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Hi guys!

I'm kumbomaman, a young (19 years) player willing to help and showing both new and experienced players their mistakes and removing them together in our sessions. I am speciliazed in offlane and carry roles but can teach all roles up from basic to an advanced level more or less.

The plans for the coaching session are:

  • Plan 1 - Live coaching (you play a game in unranked and I tell you what to do/what I would do in that situation);
  • Plan 2 - You give me a replay and I make an essay with the mistakes and I send it to you on Skype/Steam;
  • Plan 3 - You watch me play and I do like a commentary with every decision I make and you can ask different questions.

I can also specifically coach you Earth Spirit since he is my most played and best hero. I can teach you anything from bottom to advanced level about Earth Spirit. We go through many different item builds and situations and you will learn how to master this fun and strong hero.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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This dude is legit, he took his time to give me insightfull opinions and helpfull advice. If you want to get better at dota, this guy does his best to help YOU in a mature and relaxed manner. [From] -hehe 1/18/2015
Actually learned quite a bit from just one lesson. This guy knows what he is doing, would recommend [From] -Youmuu Konpanku 1/18/2015
recommending. after 1 lesson i decided to go ahead with him. price is good, knowledge is good. he is fine, take a shot with him, u wont lose anything. [From] -2Star 1/18/2015
Very helpful Invoker coaching, 5/5, would hire again. -Niklas 2/7/2015
Amazing teacher! Gave great little tips and tricks to help improve. Very nice and fun to talk to. Definitely will go for another lesson! ---- 2/8/2015
very good coach look forward to the next one -caboobie 2/11/2015
really nice guy, very willing to put the student first, he gave me a lot to think about when improving my game. would definitely recommend! -Jackhammer 2/12/2015
Please nerf kumbo, he's 2 op 4 me. -PoonSlayer69 2/14/2015
kumbo will rip the hearts out of your enemies and make them never want to play dota again. Have fun pub stomping with this guy. Best Coach EU. 10/10 would kumbo again ---- 2/14/2015
Was able to learn a lot from the session as well as having fun. We discussed general ideas while watching a replay and I have a lot of things I can keep in mind whilst playing my next few ranked matches and at the same time I had a lot of fun as he is a really nice guy and it was great banter. -Bury me beneath a tree. 2/16/2015
Great lesson. Very quick to point out things that I could improve straight away, such as what to micro and when. Also gave me some good points to work on moving forward. -Brandy 2/19/2015
I was worried that communication mightve been difficult but he speaks very good english. He has done a good job on giving me areas to focus on and practice. The game he observed I did terrible. Started like 0-8 and pretty much gave up on it. He told me to keep playing and jungle help out when I can and my team ended up making an awesome comeback. Knowing what to do when youre behind was key. Ive had 2 lessons so far. He watched me play live then we watched a replay. Ill continue to get lessons from him. -English only (muted) 2/21/2015
I was coached by Kumbomaman while playing Clockwerk in the offlane. He went over general tips and strategies and strategies specific to the enemy team's lineup. My main takeaway from the session was to target supports or people with big ults (such as Earthshaker or Sand King) to keep them out of the fight in the lategame. I would recommend this coach as helpful and knowledgeable. -pataracts 2/24/2015
Overall, I enjoyed and learned from my session with Kumbomaman. He was able to quickly recognize what I needed work on and what the few things I was already doing correctly. His English is excellent and I was surprised by how professional and serious he was for his age. He has an excellent sense of the game and knew a lot about the hero I chose to play (Storm Spirit). I plan to do another session with him once I play a few more games using the things he taught me. -Skadi Doesnt Know 2/25/2015
Kumbomaman is a great coach. Very helpful Shadow Fiend coaching. Met my wishes about working on decision-making and efficiency. Overall a nice and wise Dota coach. Will recommend and hire again. -Hollow Knight 3/3/2015
Did some live coaching, pointed out a lot of things that I was doing wrong. Noticed improvement right after when I was playing on my own, and started realizing my own mistakes as I was making them. -SHEMHAMPHOBASH 3/6/2015
It helped me allot to get rid of some stupid mistakes I make often. Farm more effectively and focus more or objectives. Overall Thumbs up! -W1SH 3/7/2015
This is quite a nice guy and also knows what he's doing. We had some drinks and a relaxed teaching session together (ok, maybe i was drinking alone :D). Wasn't my last session, see u! -Shinjo 01ㄨ 3/7/2015
Gave some concrete suggestions for skills to improve, as well as general areas that need work. Of course I was hoping for some magic bullet, but it's just hard to get better from 4k, you need to be good at everything. It was very nice to have a few weaknesses confirmed by someone who isn't a pub teammate screaming at you for screwing up once, somebody who actually knows what they're talking about. Very calm and well spoken, and fun to coach with as well. -Catma 3/7/2015
Very good job from the coach, he was very clear how to play and how to improve and he showed some great knowledge. -Valhalla 3/9/2015
Watched a replay together, he gave me some great points about my own play and choices (item/skill builds, warding, positioning etc.) as well as good advice on overall team decisions, when to Rosh, smoking etc. Highly recommend! -sknny 3/10/2015
He not only is helping me with my game he is also helping join the community of dota Thabks again -caboobie 3/19/2015
I discovered kumbomaman through the matchmaking queue and his coaching convinced me immediately. By now, I've booked many followup sessions with kumbomaman. He is not only a nice guy with excellent English skills but also very talented both as a player and a coach. He can give you helpful tips for an amazing variety of heroes. Both replay analysis and live coaching with kumbomaman have proven to be worth every single penny! I recommend his coaching to everyone who is seeking an opportunity to become a better DotA2 player. -Niklas 3/20/2015
We played mid lane 1v1 after coaching and I got rekt, learnt how to lane better + armlet toggle rosh kill on huskar. Might be more helpful if mistakes are overviewed at the end. 4/5 stars overall -Ramboed 3/21/2015
Great coach that really cares about his student! -Eddie 3/23/2015
over all this coach was good and knew how to play the game but was hard to understand and communicate with. -I LIKE WEE WEE 3/23/2015
Taught me from a-z about Earth Spirit. Totally fun dude to be getting coached from , informative and also very outgoing. Would totally get coached again 10/10 -Sane 3/27/2015
Once again, Kumbomaman has delivered. This time, I was coached on one of my favourite heroes, the Ember Spirit. He taught me a lot of things about the mechanics and decision-making when playing Ember and how to react in current situations happening across the map. I'm motivated to further improve my gameplay after this session. -Hollow Knight 3/28/2015
This guy is friendly, helpful and funny and we had a great time together, we went over the basics that I needed to know, being new to dota and all. Really would recommend! -Han Solo 4/2/2015
Good coach. Good friend. If someone needs creative coach with good coaching skillz, Kumbo is man for you. Go go kumbo! Really good coach, and really good ES/Dota player. -Vertoxity 4/4/2015
Really, really nice and fun guy, first and foremost! But really knows his stuff. Was learning Troll Warlord and the ins-and-outs of his potential (when to go for a kill, when not to). Also touched on a bit of earth spirit too, had some laughs. Was a really great time! Will definitely have him again! -FeelsGoodMan 4/13/2015
Cyka Blyat idi nahui -Translation: Great coaching! -FeelsGoodMan 4/16/2015
Really helpful guy, game finished at 45 min so he helped me with some 1 v 1 practice to finish up the slot! Would be coached again! -Condensate 4/18/2015
gr8 b8 m8, i r8 8/8. No h8 -FeelsGoodMan 4/21/2015
I like it when he's hard -FeelsGoodMan 4/22/2015
One of the funniest person i ever met. He knows his job. He is not doing his job only for money. He really trying to improve you and he is really effective at that! Thank you kumbo! Next Lesson ON THE WAY! -Profound 5/5/2015
Great session! Very good teacher. -Extreme Accoun£ability 5/7/2015
good mid lane coach ! -That Boy Good !!!! 5/27/2015
Very friendly and competent coach - pointed at a lot of things that I could improve on and brought a lot of constructive feedback to the table. A laugh here and there, good info - thanks Kumbo. -DerCed 5/29/2015
Coaching session was very good, he showed me quite a few tips for Storm spirit about things that I wasn't too sure on (Itemization, gave me a slightly better skill build to use and some general mechanics tips) I also gained some helpful general playstyle tips and tricks for the game as a whole no matter what hero I was playing on such as what to look out for on the enemy team for some easy kills, as well as how to try and persuade my public team-mates into taking objectives after getting pick offs. All in all would recommend him to anyone who fancies being coached and I will be getting more coaching sessions for definite. -MLGenie 5/31/2015
I would just like to tell all of you: hire this man. He was very professional and straight forward, and very helpful. I think he should definitely be your first choice if you are looking for a coach, because I'm 100% sure ge will improve your gameplay if you are open. We went in to details what I could do better as a player, but also, I got a clear view on what I need to do overall during games. I am 100% satisfied with this site, and this gentleman. -Tiger 5/31/2015
Had a lesson with this guy again. What can I say? Hire him. HIRE HIM. Over and out. -Tiger 5/31/2015
Coach was very friendly, started of with asking me a lot about which heroes I wanted to play and why. Then gave me some statements to respond to (go for last hit or deny, etc) and corrected my assumptions. Got d/c'ed during first game, coach stuck with me though another full game afterwards, so we easily spend more than the allotted hour, much appreciated. Coach really showed me what I need to practise, and some bad habits to break. I now have a better understanding of what I can do to become a better player. Would hire again. -Pluisje 6/3/2015
Great coach, from just one lesson I learnt so much about the game and the hero I was playing which I didn't know before. More lessons will 100% be coming. -gg 6/6/2015
Great Coach, Clear English. Obviously a skilled player with a lot of knowledge behind you. Will be booking again in the near future! -Stardust09 6/7/2015
Clear explanation, very insightful and easily pointed out my mistake. Definitely comeback for more -[D]oc 6/12/2015
He was great. Calm, helpful, and smart. Even while watching the trench-tier 0.9k MMR DoTA, he had fun and helped me. 10/10 would recommend. -Financial Stability 6/13/2015
Did well! -וukadroק 6/23/2015
Great honest and achievable feedback, He listened to me first and then helped me understand! Will book again! -Lord 6/26/2015
Just hire him, just do that. Awesome teacher and player. -vitao KING 6/27/2015
Great coach! -Gen1Jesus 6/29/2015
This guy is an excellent coach. I'm fairly new to the game and he taught me so many things in an hour that would take me months to learn myself. I will book again in a couple of days.. thanks bro! -KhAoS 7/3/2015
Thanks for the help, brother! I am gonna fix what we talked about, and will definitely be back for more! Excellent coach. -Galad 7/10/2015
Very good coach! Very knowledgeable, was attentive and answered all my questions and was willing to go overtime to answer additional questions -Tanla 7/12/2015
Over what we went through it seemed we were on the same page on the things and decisions that needed to be improved, as well as mechanical issues i have. I do believe that coaching only works if you recieve "homework" from the coach to improve on, which i did, so that in our next lesson we can start polishing other aspects of my game as a offlaner. ++Has a hot grill pic, --wasnt a grill, +-little dissapointed lmao. -bpz 7/16/2015
Liked that there was positive reinforcement on the decisions that were right alongside pointing out the mistakes. Coach was happy to spend more than the hour on the call. Would be happy to recommend to others. -"We Need Wards" 7/17/2015
There is only one problem I had with my coaching with Kumbo... and that there wasn't more of it! My first impression of Kumbo was how professional and curteos he was. While scheduling our time, he made certain it was at a time that was most convenient for me, and he would work around it, not once putting a higher priority on his time than mine. Furthermore he was very polite and well spoken, and very patient with me sorting out a time. But, where Kumbo really shines is in his coaching ability. Firstly he coached me in a game and pointed out my mistakes, and general areas of improvement in my game-play. Not once did he come off as rude, or have a negative attitude towards my obvious blunders. He was always positive and constructive, and gave me alot more insight into my own play than i could have imagined. Kumbo comes highly reccomended to ANY player seeking to raise their MMR, or simply become a better player. I will be returning again for sure! -BOT Gaben 7/19/2015
First time taking a lesson in terms of learning a different type of game, Dota 2 is pretty dynamic game to get into, playing it casually over a few years I thought I'd now like to improve a lot more and just focus on certain aspects of the game. Kumbomaman is one of the most chilled out people you'll get into a lobby with, can't recommend him enough, he highlighted a few things that needed focusing on and gave a pretty clear view of how to play the Hero. (Earth Spirit) Looking forward to putting the practice in and then getting another lesson booked in to take it further. Breaking your practice into little sections and focusing on it is probably the most efficient way of improving and he highlighted it clearly. -sTPHN 7/20/2015
For my first review the lesson went great. As someone who is still new to the game his coaching answered a lot of questions I've had. As well as point out a lot of things that I was doing wrong. He's pretty great coach, and I definitely recommend him for anyone who wants to learn the game. -Stein 8/4/2015
Absolutely awesome experience! I am completely new to Dota 2 and this was literally my first game. I had great fun learning the game and it was much more enjoyable than just completing the tutorial :P I got some pro tips and thanks to this coaching session I intend to continue playing Dota 2! Thanks man! -chrisaw 8/8/2015
He is a young age coach with high communication skills and he is able to give you a good side perspective when he trains you. If you are looking for a good coach to communicate with you in the game or replay, this guy is one of the best, coach communication is his point. -Dinu 8/10/2015
ToxiKaal was extremely helpful with every question that I asked him during a pub match that he coached me through. He was able to give me some constructive advice and criticism. He gave me some tips for improvement going forward and discussed different builds for different situations that I can encounter. I would highly recommend him to anyone. -haiku 8/13/2015
Helped me realize a lot of my reaction issues I have in areas. Definitely gave me a lot to improve on and work on. -yAN 8/14/2015
he was very helpful and nice spoke perfect English and had a very high quality mic -✡_LEGIT_ ✡ 8/19/2015
Pointed out my shortcomings in a direct and understandable way. Some improvement is already showing only after one session. Definitely an efficient Coach! -Diarpite 8/20/2015
Nice fella. Got some good tips -whale 8/30/2015
just finished the session with him . he was very polite and friendly as a coach , pretty straight up about my mistake and where i should've done better -reneeolstead 9/15/2015
Great coaching, had a couple technical issues with DotA 2 but that's just the nature of the beats. Highly likely to schedule another coaching session after some more practice. -6'4" African American 10/11/2015
If you are going to hire anyone, TRUST ME, hire this one. -Tiger 10/13/2015

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