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What is up my gangsters! In the old MMR system, I reached a peak MMR of 6800 and 103 on the leader board. In the current badge system, I am currently in the top 200 of America. I achieved all this playing my main role of position 4, but fear not! I have played 7500+ hours of DotA, so I am knowledgeable in all positions and roles. My goal is to help you improve in all facets of the game so that you can one day reach a peak level you’ve never seen before!

Why pick me -
- I provide an in-depth analysis of your games, items, plays and help you learn from them
- I speak fluent English
- I have a lot of experience as a coach and as a DotA player
- I am available almost all hours of the day, so time zones are not an issue
- I help my students with simple questions outside of their designated lessons as well

How I conduct my lessons -
- Replay analysis: we analyze a replay together (most effective)
- Live coaching: I coach a student during his/her game
- Lobby practice: practicing different scenarios in lobbies

I aim to help you -
Increase your MMR
Stop the frustration of solo queue
Work hard and improve your game
Be able to grow on your own without the need of a coach

Let me help you stop plateauing and start climbing!

Check out my YouTube channel if you want to check out some of my lessons!

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This helped me out a lot, I really enjoyed the experience and learned a lot. Tacticles teaching method works best if you go into it with an open mind and understand you are doing most things wrong or not optimally. I performed better in solo queue and gained 300 mmr in one week! Worth the money and time will buy more in the future. -False Promises 8/22/2017
Quirky personality that creates a comfortable environment to play dota in. Really knowledgeable about the game <3 -M'baku 8/22/2017
Tacticles help me out with my overall gameplay and pointed out small details and mistakes i wasnt paying attention to. overall really helpful -Evie Gremory 8/31/2017
I dunno, I thought this was done pretty well, considering how new I am to the game; he taught me all I needed to know to get jump started, recommended me a role and heroes, and gave me a few item builds that would be solid across the board no matter who I play. -Rigge 9/2/2017
Looking forward to more sessions :) -Piggy 9/6/2017
Tacticles is a great coach for anyone looking to improve, he is easy to talk to and has great communication skills. He helped me understand Dota and look at the game in different ways that can help me easily improve. I definitely recommend him and will be returning for more lesson! -Maslyyy 9/19/2017
great coach, makes concepts very clear and is a cool dude. hope to get more lessons in the future. cya later my man thanks for the help -Vsauce Michael 9/20/2017
Tacticles is a very friendly coach (huge plus!). Everyone on the site is dedicated to + knowledgeable about dota, but when you can relate to / "get" their perspective that's what helps the most. Not just a "do this, do that, do this" approach- the why is crucial. Well explained, I really didn't have many questions. Tac, if i can call him that, loves using replays to help and he can offer a lot of value from both your own, and other's, so I can definitely recommend him for his insight and analysis. Well worth the hire for me. I will hire again. 5/5 -®NAO® SLoTTeR 9/27/2017
Gave me some really useful info and tips and got me to look at things from another perspective. Very approachable guy and flawless English. -Dank Life 10/16/2017
Tact was able to help me finally add some structure to a lot of disparate pieces of game knowledge, identify mistakes that I didn't know I was making, and quickly see results in my ranked matches. ~job0t -job0t 10/20/2017
trash coach wouldnt come back -Paris 10/24/2017
I'm a 5k mid player and I needed some good advise for my team. He did the job, really nice coach. Take his time even when the "1hours lesson" had ended. Perfect. -NiQz 11/1/2017
Super chill Dude. Good Pointers. What can I say -†GrandJURY † 11/21/2017
Thanks! Great coach! -Spice 11/29/2017
Nice coach. -cesario 12/5/2017
I was very pleased with his polite, efficient, precise way of communicating through the lesson. I will definitely be utilizing his coaching again in the future! Gonna try to get my squad on here too! -T3rr0r 12/6/2017
Inspiring Coach. Pleasure to learn from him! 5/5 -bettertoburnoutthantofadeaway 12/6/2017
friendly and patient coach, will definitely go back to him -Kim 12/7/2017
Holy Fuck! This is my first coaching session with Tact. I gotta say I was a bit stubborn about sticking to a certain build that I had gotten used to using with my favorite character. However, Tact was patient and took his time to explain exactly why I should give another build a try. He pointed out weaknesses in my build methods, and strengths in other possible methods. Just by implementing different builds and some techniques he showed me in the replay, I improved so much and in just a day I already went up a rank! Definitely worth every penny. I'm excited for our next session. -Treblax 12/8/2017
Fantastic - asked great questions around how to spend the time. Fast, efficient, focused. Covered a huge amount of ground in the time we had. Zipped through replays and taught advanced mechanics (intros) as well as basic, usable tips. Super good session and plan to do more. -♥sayoko♥ 12/14/2017
Very detailed, patient, excellent english and got a better insight about the game after the coaching session. Learned a lot. Have a better understanding about dota. Would definitely come back for more. -!Björn T'Challa 12/18/2017
Very good coach with good understanding on how to analyze game play and become better at dota -Hidd3n 12/20/2017
Tact is awesome. He helped me fix some basic DOTA mistakes and get me on the right track to be a better player. He gives great advice to help you move to your next level of being awesome at DOTA. Thank you Tact! -Spartico Nut Slapper 12/25/2017
I feel like I got lucky finding Tact! Looking forward to continuing in my lessons with Tact! #RoadTo10KMMR Kappa -DoubleF33L 12/26/2017
Good in depth lesson, can recommend. -Leo 12/27/2017
Really nice guy. Helped me with a hero and my overall gameplay. Have purchased multiple lessons from him. -Spoon 12/30/2017
Tact has become my "go-to" coach after several sessions. He's always able to point out the things that are holding you back and he is invested in making you a better player. Often times after a tough loss I will hire him to review my replays and he will really help me figure out what i could have done better and why things went south. I would strongly recommend tact to anyone looking to improve. Taught me how to use quickbuy kappa. -god has abandoned us 12/31/2017
Thank you so much for your help. -dogberg.powerbottom 1/8/2018
I find it so hard to add him on steam. When I do, I waited for 1 whole day and no reply was given to me. I doubt this is a real account. -Mista G 1/18/2018
Tatic is an excellent coach. He is very patient and has a very well worked and efficient teaching process. I have the impression that he is an excellent coach for anyone who wants to make a systematic progression in dota, not just some tips and tricks. 200% Worth! Will definitely be applying his lessons and returning for more sessions and I'll share here the results and my experience! I'm Ancient 5. -Vou te deletar 5/2/2018
knowledgeable coach. Helped to learn some actual dota. -Noah 5/10/2018

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