only session. Aside from that, Kaitira is just really pleasant, and certainly cares about his students. -Secret.Chubteezy 9/28/2016
excellent commentary and guidance, pointed out where my decision making was suboptimal. I think more sessions would be valuable. Thank you! -radead 9/25/2016
Will get him to teach me more storm again. -YeNa 9/26/2016
Was able to point out a lot of things I can do better I wouldn't have thought of otherwise. A big help on positioning during fights and ward placement. -Lao Te Zoo 9/27/2016
very nice guy, helped me improve alot, i'm glad with results, we had problems on conection and I had problems during the review and still he stood patient all session, :) -DubaDubaDuba 9/30/2016
Very well explain, and i learned a lot. He played Slark and it was the best i saw. Will be ordering more in the future. -boboi 10/3/2016
Our team had a fantastic experience with this coach. He watched our team play a game and provided detailed notes after the match on ways we could improve. Strongly recommend. -Tidehunter's Birthday 10/19/2016
Amazing and critical tricks . A lot of information to improve you games . Perfect decision making . Told me mistakes . highly recommend . Do not wait let learn with him . -byee 10/13/2016
He covered everything I was looking to work on, i'll try this out in some more games and we'll see how well it works. -Vulpeezy 10/12/2016
I learned how to carry on Juggernaut . How to farm . When to fight . Item analysis in diferent situations . Improve my skill . And last he gave me extra time :) -byee 10/19/2016
One of the best coaches i've had. Professional, knowledgeable, and strong mic communication. Was more interested in helping me learn than watching the time. -T.TV/hushwood 10/21/2016
Loved the complete session. The session was very helpful. He spent his time in pointing out each and every little things that can be improved. Would definitely get coaching again soon! -Scythormax 10/25/2016
After just one coaching session, I literally won the next nine ranked games! It feels like an understatement to say that he is highly skilled as his understanding is so deep and his explanations so easily understood. He is obviously a native speaker of English able to express himself clearly although perhaps with a slight accent. -Old Rick 4/8/2017
Great coach. Was very friendly and approachable. I would recommend him anytime. -Sgtrage 5/23/2017
Honesty is key. You know or you don't. Patience is virtue and if you still don't understand this then go get this coach now. U don't need a HIGH MMR to impress you but need someone who can train instead. -WORKING LIKE HELL 7/27/2017
Thanks, will hire again definitely. -Good Teammate, PMA 8/1/2017
The coaching session was very helpful. Playing a pub match as PA and learned a good deal of how to play the hero. The coach was very microphone active (Skype call) and told me what I should be doing but more importantly WHY. After the game, he did a quick summary of what my mistakes were, how to fix them and improve my play. I'd definitely come back for another session. -♛Banzai 8/22/2017
Started with a 1v1. Played SF vs QoP matchup from both sides. Explained positioning in the matchup and how to harass while limiting harass. Then, he live coached while I played. Very informative! -PayDay 8/24/2017
The coach is listening you pretty well. He gives as much as help that he can now. When u ask a question he explains in everything in detail and item build knowledge is beyond my expectations. He also helps and keeping in touch after the session ends. I think u cannot find better coach for better money unless u are already at his level. -Testosterone 12/7/2017
Thanks for the 2 sessions we've had so far man. I really appreciate it. We haven't done my 3rd yet but I'd like to say that you went beyond my expectations. I feel like you really did improve my skill in qop and puck and I have definitely put what I've learnt into practice. -willy (unbanned in october) 12/30/2017
It is my very first time being coached, and looking back at our sessions, I am quite satisfied with what we did with coach kAitorA. He is very fast in determining the problems (it took him about 30 seconds to realise the issue which I had to figure out in 3-4 months) and his solutions were specific enough for me to directly apply them in my following games. Very good coach overall. -Vivi 1/18/2018
Great coach helped me point out my mistakes and showed me places where I can improve. -[CRO] pepsiman 3/26/2018

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